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Drive for Dickinson

A cooperative effort of Conway High School and Lebanon Publishing Company

By Claire Howe



fter the tragedy with hurricane Harvey in Texas the Peerleaders from Conway High School wanted to take charge and help. It took some planning, but the group has a great service project they have started. Mrs. Spradling said, “We had been wanting to help but didn't know how our school and community could do that. Then I came across a drive for a school in Dickinson, Texas and knew that's what we were supposed to do.” Mrs Rebekah Spradling and Mrs Janet Miller (the club sponsors) and Peerleaders are hosting the drive. The drive is collecting school supplies for the children at the school in Dickinson. The drive is going on from now until the 29th of September. Spradling said, “If anyone wants to donate they can drop school supplies off at the Conway High School or Elementary front office. If anyone would like to make a monetary donation that also goes toward school supplies for the kids.” This is yet another great opportunity for our community and school to get involved and help. There are so many people in need, and this is just a small way we can make a difference. If anyone would like more information on how to help, they can call 417-589-2941 or email or jmiller@ . Alex Curry, one of the Peerleaders involved in the drive, had great things to say about the drive. Alex and some of the other Peerleaders are in charge of making the donation boxes to go in classrooms at the school and keeping track of supplies donated. They are also in charge of making the announcement about the drive at Rise n Shine (a morning assembly at the



mily Replogle is a new teacher first grade teacher at Conway. This is also her first year teaching. She has an interesting life and enjoys being a teacher. Ms. Replogle was born on February 23, 1994. She is from Missouri and grew up in Marshfield, MO. She went to school in Marshfield as well. She was involved in many different groups, and they have become some of her favorite memories from high school. “My favorite part of high school was being a part of several different groups/ clubs-such as marching and concert band, FFA, National Honors Society, and various other clubs.” Ms. Replogle enjoyed all the science classes in high school. “My favorite subject in high school was science-weather it was biology, ecology, chemis-

try, or ag. science.” Emily has always had an interest in teaching. She has dreamed about becoming a teacher since she was a child. Many of her past teachers have also inspired her, but she chose elementary children for a pretty amazing reason. “I chose to work with elementary school students because of the impact a few of my own elementary teachers had on me. I wanted to inspire students to do their best and help them develop a love for learning.” Emily likes a smaller work environment, and Conway was a good match for her. “After graduating in May, I began my job search for a 1st6th grade teaching position with a few ideas in mind. For one, I wanted to remain close to home, and Marshfield isn’t a bad drive at all. Secondly, I have always wanted to work within a smaller school district that had a staff that was close knit and friendly, and I had heard wonderful things

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From the Farm to the Nurse’s Office

By Lauren Shockley


elementary). Alex said, “It is important to help those affected by natural because even the smallest donation can make the biggest difference.” Alex said, “To encourage kids to help Peerleaders in this drive, we will be holding a competition between classes. The elementary class that brings in the most supplies will get a party.” Alex said, “I would like to tell people to give anything they can because every little bit helps.” Once all of the supplies have been collected by the Peerleaders, the donation will be delivered to a lady in Republic, Missouri. She will then be delivering them to Dickinson, Texas. It is great to see people in our community doing everything they can to help those in need. It goes to show just what a great community there is at Conway. Again Peerleaders encourage anyone able to give whatever they can. Everything little bit helps!

Dreams Coming True

By Lauren Shockley

September 19, 2017

from family members who have attended school in this district. When I saw that Conway had a position open, I decided to go for it.” There are many different things to like about teaching. Although, there are also some things to be concerned about teaching. “The hardest part of being a teacher- for me at least- is wanting to reach every student that walks through your door and help them succeed, but knowing that there is always the possibility that you (the teacher) could possibly fail them. The best part is working with the students. There is nothing better than seeing the student’s face light up when they succeed or have those ‘AH HA’ moments.” Ms. Replogle describes herself as a coach in the classroom. She does many things to help her students learn the most they can. “I am not a coach in a traditional sense, but I am a coach for the students in my classroom. My goal is to help my students learn to the best of their abilities and help them realize that they might not understand it YET, but with hard work and perseverance, they will eventually succeed.” Ms. Replogle seems to be very close with her family, and even considers her dogs, Ranger, Rascal, and Molly, as her babies. “I would have to say my family and my friends are the

Ms. Replogle most important aspect of my life. Family is very important to me, and without them, I do not know what I would do. They have been one of my biggest support systems as I have made my journey to become an educator. Without them I do not know where I would be today. All of my favorite childhood memories focus around my family and friends. I have very fond memories of growing up with my two brothers as well as memories of my childhood friends.” Family and friends are very important parts in Ms. Replogle’s life. She always tries to make new friends. “Apart of my irrational fear of spiders, I would have to say that my greatest fear is being alone. Therefore, I am always striving to build new relationships with those around me. As I said family is very important to me and so is friendship.”

Tara Dill is a new staff member at Conway High School and Ezard Elementary. She is nurse for both the elementary and high school. She was born in Norwich, CT. She graduated high school at Conway. We are glad she is back, and we know she is going to be a great nurse for Conway. Tara’s childhood was full of many good memories. She went on new adventures everyday. She enjoyed doing things outside by a creek. "I have a lot of childhood memories but my favorite is playing for hours at the creek/park below our house. It was a new adventure everyday.’’ Tara hasn’t always wanted to be a nurse. She has had other things in mind but with Tara Dill her kids being so important to her, nursing became her profession. “I had actually wanted to be a veterinarian, but I didn’t want to travel that far from home for school so I decided that nursing would fill that desire for me.’’ Tara has a husband and two elementary aged children. She is very close with her family and most of her time is spent with them. “The most important aspect of my life would first and foremost my family. My children and husband are what make my world go round. I do what I do for them.” Her children come to school a Conway. They are the reason she is here. “My kids are what led me to the nurse job here. My son is a 2nd grader here and my daughter will be in kindergarten next year so I wanted a job that would allow me to be close to them. Plus I love pediatrics and working with them.” She loves working with kids and always has worked with them. She likes the randomness of children and how you never know what’s going to happen next. “The best part about nursing is the kids. I have always worked with pediatrics. You never know what they will say. I wanted to work with kids. My previous job I did and loved it. But when my kids started school, I wanted a school nurse position to be close to them.” Although there are many great things about nursing, there are some not so good things. “The hardest part about nursing, for me, is the fact that I am new. I don’t know everyone yet. So it’s harder to assess people I am not familiar with.” As a nurse, Tara has had many accomplishments. There are not a lot of days where she doesn’t accomplish something. Whether it is cleaning up a scraped knee or saving a life, they are all things to be proud of. “It’s hard, as a nurse, to pinpoint my greatest accomplishment. I feel like you accomplish something everyday when you provide care for someone in need.’’ Tara and her family do lot’s of things outside of school too. She values photography and rodeo. She likes spending time with her family and does a lot of things with them. She enjoys all things she does with her family. “My husband and I run a large dairy/beef operation with my in-laws. We all enjoy riding horses, checking cows, hunting and fishing. Also in my freetime, I am an avid photographer and so I spend a lot of time doing that. My family is also very active in rodeo so we spend nearly every Saturday hauling to one. Both of these hobbies are a deep passion of mine and life won’t be the same without them.” Tara is a very strong willed person. She is very determined to be the best mom she can be. “I am a pretty strong willed person and not much gets to me. I guess if I had to choose my worst fear it would be that I am trying to raise my kids to be the best person they could be and in today’s society it gets harder everyday.” We are thrilled you have decided to serve the community of Conway, Mrs. Dill, and we appreciate your dedication to keeping our students safe.




2018 Graduating Class • FFA President Favorite FFA Project: Share The Harvest Parents: Leon & Tara Caselman Makayla plans to go to college and get a degree in agriculture.

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