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New McDonald’s in Lebanon During that time, 20% of all sales will go to the Ezard Elementary. All of the grades up to 6th will be participating in this fundraiser.

First Time For Everything

By Claire Howe


There is a new face at Ezard E l e me n t a ry th i s school year. Ms. Kristin Lierz was hired as a new 4th grade teacher. This is Ms. Lierz first year in education. She was born and raised in Springfield, Mo. Her mother and father (Jeff and Kim) live in Springfield, Missouri. She also has a older brother named Justin who was recently married. Kirstin also Kristin Lierz has a younger sister named Kindra who play soccer for Southeast Missouri University. Kirstin graduated from Hillcrest High School in 2012. After high school, she attended Ozark Technical Community College and Missouri State University. She received a degree in elementary education. She says that she chose Conway because, “It is closer to my family and I was looking for a great community/ environment to work in. Also I have people in my family who graduated from Conway.“ She says one goal she has for her students is “Never give up on your dreams even if you hit a roadblock… Keep moving forward!” When asked what is one goal she has for herself, Ms. Lierz said, “I plan to have fun and enjoy every moment with my students.” She said, “One of the best things about the job is seeing students’ faces when they achieve a goal. One of the worst things about the job is seeing students’ faces when they don't achieve a goal or are struggling.” Ms. Lierz said, “One of the best things about working with kids is they always have a smile on their face and will put on on yours.” When asked how her life has changed since taking this position she replied, “I’m always busy working on something but that is okay because I love it.” It is very exciting to see new teachers so excited and ready to teach the young children in our community. It is so great that the community is so invested in our children and cares deeply about their education. It is people like Ms. Lierz that are shaping the young people in the community to become outstanding citizens one day. Mrs. Snell, the Ezard Elementary principal, spoke very highly of Ms. Lierz. She said, “The qualities that contributed to hiring Ms. Lierz was her experience teaching older elementary students as well as her enthusiasm and positive attitude.” Mrs. Snell said, “What stands out about Ms. Lierz and makes her enjoyable to work with is her contagious smile and laugh.Ms. Lierz brings enthusiasm, positivity and fresh new ideas to the classroom.” Mr. Snell’s kind words speak to Ms. Lierz’s great personality and wonderful worth ethic. She is a wonderful resource to the children and people in our community. Ms. Lierz is a wonderful person who is dedicated to teaching the wonderful children at Ezard Elementary. She is a great addition to the school and community of Conway. Welcome to Laclede Co. R1, Mrs. Lierz!


TH ANNUAL FUNDRAISER Friday, October 20, 2017 • 5 - 8 Pulled Pork Dinner Live & Silent Auction

Auctioneer: Lance Vestal 50/50 Drawing Music by: Debi Dill Lebanon Shrine Club • Madison & 2nd Street

October 17, 2017

Restoration for a Purpose

By Shaylin Rodden


FFA has continued to make a positive impact in the lives of many students by showing them their potential for leadership, personal growth, and success through agricultural education. The FFA organization was first developed in 1928 and originated in Kansas City, Missouri. The National FFA Organization is the country’s most populated organization and continues to become more popular as times passes. There are a lot of exciting things going on for the Conway FFA Chapter as of now. They have broken ground and started the process in getting a new agriculture building to allow FFA members to expand their knowledge and ideas even further. Another very exciting thing going on for them is the restoration process that is taking place at the local park in Conway. This last summer the FFA officers had an officer meeting and made the decision to restore the park as a way to give back. This is meant to be a community service project. A need was looked for by the officers and people involved. They feel that the park is used for several activities and the FFA chapter wanted to give back to their community. They have already painted the picnic tables located at the park along with some of the playground equipment. The first day that students,

advisors, and parents began working on the park was on Saturday, September 16th. There has been one day spent on working on the park and more will be scheduled as time allows. The FFA officers have big responsibilities in this process. They are in charge of planning the restoration process. There is no deadline set, and they plan to continue to work on the park until they are satisfied with the results. Lauren Whitehead says, “This experience was awesome. We got to help the community. We did something that has been needed for a while now. Now the kids have a better and safer place to play at. My favorite part when we were finished was to look back and see the finished product and how much nicer it looks. I’m very optimistic

about future restoration plans as well.” This is a very big step for the community. It not only makes our town look nicer, but it also gives the individuals of the community a sense of pride. The park is always being used for different activities and events. The FFA chapter wants to be sure that the people of Conway have the ability to use the facility freely and to be proud of it. The advisors, Mrs. Keck and Mr. Stratton, are there to offer guidance, encouragement, and assistance as needed for the officers, members, and others that are involved. Mrs. Keck says, “There have been a lot of positives as well as opportunities to learn, which is a great way for our members to develop their leadership and problem solving skills.”

The FFA chapter is very excited and optimistic about the opportunity to support their community and make a difference. A lot of drive and ambition is shown when the people involved choose to come in their free time to help, with no expectations of repayment. The students have shown a tremendous amount of responsibility by planning and developing ideas to help their community. This offers a nice place for events to be held. This will also attract more people to come to the park and enjoy it. The FFA chapter has had a big impact on the community and the people in it so far. They are very involved and dedicated individuals who have made not only our community a better place but our school as well.

would participate again and encourage others by telling them it's not that bad just believe in yourself.” Another winner, Katie, said, “I feel really good after winning. My friends participating in it and knowing it would make me faster is what made me want to win! Participating in the challenge benefited me by making me faster! I would definitely participate again and would encourage others too also participate because it helps you in the long run.” Callie, another winner, said, “I feel really good after winning. What made me want to run was the prize and getting to run with my friends! It took really pushing yourself and working hard to win. I benefited for the challenge

by getting to encourage my friends to run and push each other. I would participate again given the chance and would encourage others to participate as well by telling them that it would get them in shape and that running is good for you! Head volleyball coach Tammy Beckler said, “I did the challenge because I wanted to challenge the girls to be more active over the summer and get the leaders of the teams to step up and motivate their teams. To get the girls motivated and want to

be involved, I let the seniors pick teams and had them motivated their own teams.” The number of points you got depended on how far you ran, one mile equaled two points and half a mile equaled one point. They girls could earn bonus points by running with 3 people from their team or getting their whole team together and running. Points could also be earned by participating in other sports summer activities. Beckler said, “I think we will plan to do it again but maybe try to include other sports.” .

Running the Distance

By Claire Howe



his past summer through the months of July and August the Conway Volleyball team did a running challenge. The dates for the challenge were July 1st through August 15th.The girls ran on their own time and then sent in pictures of them running to earn points. The girls were divided into teams and whichever team got the most points won. There were 6 teams of girls participating in the challenge. The prize was a pizza party for the winning team during lunch on day at school. The girls finally got that reward on September 29th. The point of the challenge was to get in shape for season and better themselves. The winners of the challenge was a team of four girls: Gibby Beckler, Katie Myers, Brianna Thompson and Callie Cornelison, all are in 7th grade. Gibby said, “I feel awesome after winning. I ran a total of 36 miles over the whole challenge. The prize is what made me want to win! It took a lot of dedication and confidence to win. I benefitted from participating because I got skinner and felt more confident. I

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7th Grade Favorite Class:%DQGEHFDXVHVKHFDQSOD\KHUÀXWH Parents: Chris & Rebecca Dinwiddie & Tracy Dugger After high school: She wants to go to college and become a medical doctor.

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Fun With Books

6,584 Miles Away By Jessica Rizor CONWAY CHRONICLES

By Claire Howe


Ezard Elementary recently had a book fair. The book fair ran from September 22 and 25-29. The theme of the book fair this year was Wild West. Marlana Howerton, the elementary librarian, says they start planning the book fair about two months before and start advertising about 2 weeks before. They send out and hang flyers all over the school and post about it on the library's Facebook page for kids and community members to see. All the kids watch a scholastic video Howerton said, “All Pre-K through 6th grade students are invited to the book fair along with community members, teacher, and staff. “ Mrs. Howerton said, “I tru-

ly feel the kids enjoy getting to freely choose what they buy. They get so excited to bring money and come shop.” This year, the book fair included: books, kits, posters, bookmarks, reading series sets, and much more. Howerton said, “My favorite part of the book fair is getting to see what kids like. I encourage them to let me know what they like so I know what books to spend our book fair money on.”

Parents were also a huge help by donating Dum Dum suckers for the lollipop pull that was included with the book fair. Mrs. Howerton had several 6th grade students help set up and take down. Trista Simpson and Maddie Officer are two of the students who were involved in helping with the book fair in many ways. Maddie said, “We got to help the little kids shop and find books. We also helped

kids: Taylor who is a eleven year old, Kinsley who is five, Kayla Shrode has started and Jaxan who is two. working at the elementaEveryone has that one perry this year as a paraprofes- son that you look up to as a sional. kid and Mrs. Shrode feels the Mrs. Shrodes favorite hob- same way. bies are going outside to go fishAs a kid, Mrs. Shrode ing and going outside to relax. looked up to Spiderman. Mrs. Shrode was born and Her favorite way to work raised in Lebanon, Missouri, with students is hands-on acand she attended the Lebanon tivities and just a fun overall Elementary and Lebanon working style. High School, and went to Her goal this year is to OTC. She decided to work in make a very positive impact this division because she has on all the students she works always wanted to work in this with and to make a ton of position since high school. lifelong friends. “I have wanted to work So she decided to join the with kids since my fresh- Conway community because man year of high school. I she believes that the Conway owned my own daycare for School District “Has a strong five years, and I just knew I bond that cannot be broken, wanted to work with kids.” and I am a proud Bear!” Mrs. Shrode has been marEveryone has their own ried for nine years to Jawan personality traits they could Shrode, and she has three be fun, jumpy, or even funny;

however, Mrs. Shrode describes herself as caring, honest, and calm. Ever since Mrs. Shrode has started working at the elementary, she has been loving her students, and she believes they are all very eager to learn and have fun. She hopes that she will be able to stay here at the Conway Schools and eventually be able to become an elementary teacher. Everyone has that one thing as a child that you love if it’s going to the movies with friends or going on a family vacation there is always that one memory and Mrs. Shrodes was going to Chuck E Cheese’s as a kid with her grandma and grandpa on the weekends. As a kid Mrs. Shrode always looked up to God. She said, “God always leads me down

By Sam Leist

my daughters the opportunity to experience the same family atmosphere throughout their school career.” Mrs. Eads attended Conway for elementary, jr. high, and high school. For College, she attended SBU; she got her Masters in Education Special Reading at Drury, and her Reading Recovery Certificate at SEMO. In high school, she was in cheerleading, National Honors Society, choir, F.B.L.A, F.T.A, and F.C.A. Mrs. Eads also said, “Being the new face at Conway can be a challenge because it can take a little while to know the students’ strengths, interests and areas in which they struggle. My goal for this school year is to assist my students in becoming confident readers and writers with an understanding of how hard work can improve your learning.”

From New Beginnings

By Logan Schmidt


Inspiring Students


Kerisha Eads, among all of the other new faculty and staff in the Laclede County R-1 School District, is the new reading recovery teacher in the elementary. Reading Recovery is a program for students who struggle in reading and writing skills within a whole group setting. Each lesson is specifically designed to address each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Each Reading Recovery Specialist, including Mrs. Eads, has been extensively trained in the process involved in becoming a strong reader. The program they are trained with involves extensive vetted research. Reading Recovery has been found to the most effective intervention for early literacy. Reading Recovery is important because early literacy can prevent a student from falling further behind and can help them become effective readers and successful writers. Mrs. Eads said, “My students inspire me. The students I see have experienced what it is like to struggle, and they are still so eager to keep going and love learning. Their hard work is inspiring. A quote I like to live by is ‘Have Cour-

age and Be Kind’.” Each lesson lasts about 30 minutes. During this time everyone is very busy. The students read 3 books that are selected based on their interests and skills level. They work on letter recognition, usage, and formation. They do word work activities each day that helps increase their vocabulary in both reading and writing. The students also get an opportunity to write in a journal with Mrs. Eads’ support. Then they use the writing to create a sentence puzzle that they get to take home and rebuild at night. This helps increase their reading skills, sight word recognition, and comprehension. She previously taught at Joel E. Barber C-5 for 15 years; 12 years as a kindergarten teacher and the last 3 as a Reading Recovery Specialist. Mrs. Eads is married to Andrew Eads. They have two daughters: Kinlea, 8 years old, and Kiya, 5 years old. Mrs. Eads, said, “In first grade, I was a student who struggled with learning to read. I had a teacher who took the time in remedial reading to help me, and it is my goal to help students in the same way. I am grateful for the opportunity to the district’s family atmosphere and provide

The Conway Lions Club Annual Turkey Shoot Saturday, November 4

Behind Hudson and Sons Feed Store in Conway It will begin at 10 AM and be still shot only. For more information contact Dalton Owens at 589-2563

put up and take down. My favorite part of the book fair was getting to see the little kids shop and find the books they liked.” Trista said, “I helped the little kids shop and find items they liked. I also got to wear the Clifford costume to help promote the book fair. My favorite part was getting to help the little kids.” Mrs. Howerton said they plan to have a buy one get one free book fair in the spring.

Kayla Shrode the path I need to go, and I always stick to it.” Mrs. Neal is also a paraprofessional at the elementary. She said, “Mrs. Shrode has a fun and outgoing personality and is very fun and easy to work with. She feels that she works very well with her students and her personality definitely helps. We all hope Mrs. Shrode stays here in our community and helps us grow!

Kerisha Eads Something Mrs. Eads has taken from teaching in previous years that helps her become a better educator is having patience. Patience in getting to know the students and patience with herself as she deduces the best possible way to reach their best learning strategies. She enjoys spending time with her familyin her free time. She also enjoys swimming, hiking, photography and reading.

Kim Dayana Vadimorna is a senior this year at Conway High School, but last year she was attending school in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan which is where she is originally from. This school year, Dayana, which is the name she goes by in America, took part in a foreign exchange program called FLEX. The Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program provides scholarships for high school students from Europe and Eurasia to spend an academic year in the United States. Dayana said, “To become a foreign exchange student, I had to complete many test and essays about me and my lifestyle. I also had to fill out a lot of papers about my health, my preferences, my interests, what I am studying, my family, and my personality. I waited so long for a call from American Councils, and then one day I finally became a finalist in the program out of thousands who entered. Then I had to fill out a lot more papers and agreements. After that, I had to wait again for my placement, which city and state I was going to and for a family to stay with. I even thought that I wouldn’t get the chance to come to America, but at last moment I got in!” In her home country, Dayana lives with her parents and her grandparents. She also has an older sister that she grew up with who is now 23, married, and has a baby. In the school Dayana attended in her home country, the students do not get to have a choice in what subjects that they study. In Kazakhstan the students learn about 20 different subjects and every day their schedules change. The longest break that the students there have is 10 minutes, and they do not have a lunch break. This year Dayana is staying with Melissa Snell, the elementary principal, and her husband Joe. Mrs. Snell said, “Dayana is musically talented, funny, helpful, respectful, kind, intelligent and outgoing. She is a tremendous blessing to have in our home and to share our lives with during the school year. She is truly a part of our family.” During the school year, Dayana also plans on joining the Conway Lady Bears basketball team. You can come show your support for the Conway Lady Bears and meet Dayana at the first home game of the season on December 12 at 6 p.m. at the Conway High School gym.

Impacting Lives

By Natasha Shanz


Michael Wheeler is an Ezard Elementary teacher who teaches in the Laclede County R1 District. He is from London, England and has a great personality. Michael Wheeler said, “I was born in Cornwall, which is a small seaside county in England. I was born on February 21st, 1992 so that makes me 26 years old.” Mr. Wheeler said, “I attended a sports college for high school in England. High school was great! I was lucky enough to attend a Michael Wheeler really big school and graduated with 500 students.” Unlike many teachers in the United States, Mr. Wheeler attended an out of country college. He attended the University of Roehampton in London, England which was a specialist teaching and education college. Mr. Wheeler majored in Elementary Education. Some of his goals for the school year are to ensure that he prepares his students for the challenges of the 21st century. Wheeler said, “I want to give them access to technology in order to enrich their learning and make them the best possible writers they can be. I love to read so I am really hoping that students will develop and foster a love of reading.” Mr. Wheeler is no stranger to the Laclede Co. R-1 School District. He became familiar through a former employee of the district. Mr. Wheeler is married to Emily Wheeler, who was formerly known as Miss Trucks. She taught art for a year at the high school. “We met 5 years ago in Florence, Italy while studying abroad and have been married since October 2016,” said Mr. Wheeler. Students inspired Mr. Wheeler to become a great teacher. “I think children and students of all ages are remarkable and far more interesting than adults. Their abilities to solve problems and come up with incredible ideas, never stops amazing me. I love to see my students succeed and that is where my passion comes from. I hope that I can make a difference to the lives of every student that enters my classroom,” said Mr. Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler said in England student teaching is a little different. He taught for two years (part-time) at Tadworth Elementary school in Surrey, England and then worked at his final placement at Poplar Elementary School in London where he taught full time for a year. During his placements, he taught 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade. After completing his placement, he was lucky enough to be offered a job at Poplar full time and taught 5th grade there for 4 years. Mr. Wheeler says, “I love the outdoors so I spend a lot of time hiking and running. I also love to spend my vacation time traveling and visiting my family.” Mr. Wheeler has two favorite tv shows. Big Bang Theory is one of them because he is a self-proclaimed nerd and no matter how many times he watches an episode, it always makes him laugh. The second favorite tv show is Game of Thrones. Since this is his first year teaching in the United States and in Missouri, he said, “I would really like to become confident in the way education and the curriculum works here in order to be the best I can be.” Mr. Wheeler says the personality trait he looks for most in people is a good sense of humor. “I like people who don’t take things too seriously and who love to laugh and enjoy each and every day we have been blessed with,” said Mr. Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler said his biggest fear is rats. “I am absolutely terrified of them. When I was younger I fell into a rat's nest and they were all over me. I have been scared ever since. I cannot even stand to see them on T.V.” A person’s favorite color can often be used to describe them. Mr. Wheeler is no different. “I love neon colors especially green and orange so I guess they reflect my personality and bright and positive outlook on life.” Being from another country, Mr. Wheeler has experienced several differences in the education field. He is hoping to bring some of that knowledge to Ezard Elementary as well. “I spent the last year of my career in London training teachers and supporting schools to develop their curriculum and adapt to a problem based learning style. I hope to use some of my experience and ideas here at Conway.” Being a Conway Bear means many different things to many different people, but being a Conway Bear means something to everyone. Mr. Wheeler said, “One of the best things I’ve learned about my students so far is what it really means to be a Conway Bear. Their determination, dedication and passion inspire me every day. They were so welcoming and helpful. I feel truly blessed to get to work with them.” Mr. Wheeler said, “My favorite thing about working at Conway is I truly believe it takes a village to educate students, and Conway is the best village I have ever experienced. Everyone is so kind, welcoming, and supportive. I truly feel like I have joined a family. That support makes working in Conway the best. My door is always open and if there is anything I can do to help anyone all you need to do is ask!” There is no doubt that Mr. Wheeler will make a large impact on many lives in Conway. Welcome to Conway, Mr. Wheeler.

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