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A day dedicated to reading Ezard Elementary participates in Missouri School Read-In Day JESSICA RIZOR


   According to Missouri Revisor of Statutes, the second Friday in March shall be set apart and designated as “Missouri School Read-In Day.”  It is recommended to the people of the state that the day be appropriately observed through activities that will bring about an increased awareness of the importance and benefits of reading and encourage greater emphasis on reading, both in the school and in the home.   Missouri School ReadIn Day recognizes that reading proficiency is a major factor in determining a child’s success in school, regardless of the socioeconomic status, race, ethnic background or educational level of the child and the child’s family. Marlana Howerton, the elementary librarian at Conway, said, ¨I feel that it is important to encourage students to think outside the box when it comes to reading. Many times we only consider ‘book reading’ as actual reading, when in reality, we are reading things all the time like menus, road signs, billboards, articles online,

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Ezard Elementary School kids pose for a picture in costumes portraying their favorite characters in celebration of Missouri School Read-In Day. directions, memes, posters, bulletin boards, etc. I especially love that our students don’t view reading as a task when they are offered free choice in what they read independently. Any chance we get to promote reading is definitely a high priority.¨

This is the fourth year that Conway has participated in the Read-In Day. To celebrate the Read-In Day, Howerton created numerous activities for the teachers to choose from for their students. These activities included creating their own bookmarks,

READO (which is like BINGO but with reading activities, Marie Oliver supplied ice-cream treats for all of the students, and the students were also encouraged to dress up as their favorite book character to celebrate. Howerton said, ¨I want

to thank everyone who participated in Missouri School Read-in Day. It takes a lot of people willing to sacrifice classroom time to devote to activities that are in addition to normal curriculum. Fortunately, when we participate in things like

this, it makes learning seem fun!¨ The Ezard Elementary Library would also like to invite all community members to their buy one get one free book fair that will take place in the elementary library through April 13.

Mark your calendar for Thursday’s Fine Arts Night ALEXA HIGBEE


Fine Arts Night is a tradition for Ezard Elementary. This year, Fine Arts Night is being held at 6 p . m . o n T h u r s d a y. The elementary students (grades kindergarten through sixth) will be presenting all their work from second semester. The elementary wanted to change things up a bit this year, so they gave each grade a different part of the world to create art from. Kindergarten will be making Australian art. First grade crafted African masterpieces. Russia was done by second grade. India was prepared by the third graders. Japan took shape by the fourth graders. Fifth grade did South America. Last but not least, sixth grade made works of art from Egypt. E z a rd E l e m e n t a r y band and choir will also be putting on a show for

the community Thursday Night. “The band has spent the entire second semester preparing for this concert,” band director Aaron Parrales stated. “We will be performing ‘Old McDonald,’ ‘Shark Attack’ (in two parts), and ‘Hot Smudge Funday.’ There will also be performances by students in duets and trios.” Choir will be singing “The Ghost of John” in 4 part rounds, “Best Day of My Life,” “There Can be Miracles” and “How Far I’ll Go.” Mr. B, a music teacher from Lebanon, will also be making an appearance and performing at the Fine Arts Night. E z a rd E l e m e n t a r y removed the contest element of Fine Arts Night in order make it all about learning. So this year no awards will be handed out to the students. Sara Light, Ezard Elementary art teacher said, “The art

show is more of a learning experience than a contest this year.” The community is

excited to see what all this Fine Arts Night will entail and all the hard work the students have

put into this event. The music and art teachers have put a lot of work into making this night

a reality and hope that everyone comes out to support the Conway Bears.

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Conway students become Nintendonors Conway High School Student Council organized a recent blood drive with a Nintendo theme ALEXA HIGBEE


Donating blood is a great way to give back to the community and help others. Every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood. One single donation of a pint can potentially help more than one patient. You could save a life. “One person’s donation can potentially save three lives,” sponsor Anna Vestal stated. “I think it’s awesome for these students to see their peers and community members come in to help others.” Conway Student Council hosts a yearly blood drive. This year it was on March 13t. Miss. Anna Vestal took over the sponsor position two years ago and has hosted the blood drive

both years. This year the blood drive was Nintendo themed; everyone who donated was a “Nintendonor!” “I inherited the blood drive when I took over Student Council. I’m so glad that I did!” said Vestal. “It’s been a great experience!” The club’s unit goal was 25 units. Although they haven’t heard exactly how much blood was donated, they are certain that the school and community didn’t let them down considering the amount of people who showed up to donate. The requirements to donate are easy to accomplish. You must be 16 years old, at least 110 pounds, and healthy. As long as you meet those requirements you are good to go. The members of Student

Council are very important assets to the donation process. They help people who may not handle donating so well. They help organize things and get the donors everything they need. The secretary of Student Council, Claire Ronchetti said, “Helping with the blood drive gave me a heartwarming experience. It showed me the love and the help of the community. I’m proud of my friends and teachers who helped save lives the day of the blood drive.” Conway’s Student Council will host their annual blood drive again next year and this time they hope to see everyone there! Stay up to date and involved in all the fundraisers and events going on at Conway High School.

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Bud Triplett and Tristan Mitchell become Nintendonors at a recent blood drive at Conway High School.

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Conway Chronicles April 10, 2018  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Lebanon Daily Record.

Conway Chronicles April 10, 2018  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Lebanon Daily Record.