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April 18, 2017

Running the Distance By Dallas Hall CONWAY CHRONICLES

When you are a distance runner you always have goals. Two high school seniors recently accomplished a goal. On March 25th, Dallas Hall and Cassandra Lynn ran their first half marathon. The Highline Run for Scouting half marathon took place in Springfield along the historic, scenic Frisco Trail rail bed. The starting time had to be delayed for a while due to the surrounding lightening, but once the lightening subsided the race began. Along with Dallas and Cassandra, their cross country coach Andrew Lowery ran the entire 13.1 miles in the rain. Dallas said, “The rain didn’t really bother me too much. It made it easier than running when it is hot.� Dallas received an award for finishing second in his age group. When asked why he wanted to run a half marathon, Dallas said, “I have ran several 5K’s and wanted to push myself to the next level just to see if I could complete it. Coach Lowery ran next to us encouraging us the entire way. If it hadn’t been for his support and encouragement, I probably wouldn’t have been able to accomplish that goal.� Coach Lowery said he ran the half marathon because,

“A half marathon is a good challenging distance to run. It’s great to test your limits without having to do a full marathon.� Coach Lowery has ran 10 half marathons since his junior year of high school. He has ran 3 full marathons and one 25k as well. Coach Lowery said, “The marathon that Dallas and Cassandra ran was the first one I ran in high school.� Cassandra finished fourth in her age group and was asked how she felt about running her first half marathon, she said, “Completing it was amazing! Thirteen miles is not the easiest task ever. It’s a huge accomplishment to just run across the finish line!� Coach Lowery said, “I am so proud of Dallas and Cassandra on doing their first half

marathon. They both showed a lot of heart and determination to run that race on that day with it raining on us. I’m so happy for them on doing that and completing it. It will be a special memory for me, and I will be able to look back and remember their hard work plus all other memories that I have about them from XC and Track. Now, they can say that they have run a half marathon in high school, and not many kids can say that. It was great to get to run with them in their first half marathon.� Dallas and Cassandra’s parents were there cheering them along the entire way. Music and band teacher, David Taylor, even came out on the stormy morning to wish them well at the starting line.

MAP-ing it out!


As summer vacation creeps upon us, so does MAP testing! According to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, MAP is the Missouri Assessment Program that consists of a series of assessments designed to check students learning. The test find out if Missouri students are reaching the Show-Me Standards. There are gradelevel assessments from grades 3 through 8 for English Language Arts, math, and even science for grades 5 and 8. These are important for the students as well as the schools and can be challenging for any student. MAP testing is always a frantic and overwhelming time, but with the right resources and preparation there is no need to worry. Here are some tips for students that will be partaking in the state mandated test. A good night’s rest is a must. You should get a good night’s rest every night, but it’s even more important when you have a big day ahead. The recommended amount of sleep for children ages six to twelve is nine to eleven hours of sleep. For teenagers it is eight to ten hours of sleep. The next step to a successful day and testing experience is breakfast. Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day and that statement isn’t wrong. Studies show that most

breakfast foods hold essential nutrients that lunch and supper don’t usually provide such as: calcium, iron, and B vitamins. Some good foods to eat for breakfast are eggs, yogurt, berries, and nuts! Conway Junior High eighth grader, Lakyn Shelton told us what she does to prepare herself for testing. “I make sure to pay attention and study in all of my classes! I also do a lot of review and get a lot of sleep the night before!� The final and most important for everyone taking each test on the day of the test is to just focus on the test, read the directions carefully, don’t rush,

and try your best. It seems like a big test, but before you know it, you will be finished with the answers. The information gained from a student taking the test is important and teachers actually use it. Mr. Larkin, a Middle School English Language Arts teacher says, “The results give me a great deal of information that I can use even before I see any students in the coming year. It lets me know how I need to adjust my lessons and what to focus on for the incoming students.� Students in the Conway Junior High are MAP test May 1st-May 5th.

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Sprint to the Finish By Jessica Rizor


As the weather starts to warm up and the days after school start to be spent more outside enjoying the nice weather and fun activities that come with it, it starts to become more believable that summer is on its way. After Spring Break students in high school start to do their "sprint to the finish" and start to wrap things up for the end of another school year and the start to the summer. With all of the fun that comes with this, the work leading up to summer vacation can at times seem overwhelming to the students. As the school year starts to end, so do all of the classes that the students are enrolled in and what that means is that EOC review and EOC's are in full swing. EOC week is known to most anyone who is in high school, and in addition to that the week is also dreaded. Every high school student is required to participate in EOC assessments designated as required for accountability purposes. Some of the younger ages take a MAP test instead. An EOC is an end of course exam that covers material that is learned all throughout a class in the school year. It is also an official state administrated test. Not every class has an EOC though. The classes that do have them are usually core classes such as science, English, mathematics, and history. EOC's are taken on a computer and some of the test is broken up into sessions depending on how long the test is. EOC's are mandatory, and they do have to be taken by the students. In addition to this a certain score on the test is not needed to be able to pass a class or graduate high school; however, certain scores are required to participate in the A+ Program. Scheduling for EOC week includes: April 24 Civics/American Government & Algebra II April 25 English II April 26 Algebra I April 27 Biology I April 28 Make up day for missed EOC’s In addition to taking EOC’s, the junior class also has to take an ACT test. ACT is an

abbreviation for American College Testing. Students of all high school grades can partake in the test, although it is not required until the junior year. The test has 5 sections consisting of writing, mathematics, reading, science, and English. The ACT test is offered 4 to 6 times per year. The test in April is the most popular because it is free for the junior class students. The ACT is required to be taken to be able to attend college. The ACT is scheduled to be taken on April 19th. Mrs. Potteiger, a biology I teacher, said, “At this point in the year, we have covered all material; now it is time to review the year. We are getting the students on computers getting comfortable with the test program and question format.� The teachers at the Conway High School are in full swing reviewing all of the materials that they have been taught all through the school year to refresh the memory of the students and remind them of what all has been covered from beginning to end. EOC's at Conway High School will be held towards the end of April leaving time afterwards to fully finish out the year with their finals and some fun school related activities.

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Conway Chronicles 4-18-17  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Lebanon Daily Record

Conway Chronicles 4-18-17  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Lebanon Daily Record