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A delicious lesson

Conway Chronicles photo

A Conway Junior High School photography student takes a picture of a plate of cookies for a food photography lesson in her graphic design class.

Conway Junior High School students learn about food photography NATASHA SHANZ

CHRONICLES@LCR1.ORG In Junior High Graphic Design, Taylor Hopkins’ students are working on a food photography challenge. Students have chosen their final unit to be in photography. In the food photography objectives, students are to make a menu of possible items they would be photographing. Students are working with lighting and aperture to focus on their food. Mr.Hopkins said, “The purpose of this challenge is to allow students to be creative and have snacks in class. We also learned that one of our students has a parent in commercial photography. Relating their lessons to real world activities is one of the goals as a graphic design teacher. Also I want the students to practice with lighting and get shadows in their pictures.”

Hopkins said, “I think students gain a lot from just working on this challenge. I believe students start to understand how lighting and backgrounds can affect the overall aesthetic qualities of their photography. I also think it’s a fun way for students to exhibit their love for food.” There are many great things about the implementation of lessons such as this photography challenge. Mr.Hopkins mentioned, “The best part of this challenge is seeing what the students bring in and seeing how their photos turn out. I have taught them how to use Photoshop to edit their pictures, and it’s nice seeing the pictures well edited. It’s also nice that after the photos are taken students are allowed to eat whatever they brought in.” The lesson doesn’t just stop at the taking the picture. There are several dimensions to the lesson. Mr.Hopkins said, “After the students take

their pictures they import them into Google Drive and share them with their classmates. They also have to do critiques that will allow them to improve their photos in post edit feedback. They are also able to print their three favorite photos from the challenges.” Hopkins said, “I plan to do more fun photography challenges with future classes and also some challenges with my yearbook class.” Brianna Jemes is an 8th grader at Conway Junior High who is in graphic design. Brianna said, ”My favorite part of doing this food photography challenge will have to be bringing in whatever food I like and getting to eat the food after the pictures are taken.” Brandi Sloan is also an 8th grader who is in graphic design. Brandi said, “My favorite part of the challenge will have to be bringing in food and then editing the pictures.”

Laclede County R-1 to serve free meals to area children LDR STAFF


be serving free summer meals to children in the community. Funds from the United States Department of Agriculture will allow

the district to serve breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, May 29 through June 22. The meals will be served at Ezard

Elementary School, 209 S. Shiloh in Conway. Breakfast will be served from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. and lunch will be served 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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Teaching leadership Conway High School’s Peerleader group attends leadership conference CLAIRE HOWE & LAUREN SHOCKLEY CHRONICLES@LCR1.ORG

The Peerleader group from Conway High School attended a Jostens Renaissance Leadership Conference. The Conference was held at Republic High School on April 17. There were about 20 students and 2 advisors from Conway that attended. This is the first time students have attended this conference, but thought it would be a good experience. It is important to teach students leadership skills and how to promote leadership in their schools. A Peerleader sponsor said, “I believe everyone in their own little way has leadership skills. Sometimes it is important to remind students that they are the ones that make a difference.” These skills not only help students throughout high school, but in their future as well. The Peerleader sponsor said, “There is no loss when it comes to developing character. When students are able to become leaders around their peers, it develops a sense of ability. That is why

it is always important to be able to step out of our comfort zones and try new challenges with people we are familiar with, in order to create the ability to do so when we are around those who are not necessarily our peers.” At the conference students got to listen to two wonderful speakers, Mike Smith and Phillip Campbell. Both speakers were very inspiring and had great tips on promoting leadership in schools everywhere. The students learned a lot from the conference. Peerleader Riley Earls said, “I really enjoyed this conference because the speakers and activities were geared to help us realize the leadership skills already in us. It gave me a new perspective on what students face every day in school. We, as a group go to bring so many ideas that we think will benefit not only Conway High School but Conway Junior High and Ezard Elementary as well.” Another student who attended the conference,

Conway Chronicles photo

Bud Triplett, Alondra Sanchez, Claire Ronchetti, and Tony DiFonzo take a picture with guest motivational speaker Mike Smith. Janessa Jensen said, “When I first heard we were going to the leadership conference, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I was completely surprised by what I saw when we arrived. There

was an awesome DJ, a dance battle, two really relatable speakers and an interactive activity between students. My personal favorite was the dance battle. From this conference I learned

how to be a better leader, and the little things I can do to make a big impact. I am able to say that the conference inspired me and my peers.” The students learned a lot at the conference

and brought back some great ideas of how to implement leadership in their school. This was a great experience for the students-one that will help them in many ways.

FFA students attend state convention CLAIRE HOWE & LAUREN SHOCKLEY

CHRONICLES@LCR1.ORG On April 19 through April 20, the Conway FFA chapter attended FFA State Convention. There were 22 of Conw a y ’ s F FA m e m b e r s who attended State Convention in Columbia. At FFA State Convention, the FFA members get to work on leadership workshops, and convention sessions. Students learn a lot from taking part in these workshops and other activities. The students are transported on a large bus to Columbia where they stay the night and

attend the conference. There were two advisors who attended the trip, Mrs. Keck and Mr. Stratton. Mrs. Keck said, “My favorite part of the trip was watching students walk across stage to receive their proficiency awards and State FFA Degree.” There are many reasons why our FFA attends State Convention. Mrs. Keck said, “State Convention allows students to compete in a variety of events around other Missouri FFA members.” Going on the trip was a privilege to the FFA members who attended. To attend State Convention the FFA members

must have qualified a working hand throughout contest season. The FFA members who attended state greatly benefit from all the skills and knowledge learned a State Convention. The students learn valuable leadership skills and get to connect with other FFA member from around the state of Missouri. Mrs. Keck said, “Students benefit from the trip by leading workshop, walking across the stage to receive their awards, and supporting their chapter members.” Conway has been going to the State Convention for at least 5 years. The FFA members get a

Conway Chronicles photo

Conway High School FFA members pose for a picture at the state convention in Columbia. lot from this trip. Mrs. Keck said, “I hope the students take away that they can accomplish anything they set their hearts to.” We talked with one of the students who attended the trip, Bud Triplet. Bud said, “ I

went because I have never gone before, and I thought it would be a good experience. I think it was beneficial to us because we got to see a few colleges that we could choose from. I was able to take a lot away from State and

it was a great learning experience.” The students very much enjoyed attending state and look forward to it every year. It is a very beneficial experience for the students, and it is fun and exciting.

Conway Chronicles May 15, 2018  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Lebanon Daily Record.

Conway Chronicles May 15, 2018  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Lebanon Daily Record.