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March 9, 2017

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Missouri Weather

Teacher Spotlight

Amanda Perschall

By Reagan Fowler THE JACKET


ust last week the weather was in the 80’s and students were wearing shorts and sandals. Now mother nature has decided that it isn’t quite time to stop bundling up in our warmest clothes and wearing our fluffiest coats. Alyssa Long, a junior said “I was starting to get excited about not freezing everytime I stepped outside and then it become cold again and I was back to being cold. It’s crazy how fast Missouri weather changes.” Ali Cuglietta, another junior said “Missouri weather is like a roller coaster. One second the temperature is going up and the next it is dropping tremendously. It’s hard to keep our wardrobes up.” Keeping up with the weather has been an agenda in students lives now! Rylan Hoad said “The weather in Missouri is so crazy!” Hoping for warm weather soon he also said, “My squad and I are waiting for nice weather so that we can start wearing our jorts again!’

2017-2018 Heritage Teacher By Angelica Higdon & Gina Poe THE JACKET

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” By Shelby Burrow THE JACKET

A statement that makes provoked thoughts and actions go hand in hand could only be said by somebody like Ralph Waldo Emerson. I see this quote on the wall

nearly everyday in American Heritage and I often think about it. What did Emerson mean by these effortless words that contain a heavy truth? There is a French saying that goes like this: “la science n’a pas de patrie”, or in English,

Gnosticism Part One:

Unorthodox *The following article is intended to inform, not to offend* The Nag Hammadi Library is a collection of thirteen ancient books containing over fifty early Christian texts. The books were discovered (accidentally) in a jar in upper Egypt in 1945. The codices uncovered in the jar would revolutionize our conception of the early Christian Church. They were the long lost writings of one of the very first sects of Non-Orthodox Christianity, the Gnostics, whose influence and history had been nearly entirely destroyed by the Orthodoxy long ago. Before the discoveries at Nag Hammadi, the only references we had to the Gnostics came from the writings of the Orthodoxy. Members of the Church only seemed to mention the Gnostics in a spirit of condemnation. They viewed the Gnostics as an evil cult of heretics, considering them “even worse than the pagans’, in the words of Saint Irenaeus, the early Church’s leading bishop against heresy, because they were not ignorant of the Church, but instead, chose to defy it. Now that we have some of their writings, we can see why Irenaeus and the other bishops would so desperately wish to destroy the Gnostics. Not only do they have their own set of gospels that completely change the message of the story of Jesus, they also expressed a vastly different interpretation of the gospels than the one the Orthodoxy was pushing. While the Orthodoxy believed in the bible as a literal historical account of the world and the life of Jesus Christ, the Gnostics believed that the bible was a representation of the human experience. The Gnostics strongly discouraged the unwavering faith of the Orthodox Christians, thinking that their steadfast ideological nature blocked them off from receiving knowledge from outside sources. In the eyes of the Gnostics, this is the worst thing one can do. The goal of Gnosticism is to achieve gnosis, a state of understanding hidden knowledge, through rigorous study and a deep understanding of self. They believed that there could be multiple spiritual stances that could be legitimate, meaning they often associated and met with Non-Christians, putting them even further at odds with the Church. As if all of that wasn’t enough to make the Orthodoxy hate them, they also felt that the ranking system of the Church, with some people leading and other people mindlessly serving, was a slap in the face to freethought. Even with all of these obvious differences with the Orthodoxy, there was one thing about the Gnostics that made any hope of cooperation between the two groups impossible. The Gnostics thought of the life of Jesus in an entirely different way than the Church. To the Gnostics, Jesus was not the son of God, he was not the savior of man, and he was not the culmination of ancient Jewish prophecy; rather, he was the embodiment of knowledge and reason, logos, and anyone who dedicated their lives to the pursuit of knowledge could themselves become Christs. The Church, of course, would have none of this, and made a point of wiping Gnosticism off of the face of the earth, destroying nearly all of their writings and documents. The efficient organization of the Orthodox Church easily overwhelmed the idealistic and unorganized Gnostics, and within a few short centuries, the once rich culture of the Gnostics was all but gone. Now that you understand the basic history of the Gnostics and their struggle with the Orthodoxy, you can understand the context in which their writings came into existence. In the next issue, we will discuss the deep philosophical details of those writings, and evaluate the beliefs of this once great platonic cult.

“science does not have a nationality.” It speaks for itself; science is for everybody. It’s not only for the French, Americans, Africans, Chinese, etc. This draws the parallel between that saying and Emerson’s quote. The famous words apply to all. It’s directed towards you, me, him, her, them, and all the other pronouns. There is no age requirement, it’s not like reading the instructions to a board game and seeing that it’s only for children 8 years old and up. It’s for those who are anything in this world. Those who are a brother or a sister. A husband or wife. A friend. Whatever your title(s) may be, these words are directed at you. If I was a philosopher or someone with the mind of Will Hunting, I would delve deep into this and find the deeper meaning. The unfortunate part for those guys is that there isn’t any deep, mysterious meaning. It’s basically a universal truth with a simple surface. The buildup may be great but it’s almost anticlimactic to analyze, and not necessarily in a disappointing way. Sometimes less is more, as he only spoke 13 words with such elementary explanation. Whatever you are, do all that

you can to make it something great. The definition of great may differ from person to person. Emerson is telling us to make the most of whatever we decide to be which should first and foremost be ourselves. Be you and be true. Following with a pause, he added that this is all there is of us. There is only one you and there is only one me. There will never be another one. None of us can be replaced and we have merely a fat minute on this planet. Take the material you’re given, which is you yourself, and make something out of it. But how do we make the most of ourselves? The answer to that question is as uninvolved as the quote. Do what you love and do it wholeheartedly. No one ever succeeded giving 50%. Turn it into a career. Even Dave Ramsey encourages that. Be an entrepreneur of yourself. Make you the best you that you can be. Your personality, traits, qualities, talents, skills, and strengths are what you have to work with. They’re a recipe for greatness. Make the best dish you can. Some may have a taste for it, others won’t. Always remember this- nobody can be you better than you can.

A teacher is more than someone who helps students learn. Students often confide in their teachers to get through troublesome times in their lives such as vigorous college applications and even petty drama. When a good teacher decides to retire, resign, or even just not teach a specific class anymore, students usually aren’t happy. Unfortunately, our tenacity prevents us from seeing the good in something new. Mercade Sing, senior, and many others were excited about taking Advanced Government and Politics their senior in order to be taught by Mr. John Frazier, but when Mr. Frazier decided not to teach the class this year, a lot of people were not happy - or even didn’t take the class because of it. After explaining her disappointed desire to be taught by Mr. Frazier, Sing went on to explain the surprising opinion she grew with the new Heritage teacher, Ms. Perschall. Sing explained, “She (Ms. Perschall) is very kind and appears to be very laid back. Knowing what I know now I probably would have made a different choice, but we all live and learn. Perschall is fantastic, Frazier is Incredible, but with that being said I never had the privilege of either one of them teaching me anything about history.” While this is her first year teaching Heritage, Amanda Perschall has been teaching at Lebanon High School for 11 years. Having grown up in suburban St. Louis going to a private, all girls’ school, Ms. Perschall’s upbringing may seem to differ very much from the average Lebanon High School student, but she actually feels she can relate well. After explaining her early life, Perschall commented “While that sounds so different than Laclede County, quite a lot of my family is from small towns and farms.” 100% of Perschall’s high school went to college, so she naturally doesn’t understand an unmotivated student, only causing her to push them toward success more. When it comes down to it, however, every high school is the same. There is learning - whether that be academically or socially - happening everywhere. Ms. Perschall strives to ease and accommodate that learning to the best of her ability, making her as qualified a teacher as the last one. Ultimately people decide to become teachers because they have a passion to help younger people learn what they need to know to succeed. Students should appreciate the opportunity of confiding in a mentor that our education system provides. Just because someone comes from somewhere else - whether that be by upbringing or something as simple as a class they usually teach doesn’t mean they aren’t just as capable of being a great mentor. We should strive to accept change with open arms, open hearts, and open minds.

The Restroom Pass

Nigerian Bombing of a Refugee Camp By Sawyer Nichols and Grace Dow THE JACKET

On January 17th, 2017, a jet from the Nigerian Air Force accidentally bombed a refugee camp containing people that were fleeing radical terrorists in the region. The death toll maxed out at 70 victims including personnel and the injured are numerous. A number of these displaced people are fleeing from the fear being spread by the well known radical group, Boko Haram, whose mission statement is to cleanse the world of any trait pertaining to western civilization. These oppressed peoples contain the educated and uneducated, the poor and sick, as well as the those just fleeing from the extremist ideologies promoted by said group. The United Nations has made the decision to launch a full investigation into the possibility of using airstrikes to rid the world of some of the radical terrorists. As many of you know, airstrikes can be very successful or very demoralizing. When we asked Cameron Sherriff, 12, about how he felt about the use of airstrikes he said, “At times I think that airstrikes aren’t necessary, but when we are absolutely sure that there is terrorist activity occurring in an area then I think that airstrikes are appropriate options.” Aaron Crowell also agreed that airstrikes are sometimes necessary. Opposite of his classmates Stan Pulley commented, “If we are going to sacrifice lives then it should be people who signed up for it, meaning member of the military.” Another senior, Seth Fullerton said that he was concerned about how airstrikes could affect our relations with other countries. It seemed to be a split decision among interviewees, and I would like to mention that several of the people interviewed are members of the military.

By Meghan Boyce THE JACKET

As every Lebanon student knows, everyone must have a pass to leave the classroom. To the principle, to lockers, to retrieve personal objects, to go to the nurse, and even to go to the restroom. Passes are necessary, because they allow teachers and administrators to know where the students are going and when. However, something people should consider is the limitation on restroom passes. Most teachers fear that students use restroom passes to get out of class, see friends, get food, or just goof off; and because of this fear, most teachers give a certain amount of passes for the year. “I think it’s a good idea That way they don’t abuse the passes,” said Joseph Wilson, 11. It’s up to the teachers on how many passes students get and often get rewarded when they don’t use a single one. Imagine that you are a student and need to be excused for personal matters, but you ran out of passes. “I feel the limits on the restroom passes are ridiculous. If someone needs to do their business, it’s inhuman to make them hold it.” said Mackenzie Jackson, 12. Students who use passes to go see friends or walk around, will eventually get caught. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to have passes, or limited passes. High school is about preparing for the future, getting ready for college and careers, so it’s the student’s responsibility to make sure they get all the information they need. Limitations on passes are unnecessary, and a pain.

Sadies Dance


e asked 20 1st graders and their teacher what they thought was the best gift to receive on Valentine’s Day. Here are their answers:


Lila, 7 Pink heart plushie, family and friends, chocolate hearts, cookies, pets, toys, love and kindness and Shelby.

Courtney, 7 Cupcakes. Love.

The Sadie Hawkins dance is the first dance of the year where the girls take charge. Despite how dances usually go, in this one the girls must ask the guys to the dance, giving them a shot to ask and not be asked. The sadies dance originated in a comic strip where the girls ask the guys, so multiple other schools started this event. Sadie Hawkins was “the homeliest gal in the hills” who grew tired of waiting for the fellows to come a courtin’. unmarried gals pursued the town’s bachelors, with matrimony the consequence. The comic strip was out from November 15, 1937. Gabe Mitchell said, “The sadies dance is when the girls ask guys to the dance and just get together to have fun time with your friends.” The dance is popular all around colleges, high schools, and middle schools.


Jara, 7 Love, choclate, famly, M&M’s, ice cream, valitim.

Livia, 6 Love, chocolate hearts, M&M’s, family, ice cream, cupcake, candy.

Josiah, 7 Family. Love.

Megan, 6 I think to love is the best and candy. Hugs.

Aidan, 6 I love my family and my dog and my cats.

Love and chocolate hearts, family, frends, cookees, Mrs. Slye, kitees.

Landon, 6 I love my famlie.

Mock Draft By Aaron Crowell

Malici, 7 My family, my friends and my teacher.

Madisen, 6


The 2016 NFL season is finally over. Being a Browns fan it was a really long season, but our favorite part of the offseason is always the NFL draft, and for the first time since 2000 The Browns have the first overall pick. They will look to bolster up their lineup, and potentially add a QB. Here is my 2017 first round mock draft. #1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett, DE Texas A&M. This is the sure hit pick in the draft. The Browns can’t pass up on Garrett. He’s a freak of nature. Garrett has been graded even better than animals like Jadeveon Clowney and Khalil Mack. The Browns can’t miss with Garrett. He recorded 8.5 sacks this past year at A&M. He also had two forced fumbles. He’s incredibly fast off the line. His first step is absolutely ridiculous. This is a can’t miss pick for the Browns, and With him, Danny Shelton, and Emmanuel Ogbah, they’ll have one of the scariest defensive lines in the NFL. #2. San Francisco 49ers: Jonathan Allen, DE Alabama. The 49ers have a lot of problems, many would say QB, but with Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert, I don’t see any reason why they would go with a QB especially if they sign Kik Cousins. They’ll go for the best available player the draft, which would be Allen. He’s also an absolute monster, he’s a bit bigger in terms of weight than Garrett, so Allen also plays a lot of DT, but no matter where on the line they put Allen, he’ll be a killer. He recorded 10.5 sack this past season, three fumble recoveries, and two touchdowns from those fumbles. He has better stats than Garrett, but Allen doesn’t quite have the speed or the strength of Garrett, but it’s still a great pick for the 49ers and they can expect him to be a huge contributor to the team. #3. Chicago Bears: Mitch Trubisky, QB North Carolina. The Bears desperately need a QB. Jay Cutler may be retiring, and they could go to Hoyer, who has been good in years past, but he’s been injury prone the past few years. I don’t see why the Bears wouldn’t select the best possible QB. Trubisky is a crazy good QB. He’s proready. He recorded 30 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions that’s a better TD-INT ratio than Deshaun Watson. If the Bears can retain Alshon Jeffery, they could make a deep playoff run. #4. Jacksonville Jaguars: Dalvin Cook, HB Florida State. The Jaguars signed free-agent running back Chris Ivory after his breakout 2015 season. He didn’t do much in 2016. The Jags are already looking to move on from him. Dalvin Cook is arguably the best back in the draft. He could be an instant play maker for the Jags, who are s close to having a superstar roster. #5. Tennessee Titans (From LA Rams): Malik Hooker, S The Ohio State Jon Robinson, general manager for the Titans, is a genius. He was able to trade the #1 pick last year and got the rams first round pick this year, and a ton of other picks. The Titans were going to take Goff at one, but he hasn’t panned out for the Rams, so Robinson got a great deal. I would be smart of him to take Malik Hooker at the fifth. The Titans have a crazy good roster, they are, however, struggling in the defensive backs. Hooker is by far the best DB in the draft. He had six interceptions, and he returned three of those for touchdowns. It just makes sense for them to take Hooker with this pick. #6. New York Jets: Leonard Fournette, HB Louisiana State #7. Los Angeles Chargers: Marshon Lattimore, CB The Ohio State #8. Carolina Panthers: Sidney Jones, CB Washington #9. Cincinnati Bengals: Taco Charlton, DE Michigan #10. Buffalo Bills: Deshaun Watson, QB Clemson #11. New Orleans Saints: Quincy Wilson, CB Florida #12. Cleveland Browns: Cam Robinson, OT Alabama #13. Arizona Cardinals: Mike Williams, WR Clemson #14. Philadelphia Eagles: (From Minnesota Vikings) Corey Davis, WR Western Michigan #15. Indianapolis Colts: Christian McCaffrey, RB Stanford #16. Baltimore Ravens: Solomon Thomas, DE Stanford #17. Washington Redskins: Jamal Adams, S Louisiana State #18. New Orleans Saints: (From Tennessee Titans) Reuben Foster, LB Alabama #19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Marlon Humphrey, CB Alabama #20. Denver Broncos: Ryan Ramczyk, OT Wisconsin #21. Detroit Lions: Jabrill Peppers, Hybrid LB Michigan #22. Miami Dolphins: Tim Williams, DE Alabama #23. New York Giants: O.J. Howard, TE Alabama #24. Oakland Raiders: Zach Cunningham, LB Vanderbilt #25. Houston Texans: Deshone Kizer, QB Notre Dame #26. Seattle Seahawks: Dan Feeney, OG Indiana #27. Kansas City Chiefs: Taylor Moton, OT Western Michigan #28. Dallas Cowboys: Charles Harris, DE Missouri #29. Green Bay Packers: Quincy Williams, CB Florida #30. Pittsburgh Steelers: Malik McDowell, DT Michigan State #31. Atlanta Falcons: Jaleel Johnson, DT Iowa #32. New England Patriots: Derek Barnett, DE Tennessee

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Taking The Sting

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Channing, 7 I love my family. I love ice cream. I love cupcakes.

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RyAnn, 7 Love, M&M’s, chocolate hearts, cupcakes, candy, chocolate, ice cream.

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Jesse, 7 Love, chocolate hearts, M&M’s, famly, pink heart.

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M&Ms, candy, cookees, ice cream, love, family, cupcakes, hearts, plushes, toys, egg, popcorn, pets, pizza, cards, coke, fries, friends, pepsi, pretzels.

Kamryn, 7 Valentine cards.

Darren, 6 The perfect gift is love.

Madyson, 7 I love my Roxy and Lily. I love chocolate.

Bianca, 7 Iscrem. Valentines.

Mrs. Slye, 32 The best Valentine gift is spending time with my family...and dark chocolate!!

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Carson, 6

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Compiled by Shelby Burrow and Max Shelton

Student Spotlight

Quentin Shelton

By Zachary Jamieson THE JACKET

Quenton Shelton is a very intriguing. He is an elite basketball player. Quenton plays basketball all year round, going to many big tournaments. He has traveled to many big cities to go to work at his passion. Some big cities that he has gone to are Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Chicago, and many other big cities. Mr. Shelton has played for some of the best basketball teams in the country. He previously played on the Arkansas Wings. This offseason he will be playing for Mokan. Many top recruits in the nation play for Mokan including Michael Porter, Trae Young, and Jared Ridder. He has had an outstanding freshman season for the jackets. Quenton Shelton said,” Offseason basketball has helped me in school ball because it has helped me compete harder and be able to keep up with the level of competition.” He is averaging over 20 points a game and has broken the 3pt record in his first season. Lebanon basketball has a bright future with him leading the way.

Yellow Jacket Paper 3-9-17  

A cooperative effort between Lebanon High School and the Lebanon Daily Record

Yellow Jacket Paper 3-9-17  

A cooperative effort between Lebanon High School and the Lebanon Daily Record