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Competition at Conway

Bears take second in Conway Invitational Tournament ALEXA HIGBEE CHRONICLES@LCR1.ORG The Conway Invitational Tournament has became a tradition at Conway High School. Each and every year the players rally their fans up for the tournament that they have worked so hard to prepare themselves for. Conway takes pride in its defense and works hard at defending the ball and rebounding. Even though the focus is on defense, the team never ceases to amaze the audience with its swift and strategic offense. Tanner Pippins, Conway High School senior, lead his team in points for the tournament with 30 points. Not far behind him was senior Gunnar Berger with 28 points. “It feels good to know that I lead my team in points, but I couldn’t have done it without my teammates feeding me the ball down low. I’m going to continue to work hard in the post and hopefully increase my points per game,” Pippins stated. Despite the hard work and determination of the Conway Bears, Strafford e fi s lace the second year in a row, leaving Conway in second. “We gave ourselves a chance and played well. We just didn’t quite close it out. Strafford is always our biggest competition. They are one of the best

A Conway player takes a shot during a game against Houston at the Conway Invitational Tournament. small school programs around,” said assistant Coach Jeremy Cook. “I got to play a little bit in the Conway Tournament last year as a freshman and that was a really big deal for me. This year I got in a lot more minutes which is super exciting,” sophomore Colby Vavruska said. “Since we will be losing six seniors after this season, the whole

ea as i les fill but I have no doubt that we will continue to persevere and execute through high intensity and pressure.” Even though Conway didn’t finish the tournament in the way that they hoped to, they still found positives to focus on. “Getting to play for a championship in our home tournament in front

of our home crowd is always exciting,” Jeremy Cook encouraged. On January 26, Hollister and Houston competed for third. Although the game was close, Hollister took third leaving Houston with fourth place. Conway was glad to have their high school foods class cater Monday and Tuesday of the

tournament. They helped serve on Thursday and finis ed e ee making side dishes and desserts while helping serve on Friday. “It was a good experience for the kids. They got to prepare dishes and hav00e a real-life catering experience,” teacher of the Foods class, Emma Hall, replied. “Having the experience of preparing


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the food this year will defini el a e ne ea easier.” The team has a great group of senior leaders who never fail to bring the team together. Come and support the seniors as they finish their high school basketball career and the rest of the Bears as they finish their last season with those seniors.

Students serve up a home cooked meal away from home JESSICA RIZOR & LOGAN SCHMIDT


The Conway High School athletic department hosted its annual Conway Invitational Tournament from Jan. 22 through Jan. 26. The Conway Invitational Tournament is a basketball tournament for high school

boys basketball teams in the surrounding area. Since this event is a tournament, there tends to be multiple games each night. So, every year there is a hospitality room for the coaches, game staff, and their families to be able to eat dinner. In the years past, Three Fat Ladies Catering would supply the

food for the room, but this year the school did things a little different. Ms. Emma Hall, a teacher at the high school, and her students i n h e r c re a t i v e f o o d s class took over the task of helping supply the food for the hospitality room. The athletic department supplied the class with ingredients

that they would need to be able to create a home-cooked meal for the coaches, game staff, and their families. Ms. Hall said, “I loved that my students got to have a hands-on experience with catering an event. They got to have the experience of planning a menu, creating a grocery list, complet-

A Conway High School student prepares food for guests at the Conway Invitational Tournament.


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ing Mise en Place, and then carrying out the food preparation techniques. Then, they got to actually watch others enjoying the food they prepared and sometimes even serve others!” On Monday, the students served chili and sandwiches. On Tuesday, they created a pasta dinner which included spaghetti, lasagna, and alfredo along with salad and bread. In addition to

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the main meals, students also served some hors d’oeuvre type foods such as bacon wrapped little smokies, buffalo chicken dip, and pigs in a blanket. For dessert they had mini cheesecakes, peanut butter kiss cookies, and cake pops. Ms. Hall said, “Overall, I am glad that we were able to be a part of this experience. It was awesome to watch the students’ success!”

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Kids teaching kids


Kaytee Hawkins and Reed Potter focus on the social studies lesson they have prepared for their fellow classmates.

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Junior high students give social studies lessons to their classmates CLAIRE HOWE & LAUREN SHOCKLEY CHRONICLES@LCR1.ORG The kids are taking control of the classroom in Mr. Kirkwood’s junior high social studies class. Conway seventh and eighth grade students are teaching their peers in social studies this semester. All students were randomly put into groups that they would work with on the project.

Each group was assigned a chapter of the book to learn about. After learning all the information, they were instructed to make a poster with all the information and use it to teach the rest of the class. Mr. Kirkwood said, “I decided to do this because it teaches the students critical thinking skills they will use for the rest of their lives. The students will greatly benefit from learning and

having these skills.” The students will be doing this for most of the semester. The projects will cover the arrival of man to North America all the way up to the Civil War. This is an excellent teaching and learning experience for the school. We talked to two eighth grade students and a seventh grade student: E m m a D a m p i e r, Ta y lor Whitehead and Eric Mork. All the students

really seemed to enjoy the project. E r i c s a i d , “ I n M r. Kirkwood’s class, we are tasked with teaching the class. I think it is a good idea because we will learn more in depth about the subject if we teach it. It has been fun a experience and has taught all of us a lot.” Taylor said, “In Mr. Kirkwood’s class, we are doing group projects where we get assigned a

chapter and objective. We read and note the main facts and summarize it into a poster, sideshow and can do outline notes on the whiteb oard t o teach the rest of the class. This way we are getting more done with the time we have this semester. It has been a fun learning process, and I’ve learned a lot.” Emma said, “In Kirkwood’s class, we take the info from the book and

put it in a presentation. After that we present it to the class. My section was California, Great Basin, and Plateau region. I only had one partner in my group that was working with me. It has been a fun and challenging project that I have really enjoyed.” So as you can see the students are learning a lot from this project and also having a lot of fun with it.

Conway High School graduate named top server of the year CLAIRE HOWE & LAUREN SHOCKLEY CHRONICLES@LCR1.ORG The Golden Fork Award is an award for the server of the year from the Springfield area. This year, Aftyn Massey was nominated, and she won. She has been in the restaurant business since high school. Aftyn Massey is a 2007 graduate of Conway High School. She said, “When I was in high school, I worked at Sand Springs restaurant one summer around my softball schedule (so I didn’t work much), and it was fun so I guess it made me comfortable with the restaurant industry.” “It does not surprise me that Aftyn Massey has received such an honorable award. While in high school she had a great work S mitte photo ethic and an outstanding personAftyn Massey poses for a picture with her Golden Fork ality. It is great to hear this wonderAward for Server of the Year.

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ful news from our graduates,” said Mr. Lowrance, Conway High School Principal. Aftyn Massey was born and raised on a farm in Phillipsburg. She later moved to the Ozark area after graduating from high school and started working at Lambert’s Cafe. She said she has been “living the dream.” Aftyn Massey has been working at Lambert’s Cafe since she moved to the Ozark area. Although this award is very impressive, she said it wouldn’t advance her in her career. “I have gotten some pretty sweet contacts through this event, but I am happy where I am. I work with some of the greatest servers in the world at one of the busiest restaurants in the country that are more than good enough to win that award. Hopefully we can keep that trophy in the Lambert’s Cafe servers’ hands.” Massey did start in on the

restaurant industry in high school. She had to work around many things like her softball schedule. She does have some tips to give high school student, or anyone, about anything in life. “Any advice I would give is, always try to be better than you were the day before. Let yourself learn from you own and others’ mistakes. Always treat people the way you would want to be treated. Also, if you are going to do something, do it right,” she said. Although she was not expecting this award, it was very welcomed. Aftyn Massey said, ‘’I am just tickled pink about getting this award! I hope that it becoming such a talked about deal isn’t making people roll their eyes at the sight or sound of my name. I have worked hard for this.” The Conway Chronicles congratulates Aftyn Massey on her award and wishes nothing but the best for her.

Conway Chronicles February 6, 2018  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Lebanon Daily Record.

Conway Chronicles February 6, 2018  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Lebanon Daily Record.