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Fundraising for a Cause

By Sam Leist


Saturday, October 14 the FFA is hold their very first Truck and Tractor Pulls. The Merlins have hosted the pulls for nearly 30 years, and they are ready to retire. They offered it to the FFA Chapter as a fundraiser. With all of the activities members are participating in and the Ag. Department working on building the Conway Ag. Learning Center, this is a great opportunity to raise funds with something the community will really enjoy. Riley Ward, a FFA member said, "I’m excited to support and cheer on my fellow FFA members. I look forward to the smell the fuel of the truck and tractors that are being pulled.” The truck and tractor pulls will be located on Y Highway at Deernado Park on Marlin Drive. The funds that are earned will be split between the general FFA account, Washington Conference and the Conway Ag. Learning Center. No outside coolers will be allowed on the grounds and absolutely no alcoholic beverages. There will be concessions there for people to purchase food and beverages.

A Great Addition

By Sam Leist


Susie Smith is a new Special Education teacher at Conway Jr High and High School. With being in education for 12 years, she also has a lot of educational background. She has a bachelor's degree Agricultural Business, a Master’s in Information Systems, A Master ’s in Special Education, and Susie Smith a Specialist in Education Administration. I think we can all agree she is bringing the right skills to the Laclede County R-1 School District. Mrs. Smith said, “My first impression of Conway was great. My husband recommended I come here. He loves it, and I can already see why. The adults and students are wonderful people. A goal I have set for my students this year is to work hard, learn all you can, and enjoy your school year.” This is Mrs. Smith's second career choice. She spent about 10 years working in Corporate America. Both of her parents are educators, and they had a large influence on her decision to change careers. In her years as an educator, she has learned how to be patient and flexible. Mrs. Smith grew up in Marshfield, Missouri. She is married to Robert Smith, who is one of the high school math teachers at Conway. The have a son who is a Marshfield High School senior and a daughter who is a 5th grader at Ezard Elementary. Mr. Lowery, one of the Special Education Instructor, said, “She brings a lot of experience with her and has ideas to help us with our students are great. She is a hard working individual that will get things done. She has her own set of strengths to bring to our team. She is willing to help where she is needed. And she wants what's best for students to make them successful. She will be an important member to our team.” For Mrs. Smith, she believes that the biggest challenge for the school year will be student distractions (on a positive note: she is thankful for the construction and new cafeteria). This will be a challenge for her because she is in a shared classroom and near the construction of the high school. She is most excited to make connections with the students this year. She enjoys spending time with her family. Mrs. Smith deals with stress by laughing. They do say that laughter is the best medicine.

Cooper Keesling, another FFA member said, “FFA has come a long way in the past year. This truck and tractor pull is going to be good for bringing the community together for a night of fun and laughter. It will be fun to watch some of the FFA members go against each other on the pulls. I will be pulling my tractor. I’m ready to see what this tractor will do.” The pulls are scheduled to start at 4 p.m. but that time is subject to change by the pulling association. The admission to get in is $8 for anyone 13 or older and kids 12 and under get in for free. When you get there, there will be a registration table for people to enter to pull. The only rules and regulations for eligibility are set through the Draggin Wagon Pulling Association. Draggin Wagon Member's pay $25 for each pull. If you are a non-member, the first pull fee is $25 and the ones after will be $35. There are several classes for truck and tractors. There are premiums for the 1st three in each class paid by the pulling association-Draggin Wagon. There will be a table for those who are wanting to make a donation for the Conway Ag. Learning Center. They will have FFA t-shirts for $10 and FFA hats for $10 or $15 available. They will also have a 50/50 drawing so come out and support the Conway FFA Chapter!

October 10, 2017

Mark Your Calendar:

McTeacher’s Night Tuesday, October 17

By Lauren Shockley



e would like to invite the community to join us October 17 from 4 to 8 pm at the new McDonald’s in Lebanon. During that time, 20% of all sales will go to the Ezard Elementary. All of the grades up to 6th will be participating in this fundraiser. Students are pre-selling cookie cards for $5. The cookie cards can be exchanged at Lebanon and Marshfield McDonald’s for 13 cookies. Also, the money raised will be going to the Ezard Elementary and will be helping them with a new fence around the playground. The goal for McTeacher’s night is to let the students see their teachers outside of school, for the kids to bond with family, and to raise money doing something fun. Several staff members will be on hand to serve families. This year, in charge of McTeacher ’s night is Mrs. McBride. “I enjoy watching the kids interact with their families and watching the staff let their hair down and have a little fun to raise money. We are grateful for the community’s support each year for McTeacher’s Night.” Mark your calendars and don’t forget to attend McTeacher’s Night on October 17th.

Branching Out To New Ideas

By Katie Yelvington


STEM is the idea of educating students in four specific subjects - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. Rather than teach them as separate and discrete subjects, STEM combines them into one learning experience based on real-world applications. Hatchet is a book about a thirteen year old boy named Brian, who crash-lands a plane into a lake in the forest, due to the pilot having a heart attack. Throughout the book, Brian learns to survive on his own with nothing but his hatchet - a gift from his mother shortly before his plane departed. Throughout the summer, Brian learns how to survive in the vast wilderness with only his hatchet. In Ms. Massey’s classroom, she applied the S.T.E.M. project to the book Hatchet. "This is the first time I have paired a S.T.E.M. project with

a book. I'm very excited how the students responded to this project and the connections they made to the book. I will be doing these projects much more frequently in the future!" said Ms. Massey. Isaac Cyr, a 6th grader at Ezard Elementary, excelled in the creation of this project. When asked what made Isaac’s project so significant, Ms. Massey replied, “His project is so significant because he is making real connections to a book, turning it into a hands-on project. He is recalling details, facts, sequence of events and relationships of events from the book.” Isaac experienced a lot of trial and error during this project. It took about 4 hours of actual work and 7-8 hours of planning. Every one was given their own Brian, a paper doll, before the project and told they would have to create a scene from the book

using such materials as rocks, twigs, etc. Isaac remembered very small details from the book and applied it to his model. For example, in the book, Brian made a shelter in which he was too tall to fully stand up in, so Isaac made sure the paper doll would also have to

Mr. Huckaby graduated from College of the Ozarks (C of O) in 2016 with a History Education Major. Huckaby hasn’t always had dreams of being a teacher. In fact, it wasn’t until high school that he realized what he wanted his career to be. “Mrs. Donaldson, my high school math teacher, inspired me to become a teacher,” said Brady Huckaby. ”She had a great personality and made learning fun, even though I hated math.” Although Huckaby didn’t go on to teach the subject that his favorite teacher taught, he is now an American history and personal finance teacher. Teaching isn’t all that Mr. Huckaby does here at Conway. He also continues to pursue his passion in baseball by being Coach Clay Bilyeu’s assistant coach. “Coach Bilyeu inspired me to become a coach, and now I have the opportunity to be his assistant,” said Huckaby. Huckaby’s most cherished memory from high school was his senior year when his team walked out of districts with the win. Brady Huckaby isn’t the

only alumni returning to Conway. Brady Huckaby’s wife, Mrs. Haley Huckaby, is also back at Conway. This is Mrs. Huckaby’s first year teaching here at Conway. She is the seventh and eighth grade math teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Huckaby will have been married for two years this December. Mr. Huckaby stated that he loves working with his wife and spending time with her. He also enjoys spending his free time with his family, watching the Cardinals play baseball, and playing with his puppy Theo. Mr. Huckaby plans to get his students involved and interested in his class by activities. He intends for them to be excited for the activities so that they are not only learning, but are also engaged and enjoying what they are being taught. His goal for his students this year, and in years to come, is for them to be able to tell him that they learned, had fun, and grew interested in the subject that they were

hunch down. Another thing he took into consideration was weather conditions. Isaac made sure to fill cracks in with more materials. He even added hot glue! Isaac said, "This was a really fun project. I want to make more with other books."

Returning to Conway

By Alexa Higbee


Although Brady Huckaby is a new face to the education field, he is certainly not a new face here at Conway High School. Mr. Huckaby graduated from Conway High School in 2011 and was involved in baseball, basketball, Future Farmers of America (FFA), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), and Future Leaders Club (FLC).

y t l a i c e p S Pizza

Brady Huckaby learning. Mr. Huckaby also has goals for himself. Mr. Huckaby stated that, “My goal for myself is to make it through this year with all my hair!” Having such a great role model like Brady Huckaby is something Conway is very grateful to have. “It’s a little weird being back at my old high school,” said Mr.Huckaby, “but I love Conway and when I got the opportunity to come here, it was awesome! I had to take it. Conway is my home. As they say, ‘Home is where the heart is’ and Conway is where my heart is.”




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Staying Humble Samantha’s Upcoming Career By Shaylin Rodden

By Lauren Shockley


Jared O’Quinn is the new Conway Elementary physical education teacher. He has been a coach for 15 years. He enjoys being a coach and has an interesting life. We are glad he is here, and we think he is going to be great for the Conway School District. Jared O’Quinn went to Hartville High School. His favorite parts of high Jared O'Quinn school include the sports he played. “My favorite part of high school was playing basketball and baseball with my teammates and playing for a state championship. My favorite subject in high school was science. I loved all the experiments and learning new things.” Jared is also very close with his family. He has a wife and three kids. He has many childhood memories but his favorites involve his family. “My favorite memories involve fishing and camping with my family.” Jared even says that the most important things in his life have to do with his family. “My faith and my family are the most important aspects of my life. I love spending time with my family, hunting, fishing or camping.” Jared has wanted to be a coach since he graduated high school when his coaches inspired him. “I had great high school coaches that were positive influences in my life, and I wanted to pass that on.” Jared works with the elementary students and enjoys it. “I really like teaching elementary students because of their enthusiasm and willingness to learn.’’ There is no doubt that Conway is a great community. Mr. O’Quinn came to Conway because of the community. “I came to Conway because I wanted my family and I to be a part of this great community and school district.” Although there are many good things about coaching, there are also some more difficult things about it too. “The hardest part, for me, at the level I am teaching is seeing students not treat others or the school with respect. Also, I don’t like to lose at anything, so staying humble in both winning and losing is another harder part.” However, Jared’s favorite part of being a coach seems to outweigh his least favorite parts. “The best part about teaching is seeing students improve throughout the year and seeing them have fun learning.” Being a coach, it’s like you accomplish something every day. But, there are some accomplishments that are greater than others. “I think my greatest accomplishment is the positive relationships that I have with my players, not only on the court but in life too.” There are many things you have to be ready for when working with the elementary students. It is a good idea to set goals, not only for yourself, but for your students too. “A goal I have made for my students for each student to learn the value of a healthy active lifestyle. A goal I have set for myself is to make a positive impact on the students and help them gain knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle.” We are glad Mr. O’Quinn is here at Conway. We know he is going to be a great part of Conway Schools.

Leading Toward


Even though Samantha Henson is not yet a teacher, her student teaching at Ezard Elementary has made a big impact on the children and staff. She works very hard to make sure every child has been helped and always makes an incredible effort towards her teaching strategies. Mrs. Brawley has really enjoyed having Mrs. Henson as a student teacher and thinks she has a wonderful drive and personality. Mrs. Henson grew up in Stoutland, Missouri. She graduated from Stoutland in 2010 and is going to graduate from Drury University in 2017. Throughout high school, Mrs. Henson was involved in school activities such as cheerleading and was active in band as well. Her favorite childhood memory was helping her grandma with their garden each summer. As she grew and went to college, she loved her time there. Her favorite memory in college was being able to go into different schools and classrooms to see the different teaching

that they will continue to use throughout their lives. She loves Conway and feels that the staff at the elementary makes it feel like a big family rather than a strict school setting. Mrs. Henson would love to teach the age group that she is currently student teaching with. She thinks they are so eager to learn new things every day, and she enjoys that. In her free time she loves to spend time with her family. If she had a hobby that she could learn more about it would be photography. She loves taking pictures but believes she still has a mass amount to learn in the photography world. Mrs. Henson has been married to her husband, Cody, for three years. They have a black dog named Lexi, who is two years old. She also has two brothers and two sisters, all older than herself. Their names are Bobby, April, Darcy, and Nick. In her free time, she enjoys watching the movie The Blind Side. She also enjoys eating Mexican food. Mrs. Brawley said, “I would say that Samantha has made a huge impact on all students.

Mo to receive an associate's degree. Haley then went to Missouri Southern State University to earn a Bachelor degree in science. She also has a degree in secondary education mathematics. Previously Haley taught at Seymour for a year. When asked what is one of your favorite things about the job? Haley replied, “Getting to see the ‘light bulb’ come on when the students finally get something they have been struggling with.” Mrs. Huckaby said, “Getting students past that they ‘aren’t good at math’ and seeing that they can actually do it is one of the most challenging things about her job.” Since getting this position, the couple has moved back to Conway; Mrs. Huckaby said, “We love finally being near family and friends again.” When asked what made her want to apply for this job she replied, “It was a no-brainer. Teaching at my home school has always been a dream, and now I am living it out.” Mrs. Huckaby said, “I love how student centered the teachers and staff are at Conway. Everything they do is to better the learning environment for the students.” Again this is an example that shows a little about the

great community and staff at Conway High School. When a former student wants to come back and teacher at her home school, it speaks volumes of our wonderful community and staff. Mr. Vestal, Conway Jr. High Principal, had very kind and nice things to say about Mrs. Huckaby. When asked what is something that makes her enjoyable to work with Mr. Vestal replied, “She has a great attitude and is a team player.” When Mr. Vestal was asked what qualities Mrs. Huckaby had that made her hirable. He replied, “She is a great person, very responsible, organized, smart, and hardworking.” Mr. Vestal said, “She brings a positive attitude and always puts students’ interests first in everything she does.” Mr. Vestal’s kind words truly speak to Mrs. Huckaby’s wonderful character and great personality. There is no doubt that she will be a great assist to the school and community at Conway. Mrs. Huckaby’s students also had kind words to say about the new math teacher. Emma Dampier, 7th grade student, enjoys Mrs. Huckaby’s class. “It is always exciting, and Mrs. Huckaby always has a smile on her face.” Emma said, “She doesn’t

Samantha Henson There isn’t one student that she fails to say ‘hi’ to each day. I don’t know about you, but that still impacts my day when someone takes the time to say ‘hi’.” Mrs. Henson has really enjoyed her student teaching. She thinks that Mrs. Brawley is a fantastic teacher to learn from, and she plans to use some of her teaching techniques in her own classroom one day. Mrs. Henson has really enjoyed her time here at Ezard Elementary and has expanded her knowledge greatly as a student teacher here.

New School Year, New Teacher

By Claire Howe


The Laclede County R1 School District hired a new junior high math teacher this school year. Haley Huckaby replaced Mrs. Reena Maples, the previous junior high math teacher at Conway. Reena Maples took another position as a junior high math teacher at Lebanon Middle School. Haley’s husband Brady Huckaby is also a new teacher a Conway this year. Brady replaced Mr. Luke England as a history teacher at Conway High School. Although Haley and Brady are new to the teaching staff at Conway, they are not new to the school or community. Both Haley and Brady grew up in Conway and are Conway alumni. They were part of the Conway graduating class of 2011. After graduating high school, Haley went to Ozark Christian College in Joplin,

Q: Who won the zombie war? A: No one. It was dead even.


techniques. Mrs. Henson said, “Treat others how you want to be treated.” Mrs. Henson lives by that quote and believes in it firmly. She is inspired by many people to be better. The people who inspire her the most are her family, her friends, her students, and her teachers. She believes there is something to be learned by everyone. Mrs. Brawley says, “My student teacher has been another bright smile that my students get to encounter each day. She is also an extra set of hands, which is very ‘handy’ when working with seventeen students!” Mrs. Henson loves the path she chose and is happy to say it's a perfect fit for her life. It didn't just come to her though; it did take a while for her to decide what she wanted to do. Now that she has decided, she hasn't looked back since. Teaching is something she takes very seriously. Her favorite subject to teach is math because she likes working with numbers and helping students understand things

By Natasha Shanz

Haley Huckaby give out worksheets all the time; we also get to do other fun things. We make posters and do fun projects.” When asked what is something she does to individually help Emma learn better, she said, “She is always open to any questions we may have.” It reflects very much on our teachers and staff to hear our students speak well of them and the great job they do. There are many new teachers at the Laclede County R1 School District this year; Mrs. Huckaby is just one of the few that is new to the staff. She has made a wonderful addition to Conway School. Welcome to Laclede Co. R-1, Mrs. Huckaby.


Q: What do ghosts put on bagels? A: Scream cheese!

Danielle Neal is a new Paraprofessional at Ezard Elementary. She works with kids who have learning disabilities. She has a great personality and loves working with the kids. She said, “I wanted to be in this position because I want to do something where I feel like I make a difference and have a positive influence.” She said a goal for the school year is to be as involved with the school Danielle Neal and the kids as possible. Mrs. Neal was born in Sprigfield, Missouri but attended school in Niangua. She graduated from Niangua High School in 2005. She went to college at Missouri State University in 2010. Mrs. Neal enjoys spending my free time with my family and friends. She said the personality trait I look for is mostly kindness and sincerity. Mrs. Neal said, “I have a husband named Jeremy, and I have been married for 7 years. We have one son named Jayse. He will be 4 in October. He is in Mrs. Lori’s morning preschool class. I have one dog, an Aussie named Bella, an unnamed barn cat, and 8 chickens.” She says, “My favorite tv show is Friends because it’s an addictive classic. No matter how many times I’ve seen the episode or how well I have it memorized, I can still laugh every time and enjoy the show.” Mrs. Neal said, “My favorite thing about my job is working with children, helping them, and watching them succeed. Ms. Shrode is also a paraprofessional who is co-workers with Mrs. Neal. Ms. Shrode said, “I enjoy working next to Mrs. Neal because I believe that we both can learn new strategies while working with students who have a learning disability. Mrs. Neal is very creative and comes up with fun ideas to teach our students. Working with Mrs. Neal is fun and entertaining, however, my favorite thing about working with her is that she always gives her best and makes sure that the children leave happy and understand the assignment. Ms. Shrode said, “I would describe Mrs. Neal as happy and always fun to be around. She is always in a great mood, and when you are having a bad day you can always count on her to make it better.”



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