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March 14, 2017

Your Memory, We Treasure By By Jessica Rizor CONWAY CHRONICLES


his has been a very tough school year for students and staff members as the school district has had a very eventful school year in both good and bad ways. It is with heavy hearts that the announcement was made that a teacher of the Laclede County R-1 School District of 14 years had fought a long and hard battle against an illness since the middle of January. Unfortunately, Mrs. Finley passed away late last month due to her illness. Mary Elizabeth (Betsy) Finley was born on August 22, 1957 to Oliver W. (Bill) and Bobbye Jo Smith Hubbs. After a very short yet inspiring and encouraging life, Mrs. Finley departed this life on February 24, 2017 at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri where she had been staying for the majority of her illness. She was proceeded in death by her parents, and one of her sons, Specialist James Finley. Mrs. Finley was a wife, a mother, a grandmother; she was a friend to many and most of all, and she was a great role model to all. Mrs. Finley loved her family most of all, and it showed through the stories she would tell. She had 5 children: Jennifer LeFors, Jamie Finley, John Michael Finley, Josh Finley, and James Mathew Finley. In addition to her 5 children, she also had 2 grandchildren, Xander and Xoey, in which

she completely adored. Mr. Luke England, an American History teacher at Laclede County R-1, said, "What I will remember most about Mrs. Finley, as a teacher, is that she was firm and loving at the same time. I always admired that about her. She could take a student to task for messing up and when she was done, she would tell them how m u c h she liked them as a person, and it was the action that she disliked. I think every student that walked into Mrs. Finley's room eventually felt the love she had for them as a person." "The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long" is a quote from Lao Tzu. This quote has and still is being used by many students and staff members at the school to describe Mrs. Finley and her life that was gone way to soon. Mrs. Finley, also known as "Fin" by many of the students at the Laclede County R-1 School District was known for always being happy. Every day you could plan on walk-

ing into the school and seeing Fin standing in the hall greeting students as they came in. She was a very witty person, and she also had a great sense of humor. Mr. England said, "As a friend, I loved Mrs. Finley's sense of humor. She c o m e s a c ro s s a s this sweet old grandma (and she was), but she was also a trickster that loved to play practical jokes on people. I can't e v e n c o u n t how many times she hid something from my lunch when I walked out of the teacher workroom. One time, I made a mistake of leaving my keys out, and I'm pretty sure she put them in the freezer! She was an amazing person to be around." Fin was also known as a mother and grandmother figure to most of the students here. She was always a teacher that anyone could go to if they needed help with something, if they needed advice, or if they just needed someone to talk to that day. Mrs. Finley was also a great influence, and she would always go the extra mile to make sure each

and every one of her students would pass her class with the best grade possible. After school and even before school started, you could always find Fin in her room helping her students catch up on their work and even redoing papers that they didn't do too well on. There was one thing that was for sure and it is that there was no such thing as "slacking" in her class. Ashley DiFonzo, a Conway High School alumni, said, "Growing up, we as students were always told that teachers are in their roles not because of the pay, but the everlasting outcome. They have the delicate, yet important duty of raising responsible citizens who feel empowered to go out and change their world. Mrs. Finley was a beautiful example of how a teacher truly tries to help a student shape and grow into the person they know they can become. Personally, she played a pivotal role in who I am as an individual today. She had faith in every single one of her students. With some tough love and encouragement, she shifted the attitudes and futures of so many lives. I will never forget her sarcasm, unshakable faith in Jesus, and daily words of wisdom ‘make wise choices.’ I was blessed to have her as a teacher, and I find great joy in knowing that I will see her again someday." Mrs. Finley was not only a teacher but she was the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) sponsor. This club was also another thing she took pride in. She could be seen on most days wandering the halls holding up posters with announcements and reminders on them for the club members to see. She could also be found helping the members of FBLA practice for competitions, and she was even the go-to person for picking out the outfits that the members could wear to the competitions. Mr. Lawrence, the Conway High School superintendent, said, "Mrs. Finley always wanted students to do their best and make wise choices. She loved helping all her

Diversified Agricultural

students become successful." The FBLA club considered Mrs. Finley as a "school mom." The club really came together once Mrs. Finley got ill to continue what she would want them to do. FBLA members really showed their love and support to Mrs. Finley and her family in many different ways. The passing of Mrs. Finley took its toll on the club and many of the members in it. But, the members will do as they know Mrs. Finley would want them to and finish off the year strong, with their new sponsor Mrs. Ellen Long. The FBLA club held not only a candle light vigil in memory of Mrs. Finley on February 28th, but after school on February 27th the FBLA club also did a balloon release. During the balloon release, students and staff members gathered behind the Ag shop to share their

favorite memories and stories about Mrs. Finley. They then released purple balloons in honor and memory of Mrs. Finley. The following night, February 28th, students, staff members, and community members gathered together in the gym. FBLA members including Cole Howerton, Bud Triplett, Claire Ronchetti, Kayla Allman, Briley Shockley, and Tony DiFonzo spoke in honor and in memory of Mrs. Finley. The vigil then ended with the lighting of the candles around the bear at the front of the high school and the singing of "Amazing Grace" and a closing prayer. Mrs. Finley is one of those people who even through time will be remembered for many things. The students and staff members at Laclede County R-1 are still mourning the loss of a beautiful soul and an all-around amazing person. Mrs. Finley is and will be greatly missed by everyone at the Laclede County R-1 District. In honor and in memory of Mrs. Finley, they will all always remember to "make wise choices."



By Adrian Childs


What is Diversified Agriculture? Tyler Hawkins is doing an SAE project (Supervised Agricultural Experience) about diversified ag. Diversified ag is the practice of producing a variety of crops or animals, or both, on one farm, as distinguished from specializing in a single commodity. Tyler Hawkins said, “It’s pretty much a project you do for money. It can range anywhere from working at a fast-food restaurant, all the way to owning and operating your own farm. The types of SAE projects you can do are endless.� Tyler said, “I do diversified ag., but I specialized in crop production.� Many different things can inspire a student to establish an SAE project. What inspired him to do his project is seeing the produce exchanges other communities have but ours is missing. He picked diversified agriculture and also started a produce exchange program called “Share the Harvest� in summer to help the community by giving away free produce. To make the project work, it took a lot patience and time-management. Tyler said, “Growing a garden isn’t an overnight thing, and it definitely isn’t a quick daily chore to be able to manage a garden.� Tyler said, “I would say the goal of the project was to improve the size of my garden to be able to produce more produce and also more types of produce to be able to donate, but also to get others involved with Diversified Agriculture. I hope to get more community members involved with Share the Harvest, by asking for them to plant just a few more crops this next year and take the produce from those extra crops planted to donate produce weekly.� If you would be interested in helping Tyler make the Share your Harvest a success, you can get in touch with him through either one of the ag. instructors.


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A Bonding Experience By Jessica Rizor CONWAY CHRONICLES

Mark your calendars and break out your fancy boots and sparkly bling! On Saturday, May 6th of this year the Ezard Elementary is holding their annual father daughter dance at the Ezard Elementary gym for students in Pre-K through the 6th grade. The dance is funded by Conway's very own PTO group. The dance’s theme this year will be "Boots and Bling." The dance will last from 6 PM until 8 PM, and the doors will not open until the 6 PM starting time. Entry cost is $20 per father/ daughters to attend. The daughters will also receive a t-shirt with this cost. Registration forms will be sent in April with the students. To ensure that you daughter gets a "Boots and Bling" t-shirt the forms will need to be turned into the elementary office before or on April 21st. If for some reason the father figure in the young girl’s life is not able to attend, that does not mean the daughter can't attend. Dads, grandpas, older brothers, uncles, and even family friends (any who is like a father figure) is able to attend the dance with their "daughter" as an escort. Don't worry mothers, they have not forgotten about you! You too can attend the dance, but only under one condition. Moms have to sign up to be a volunteer. But do not wait until last minute to do so, volunteer spots are limited! The "Boots and Bling" father daughter dance has a Facebook page available through the time of the dance. It will have more information posted about the dance. The Facebook page will also be posting their volunteer form as soon as it becomes available for volunteers to sign up. Be on the lookout for it because the spots will be first come first serve!

Kindergarten Orientation and Screening Kindergarten Orientation will be held at Ezard Elementary on Tuesday, March 28th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Orientation will begin with a brief introduction in the gymnasium. Following the presentation students can take a tour of the school, ride the school bus, visit with Kindergarten teachers, and make their appointments for Kindergarten Screening. Screenings will be held on April 10th and 11th. All children who will be enrolling in Kindergarten this fall are encouraged to come.

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Conway Chronicles 3-14-17  

A cooperative effort between Conway School District and The Lebanon Daily Record.

Conway Chronicles 3-14-17  

A cooperative effort between Conway School District and The Lebanon Daily Record.