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Teachers take ‘funishment’ for a good cause CLAIRE HOWE & LAUREN SHOCKLEY


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Mrs. Keck takes a bite out of a caramel covered onion.

The Peerleaders at Conway High School recently held a fundraiser in hopes of raising enough money to send a veteran from the community on the Honor Flight Program. The Honor light is a non profit organization that raises money to send our Veterans to Washington, DC to see the memorials of the wars they fought in. Kristen Brawley introduced the idea to Peerleaders. “I attended Missouri Girls State in June 2017. While I was there all 500 girls wrote letters to send to the Veterans of the Honor Flight Program,” Brawley said. “Honor Flight was introduced to me that week, and I grew

to have a greater respect for Veterans because of Missouri Girls State. I decided to introduce Honor Flight to Peerleaders.” The fundraiser involved both the high school and Ezard Elementary. The elementary had a competition to see which grade could raise the most money and the winning grade recently received their reward party. The winning grade from the elementary was fist grade he high school had a teacher competition where silver in the teacher’s jar takes away points but gold and cash adds to their points. The teacher who raised the most money got a “funishment” of kissing a pig in front of the school. here were fi e teachers that took part in the fundraiser at the high school: Coach Cope, Ms. Garoutte (Ms. G), Mr.

Hopkins, Mr. Tyler Vestal, and Mrs. Keck. Mrs. G raised the most money, but most of hers came in the form of silver! All together the Peerleaders raised $644.87. When asked if they will be doing this fundraiser again in the future the Peerleader sponsor said, “Yes, we will put this money in a savings and host the fundraiser again next year to hopefully raise enough to send a very deserving Veteran.” The sponsor said, “Knowing the kids all worked together to do something they felt passionate about was the best part about the fundraiser. It is important for us to honor and respect the Veterans for the sacrifices they ade or s Kirsten Brawley, a senior Peerleader, said, “The Honor Flight fundraiser was a huge success. We may not have reached the total amount needed, but we reached well over halfway. Seeing the

students of Conway all participating was truly awesome. Some may have only participated to see a certain teacher kiss a pig, but that’s okay. They helped us out anyways. Though I did enjoy watching Mr. Hopkins kiss the pig, it warmed my heart to know the whole school of Conway is helping an American hero see the monuments. This experience will be something I will never forget.” It was a great thing to see the school and community come together to support our local Ve t e r a n s . T h e y h a v e done so much for us it is our responsibility to give back. Kirsten Brawley said, “Not only was our goal to send a Veteran, but to have our students understand how important and deserving our Veterans and military are.” The Peerleaders look forward to continuing this fundraiser for years to come.

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CHS awards test takers with dinner LOGAN SCHMIDT & NATASHA SHANZ

CHRONICLES@LCR1.ORG To help recognize student achievement, the decision was made to honor students who received an “Advanced” scoring on their 2017 EOC or MAP test during a community recognition. On March 5th in the Conway High School gymnasium a ceremonial dinner was held to honor students who received advanced on any part of the M.A.P. or E.O.C. tests. This dinner was titled R.I.S.E. which stands for Recognizing Individual Student Excellence. In years past, these students were recognized at a school board meeting, but according to Mrs. Snell, Ezard Elementary principal, the board and Mr. Hedger wanted to do more to recognize the academic achievement of our students. For the dinner this year students and their parents enjoyed pulled pork, drinks, and dessert provided by the school. The students and parents brought along side dishes. It was a great way to gather with the community and show recognition to students who have worked so hard to earn the score. The students did not just receive a dinner

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Conway High School students Bud Triplett, Cole HOwerton, Amy Daniel and Chris Calton display their awarded certificates. in their honor but also a certificate. For this being their first year to have a dinner Ms. Snell says, “We all think that the dinner was a success and that will most like-

ly do a similar concept again.” Ms. Snell states that she hopes that next year’s ceremony is even better than this year ’s ceremony and hopefully

even more students and their families will be able to attend. Joseph Coreyll is an eighth grade student who received advanced on the math and English

M.A.P. tests last year. He said, “My family and I really enjoyed the dinner.” Joseph says that he was very happy to receive the award. “I was

excited to receive the award.” Joseph says he likes this form of ceremony better than the normal board recognition ceremony because he got to eat a lot of food.

Conway at the Cards game School rewards those who did well on tests with a trip to see the Springfield Cardinals ALEXA HIGBEE

CHRONICLES@LCR1.ORG The end of the school year means students must show what they have learned by taking the MAP (Missouri Assessment Program) test. Preparing for a test without knowing what could potentially show up can be stressful for not only the students but the teachers. In order to reward those who excelled, Ezard Elementary puts together a fun event for all students who scored Proficient or Advanced on the MAP test. Each grade has dif-

ferent subjects that they tested over. Fourth and 6th grades tested over ELA and math. Fifth grade tested over ELA, math, and science. Test scores don’t come in until the fall of the next school year. This means that this year ’s attendees scored Proficient or Advanced on last year’s assessment. For several years the school has taken the kids to Hammond’s Field to watch a Springfield Cardinal’s game. It has been a blast every year. All classroom teachers from 4th, 5th and 6th grades got to attend along with Mrs. Shrode, Mrs. Snell, and Mrs. Stark. The trip is offered as a reward for

the students’ success, but also as an incentive in order to get the students to

give 100 percent on their current test. The students had a

great time and received lots of bonus experiences and prizes.

“We started the day at Hammond’s Field with an educational presentation by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Afterwards, we were seated for the game and ate lunch. We watched the game and several students visited the concessions and even won prizes on a ‘Spin the Wheel’ game. There were also students who caught t-shirts that were thrown out to the crowd,” 4th grade teacher Chelsey Caselman said. E z a rd E l e m e n t a r y knows that not all of their students would enjoy going to a baseball game, so they give them a different option. These students spend the day watching movies and playing a variety of different games. Sometimes students can give their all and still not reach the Proficient level. Ezard Elementary doesn’t want any student to feel as if their hard work isn’t being appreciated. During the week of May 7 those students will receive pizza. E z a rd E l e m e n t a r y is very fortunate to be a b l e t o re w a rd t h e i r students for good behavior and academic achievements. Taking these trips gives the students the opportunity to do and see things that they may not see or do otherwise. E z a rd E l e m e n t a r y is unsure of what next year ’s trip will entail, but that won’t interfere with the drive the school has to never let a student’s achievements go unnoticed.

Conway Chronicles May 8, 2018  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Lebanon Daily Record.

Conway Chronicles May 8, 2018  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Lebanon Daily Record.