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October 5, 2017

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Trump In Springfield

By Abbi Watkins



any people all over the world struggle with finding money to pay for their taxes. April 15th is one of the most dreaded day for most people, the day you have to file your taxes. The set date for tax returns in 2017 is January 23rd. On August 30, 2017 Donald Trump came to Springfield, MO to hold a speech on the ways he wants to lower our taxes. Trump has been put up to the test on trying to lower our taxes like no other president has before. Trump spoke on many ways he would like to see our taxes go down. “We are here today to launch our plans to bring back a main-

string, by reducing crushing tax burdens on our companies and on our workers,” he stated. People all over America are counting on our President, and the congress to lower our tax rates. “First we need a tax code that is simple, fair, and easy to understand. That means getting rid of the loop holes and complexity that primarily benefit the wealthiest Americans and special interests,” he said I think this could help the small business owners and working class people trying to make a living. “We must reduce the tax rate on American businesses so they keep jobs in America, create jobs in America, and compete


By Garrison Smith THE JACKET

Korbin Smith, 12, said, “I didn’t know how good it was gonna be because the beginning was a little weird.” Smith also had something to say about the ending. ”I thought the ending was good that Gene was the hero and then everyone liked him, he said. “It was okay. I didn’t really like it all but the ending was good. I would recommend it to younger kids. If I could be any emoji, I’d be The Smiley Devil emoji.” This movie was watched by both adults and children, but is probably best for the younger generation. “I definitely think this would be a movie better for kids,” Braden Mount, 10 said. “This movie has the theme of being brave. “I don’t know why they made a movie about Gene the meh emoji. They could have made it about a more interesting emoji.” Candy Crush and other apps were represented in the movie. Nick Butler, 10, said, “I don’t know why they added Candy Crush, but I think they should have added another app like Clash of Clans. ” He went on to say. “There are vehicles because it’s like a town in the phone, so they needed something to get around in. Gene, the meh emoji, went out so he could fit in with everyone else there. ” There’s some humor that’s there for adults. Butler said, “I think they should have to give the parents a little laugh here and there when they are watching it with their kids.” I wouldn’t recommend this movie to any of my friends my age, because it’s a movie for younger kids. If I had a chance to change this movie in anyway I would have probably made the main emoji the emoji with the sunglasses on because it’s cool. I think the ending is good so I wouldn’t change anything about the ending of the movie. I don’t think Sony should make a second one because this one wasn’t good enough to have a sequel. If someone was different or acted differently, I wouldn’t be mean to them because it’s good to be different from everyone else. I like to be different because if everyone was the same life would be boring. Being different means there are more things you can learn from other people.


Confederate Monuments

By Dakota Tague THE JACKET

for workers right here in America,” he states. As stated before what he is working towards will help our small business owners, and maybe employ more business people. “Lower taxes on American businesses means higher wages for American workers, and that means more products made

right here in the USA,” he states Glenda Mott, Lebanon County Clerk, got to meet Trump right before he gave his big speech. “That was my first time to meet a president of the United States,” she said. “Really the most powerful man living to get to see and shake his hand,” Glenda stated. I think being able to meet a United States President would have been an amazing opportunity. Getting to see and hear a United States president is a truly unforgettable moment for most people, especially if they are trying to “Make America Great Again.”

Cheerleading By Issac Light THE JACKET

Cheerleading is a very popular thing in schools these days. From cheering on football teams to cheering on basketball teams. Every school seems to have a cheerleading team and everyone loves a good cheer from the leaders. Cheerleaders are an important part of every team. They cheer the team on and they fire up the crowd. Cheerleaders are very appreciated for what they do. There aren’t only female cheerleaders. There are also male cheerleaders, although there are less of them, they still exist. I took a look into some of the things it takes to become cheerleader. I first met up with one of the female cheerleaders Brianna Ellsworth, 10. Q: “What kind of training goes into becoming a cheerleader?” A: “A lot of stretching and exercising” Q: “Why did you decide to become a cheerleader?” A: “It looked fun.” Q: “How long does it take you to learn one cheer?” A: “About 1 or 2 weeks.” The cheerleaders work extremely hard, they go to every football game to cheer the team on and they fire up the crowd. Cheerleaders also work extremely hard, stretching daily and doing tons of different workouts trying to build the flexibility to be able to be a cheerleader.


Should Underclassmen Be Able To Play At Varsity Level?

By Tyler Paul THE JACKET

Over the years many of our up in coming freshman have took over senior spots at the varsity level. Most seniors don’t know what to think when they have a freshman come up and take their spot. So when a seniors spot gets taken their first reaction is to get mad at the coach when really it’s their own fault for letting the freshman take their spot. I have interviewed a freshman from Lebanon High School and he has gave me some answers about what he thinks is right. The first question I asked him was “Have you ever tried to take a upperclassmen spot?” and he replied, “I really wasn’t ready for the varsity level so I never got a chance to try to take a seniors spot.” The next question I asked him was “Do you think freshman should be able to play in front of a senior?” And he said “I think freshman should play over seniors if they are producing and tributing to the team more than the senior is.” Then I asked him “Should a player get a little playing time no matter what?” And his answer was “Not if they are not producing then they don’t need to play.” After that the last question I asked him was “Do you think a freshman should have to go through certain levels to get to the varsity level?” He replied, “Not if the freshman is produced and able to play varsity level.” These are some answers I got back from the questions I asked.

Some say the Confederate Monuments are historical to our country. Others may argue that the statues are racist and should be torn down. There is truth to both sides. They should remain standing because they represent what our nation has gone through during the time of the civil war and now. Although they are historic, they can be seen as racist toward the black community. They can seem racist because some of the monuments represent the south and the use of slaves. These monuments have been standing for around 150 years. Although, there are also monuments that have been standing for less time, or even longer! Dating back to about the time that the Civil War ended. During this time, the Southern, and Northern parts of the United States, were at war because of the different thoughts on racism and other disbeliefs at the time. Several monuments are to be removed across the U.S. One of them, is here in Missouri. This monument is located in Kansas City, MO and is dedicated to “The Loyal Women of the South”. It’s wanted removed because people believe that there’s a difference in remembering and revering. The reason they want to remove the monuments, is because there are people who think the monuments support racism and shouldn’t be in our country. There is also people who think they are historic and should remain standing regardless of beliefs. It’s a fortunate, and unfortunate that there were no significant events that happened here in Lebanon Missouri. It’s fortunate because then there was not very much fighting so not so many people got killed in the state of Missouri. It’s unfortunate, because then we don’t have very many monuments representing back to our state’s history. A good thing about this, is that Lebanon is a small town that don’t really have any White Supremacists, or riots that happen here. Although it’s peaceful now, during the civil war, Missouri was a border state. This means that it was a slavery state that remained in the union. It remained in the union because as the civil war went on, the rights to have slaves was being frowned upon as the war continued. Luckily, we don’t have to go through what the residence in Charlottesville on August 13, 2017. In Charlottesville August 13, 2017, a White Supremacist man ran over and killed a 32 year old woman who was crossing the street that day. Also, there were two state troopers who were killed in a helicopter crash while trying to assist public safety. The governor of Virginia quoted that day to the White Supremacist, “Go home… and Shame on You.” Our country, is one of the top rated nations in the world. This means that we have one of the best economies, and a very strong military. We wouldn’t be the best without the brave men and women who have fought for our country. With that said, we as a nation should be coming together more than we tear each other apart. We should not be trying to destroy the things that our military has died protecting. That doesn’t just go for the monuments, that goes for our rights, and our ability to come together. With the threat of North Korea, the last thing we need to be doing is tearing our nation apart with racism and instead love everyone equally, regardless of race or beliefs. Here is what some fellow classmates have said about the subject: Are White Supremacists a problem? “White Supremacists are a problem because they are causing problems to our country by thinking that whites are more superior.” -Alexis Krejci, 10. Should the Confederate flag be banned from the U.S.? “I think that the Confederate flag should be banned from the U.S. because it represents the racism that was intact during the Civil War.” -Braeden Slavens, 10. Should the Statues stay in our country or should they be torn down? “I think that the statues should stay up because they represent our nation’s history. Just because something was bad, doesn’t mean we have to forget about it.” -Garrett Nelson, 10.

Terrorism Across The World And Potentially In Lebanon By Ethan Christal THE JACKET

Ever since Al-Qaeda did 9/11, terrorism has been a huge thing in this world and in the United States. With terror groups like the Taliban, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda all over the world, but especially in the middle east. Terror attacks can happen almost everywhere in the world. But, what do you think about when you hear the word ‘terrorism’? Bailey Riggs, 11, said, “I think of bad things and people getting killed.” Culp added to the definition. “I think of anyone who causes harm or makes threats to inflict fear on those who oppose,” Ahmad Culp, 10 said. Ms. Amanda Perschall, Social Studies teacher, rounded out the definition. “Terrorism as a concept is the act of disrupting people’s lives and causing terror. It could perpetrated by someone foreign or domestic, though foreign ones receive more press coverage oftentimes,” she said. “In general, it makes me think of harm coming to people.” Terrorism attacks are not something we fear at LHS. Riggs said, “We have nothing important here and so if we were attacked it wouldn’t effect the country as much as having New York getting attacked.” Culp was skeptical. “I don’t know dude, probably not where we live,” he said. Perschall agreed, “Generally, I don’t worry about Lebanon, MO having a terror attack. While it can happen anywhere, as a smaller city we have fewer people from here as potential terrorists. Additionally, I don’t think we have any locations that are obvious terrorist targets.” The terror attacks that have happen in Barcelona, Brussels, Boston, and Orlando were some of the biggest attacks since 2015.

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North Korea

By Abbi Watkins THE JACKET

There are many clubs that you could join at Lebanon high school. Some of them are useful for your education after high school, while others are just for fun. The clubs at LHS include, FTA, FCCLA, Literary Muse, FBLA, SkillsUSA, NHS, WAC, ITS. Math Team, TSA, Academic Team, Robotics, Speech & Debate, French Club, Latin Club. Spanish Club, Anime, FCA, Art Club, Student Council, Interact, International Club, FFA. PALS, Youth Excel, YEP, HOSA, and LTCC Student Ambassadors. Many students at LHS are already involved in at least one or more clubs. Nevaeh Page, 10, is a student at LHS who is involved in Student Council. She enjoys it. “I like the feeling of being in charge of events for the student body, and being a voice for the student body,” she said. Page is involved in Student Council, Track, and Cross Country, but would consider other clubs. Jenna Glendenning, 11, is involved in FCA. “I like being able to come together with each other, and sharing the same beliefs as other people,” she said. Along with FCA, Glendenning is also involved in Interact, Basketball, and Track. Even though Basketball and Track are very time consuming she finds time to be involved in these other clubs. A club for engineered minded students could include robotics. “It is a club where we get to build our own robots, and compete against other schools from all over who do the same thing,” Brayden Miller, 10, said. “I like being able to see the diversity of robots that students have built.” Krista White, 10, uses her farming ability in a club called FFA. The 2017 tennis season is going to be nothing but great and we cannot wait to see what it has in store!

By Garrett Nelson


By Tori Welch THE JACKET

There are a lot of clubs at LHS, some very well known, and some not so well known, but they all are very important. The list of them is, LTCC, HOSA, Youth EXCEL, YEP, FFA, PALS, Interact, International Club, STUCCO, FCA, Art Club. French Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Anime, Robotics, Speech and Debate. Academic team, Math Team, TSA, WAC, ITS, Skills USA, NHS, Literally Mus, FBLA, FTA, FCCLA. By reading these, some are very commonly heard, like maybe student council and art club and a few other. But how often do you hear about the club E- Sport. I didn’t even know that this was a thing, until on the bus a few days ago. E-Sport, is a gaming club. Im guessing it’s new, I learned this from one of my friends Hunter Polen, a sophomore here at LHS. I asked him a few basic questions, trying to get a better understanding. He explained that they play league of legend a lot,, and they actually compete against people all over the world. I asked why he was interested in this club and he said, “I just thought I’d have a new opportunity to learn more about doing something I really enjoy, which is gaming.” Anyone who enjoys gaming like Hunter, is allowed to join this club. In this article I think it’s important to focus on the clubs that nobody really hears about, because they deserve to be heard. Or maybe have been heard of, but I just am going to do one’s that I am not familiar with. However, I’ll also do some very common ones just to get an even better understanding, because all clubs have equal importance, it just varies on everyone’s preferences. I also interviewed Alex Wears, he is

involved in both anime club, and french club. He just decided this year on anime club, but has done french before and really enjoyed in. Neither of these have had meetings yet, so he is unsure on when they will meet. He is still unsure about anime club but is excited to try something new. I asked Alex why he joined french club and he said “french is one of my favorite subjects. It’s really fun whenever we have meetings, because we just eat crepes. I’m really looking forwards to it, and bonjour.” He loves to learn french, but another guy i know in french by the name of Cale Schmitz says, “I’m only in french because we get food and watch movies.” Which makes sense to me. The last example, is Shayne Ashlock. He is involved in FFA, which stands for future farmers of America. He says because he was in it when he was younger and really enjoyed it. Shayne is a freshman here this year, along with Cale, and I think that it is very important to get involved in clubs when first starting LHS because you get an opportunity to grow with everyone who shares similar interest with you throughout your four years here. There are so many more people involved things that I haven’t given examples of, but the list goes on and on. So to sum it all up, LHS provides clubs for almost every interest. Lowery stresses often that grades are important, but getting involved creates unforgettable memories. If someone feels out of place, joining a club is the perfect way to meet people who have common interest as you, and can form strong friendships that maybe you never would’ve considered. Joining clubs can have a very large impact on the person you become throughout your time as a high school student.

Nature Places In Lebanon

By Braeden Slavens



ennett Spring, the fourth largest state park in Missouri, has a daily output of over 100 million gallons of water, coming out of a narrow cave. Bennett Spring was one of Missouri’s first state parks. Today it is still the most beautiful and most popular in the state. Joey Boshe a student at LHS said “My favorite part about Bennett springs is the waterfall.” Also the Joey continues to explain to me how he enjoys fishing there. Many things about Bennett Spring call people to the park, but the reason that tops the list is the fishing and fishing at Bennett springs is one of the main things you can do at a park in Lebanon. Nelson Park is a park that you can see many people visit every-

day. From its pond to its playground Nelson Park is a very great place to visit in Lebanon. Recently there was remodeling done on Nelson Park and they added a lot to there baseball fields like new concrete, concession stands and bleachers. Khyla says “The pond at Nelson Park is my favorite part.” Today the park still has visitors every day with people from all over Lebanon visiting. The Osage Fork is a great floating and fishing area. In normal seasons, there is enough water to float it from Hwy. 5 down, a distance of about 40 miles. Maples, redbuds, dogwoods, flowering trees and shrubs make it a pretty stream in both spring and fall. Although the valley is well dotted with farms, there are very many gravel bars for camping and the fishing is amazing.

By Dakotah Evans THE JACKET

There are many nature areas near us. They’re wonderful places to go visit and have a great time in the outdoors. One of these many nature areas near is Osage Fork Conservation Area. Osage Fork Conservation Area is located on Canary Road. In Osage Fork Conservation Area has 2 major trails A and B trail, and on these trails are targets that you can walk around shoot with your bow. These targets can be anything from a bear to a mountain goat on a rock. I have gathered a couple answers from LHS students about their favorite nature areas. The first person I have question is Noah Blackwell he is a junior. The first question I asked him “My favorite one is The Archery Range which is part of the Conservation Area,” said Noah Blackwell, 11. “I only go there before bow season to make sure my bow is sighted in before the season starts. Some of the time when I am shooting good.” Tyler Paul, 10, enjoys Bennett Springs State Park. “While I don’t get to go there very often, when I do I have a great time,” he said. “My favorite thing about Bennett Springs is feeding the fish and walking the trails.”

Garrett Nelson says “Fishing and swimming in the river is one of the best things you can do there.” There is tendency for short sections of the stream to be log jammed, but this slight inconvenience is just a little price to pay for a little-floated stream. The trail by Harley Davidson is also another great nature place/trail. It is a very great trail to visit I highly encourage you to visit it. It is one of the greatest trails in my opinion. I enjoy getting to see wildlife so when I want to see that I go there. There are many things to see along with it’s just such a great place to visit.

FCCLA Importance

By Tori Welch THE JACKET

FCCLA is a club here at LHS that stands for family career community leaders of America. The name pretty well explains the many idea of the club however, doesn’t go in depth to the meaning and purposes for it. “I joined because I wanted to better my leadership skills and become a better speaker,” said Carolyn Sterner, grade 10. She told me she is looking forward to the meetings because they have only had one this year, and last year they were really encouraging. In order to be a part of FCCLA you need to have taken at least one FACS class anywhere from 7th grade to now, you also will need to sign up but that is easy to do. All you need to do is find one of the leaders such as Mrs. Suhr. She is a FACS teacher here at LHS and is also an active leader in FCCLA, she can be found in


room #34 down the LTCC hall. For anyone who is interested in becoming a leader, FCCLA would be great. However it has more purposes than just teaching you how to lead. FCCLA is a club that takes place in many schools from around the world, and occasionally some of them get together for conferences learning things like management skills. There are many opportunities that come along with joining FCCLA. Opportunities on learning life skills to make you become an all around better person. Throughout the year, one of the best known things about FCCLA is their participation with the LHS yearly blood drive, but that is not all they do. Although this club helps out in many ways, they also take some time to have fun and grow closer to each member. An example of that would be when they go to the corn maze and pumpkin patch every year.

If someone is wanting to keep up with these events, there is a facebook page for LTCC at LHS. “I’ve been involved with FCCLA for a while now, I got involved because I am a FACS teacher and I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to learn more to teach my students. I never knew that I’d learned so many things for myself along the way,” said Mrs. Suhr, FCCLA leader and FACS teacher. This just goes to show, that FCCLA’s importance is something that will help you throughout life not just during your highschool years. For anyone who is looking for an opportunity to grow not only as a person, but in friendship with other people who share common goals and interest FCCLA would be great. If some-

In recent news new photos from North Korea have revealed that missiles are being produced. These photos also have evidence of unexpected advances in North Korea’s missile program, experts say, including an unseen type of projectile. North Korean state media KCNA announced leader Kim Jong Un had visited the country’s Chemical Material Institute of the Academy of Defense Sciences. He instructed the institute to produce more solid-fuel rocket engines and rocket warhead tips by further expanding engine production process. It was the photos of the inspection released by state media which missile analysts seized upon immediately. This is the North Koreans showing us, or at least portraying, that their solid-fuel missile program is improving at a steady rate, David Schmerler, research associate at the Monterey Institute of International Studies’ James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, told CNN. Onto the topic of the US, one day the US says that there are no signs of disturbing military moves by the North, the next day Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel trumpets that Pyongyang represents a “clear and present danger to the United States.” Khyla Turner had similar opinions to Chuck Hagel saying, “I think we are all on the same page when we all say that North Korea’s Missiles and nuclear weapons are threatening, simply because theirs are more powerful and destructive than something we can come up with to defend ourselves.” Although the threat of a nuclear attack right now on the mainland United States is not likely because its missiles cannot fly far enough, and even in they could the US has been setting up anti missile systems since the Reagan administration . However, they may make progress in the future. The more immediate danger, however, is that the North could use nuclear weapons against its neighbors, South Korea and Japan. North Korea is warning foreigners to leave the peninsula. Might threaten to “go nuclear.” A North Korean nuclear bomb dropped on Seoul or Tokyo would inflict enormous devastation, killing or injuring an estimated two million people in each city. In short, we can hope for the best but should be prepared for the worst. South Koreans and the Japanese have been preparing, They have began running Bomb/attack drills do to the imposing threat. The South Korean Government has encouraged people to prepare for an attack from North Korea. When sirens go off, people were supposed to stop what they were doing and take cover. The first time, planes were also supposed to fly over the city emitting colored smoke, meant to represent the enemy’s bombs. But the heavy rain and low cloud meant that even the planes couldn’t be seen, let alone any smoke. This year’s drills were little changed from previous years, despite the steadily increasing threat. After all, North Korea’s development of an intercontinental ballistic missile able to reach the United States changes nothing for South Koreans, who have been within range for decades. With all this information we have to wonder will North Korea be able to defend itself. Braeden Slavens elaborates on this saying, “Yes, somewhat, because the U.S is their ally, but I’m not for sure the U.S. would want to get involved in that mess.” In my opinion I do believe that North Korea will rage war on its neighboring countries, if things do not change. The thing I’m most worried about is North Korea’s close ties to China. If combat began and the US was on one side and China on the other we might have World War 3 on our hands. This is by all means if worst comes to worst which I honestly doubt will happen. Only time will tell, but I worry for the future of LHS, the United States, and the world for that matter considering what happened then last time an irrational and insane man led a country. Interviews - Braeden Slavens/BS, Dakota/DT, and Khyla Turner/KT. 1. Do you believe North Korea will someday attack South Korea? To which Breaden replied, “I think they would if they were provoked.” To which Dakota replied, probably not. To which Khyla replied, Yes, repeatedly North Korea has threatened them and their allies. I do believe they will attack south korea, which will work to their advantage by giving them a lot more land. 2. Do you think that if they did attack South Korea, Would they be able to defend thereself successfully? BS: Yes, somewhat, because the U.S., but I’m not for sure the U.S. would want to get involved in that mess. DT: No because North Korea has all those missiles. KT: Maybe to an extent, but i’m not sure. 3. Do you Believe North Korea poses a threat to the United States? BS: I believe they could be a threat but we’d handle the situation. DT: No because of our air defence cause if they did shoot a missile we’d shoot it out of the sky and we have a bigger military KT: I think we are all on the same page when we all say that North Korea’s Missiles and nuclear weapons are threatening, simply because theirs are more powerful and destructive than something we can come up with to defend ourselves. 4. What do you think trump will do if Korea attacks? BS: Trump would defend< then attack North Korea DT: He’d go to war with North Korea KT: Try to defend our country but definitely use our allies to his advantage. I think trump’s power definitely gets to his head and he believes we would be able to defend yourself like its no big deal, but it’d be a big deal things would get chaotic. 5. How would Lebanon and LHS be affected by an attack: KT: I Think we and our country would be in Danger if the situation wasnt delt with correctly. DT: I dont think we would be because of our anti-missile systems. b in danger of the bombs. BS: don’t think that we’d be

By Adam Walters THE JACKET

one is just wanting to have a fun time doing something they love FCCLA is great for that too. There are many different purposes for this club here at LHS, so it is not needed to know what you want with your future, however along the way you could find something you’re really interested in to lead you in the right direction. Anyone can join FCCLA without an intention, and most of the time leave with an idea of a purpose.

Chiefs Predictions

The Chiefs had a successful 2016 season. They finished with a 12-4 record and won the AFC West division. Unfortunately, they lost in the first round of the NFL Playoffs to the Pittsburgh Steelers. They had many breakout stars that helped them win so many games, but how will they do this season? Last season, breakout rookie Tyreek Hill caught 61 passes for 593 yard and averaged 9.3 yards per reception. He also rushed for 267 yards and averaged 11.1 yards per carry. Fun fact: Tyreek Hill was the fastest player in the NFL last season. He reached a speed of 22.7 miles per hour! Who will be the breakout star this season? Will there be a breakout star this year? 2017 draft picks such as Kareem Hunt and Patrick Mahomes have the potential to be that breakout star. When Lebanon High School football player Jordan Lewis was asked who he thinks the Chiefs breakout rookie will be this season he said, “I think the breakout rookie this season will be Patrick Mahomes. He might not get very much playing time this season but he will for sure be an amazing player down the line.” He was also asked how he thinks the Chiefs will perform this year and his answer was, “I believe they will go 12-4 just like last year and win their division. They will definitely go farther in the playoffs. The MVP for the team this season will be Justin Houston!”

Yellow Jacket Paper 10-5-17  

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Yellow Jacket Paper 10-5-17  

A cooperative effort between the Lebanon Schools District and the Lebanon Daily Record.