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September 12, 2017

Locals Helping


By Shaylin Rodden


Ground Breaking News!

By Jessica Rizor



t’s no secret that the Conway FFA is the largest school organization at the Laclede County R-1 School District, and it is constantly growing and expanding. One of the difficulties that is faced with having such a large group that constantly grows is having the space needed for the growth, one thing that the Ag department at Conway is very familiar with. For the past 4 years, there has been a plan in the making to build a new structure to better fit the growing department, and on August 30th the plan was finally put into action and the groundbreaking ceremony was held. The building is going to be a 140'x60' building. The buildings proper name will be known as the Conway Agriculture Learning Center. Inside of the building there will be a 50'x60' Ag Mechanics Shop, a 50'x60' Livestock Arena/Barn, and 2 classrooms that will be 25'x30. The Ag department is hoping that the building will be completed in time to have it for the 2018-2019 school year. Joseph Stratton, a teacher in the Ag department, said, “What excites me the most about the new building is having a livestock arena/barn to use for student projects, demonstrations, research, etc. also a larger Agricultural Mechanics Shop. Two larger classrooms are much needed as well, being that we have 2 Ag teachers and 1 actual classroom.”

Currently the Ag department has 2/3 of the money needed to build the building. All the money that is raised for the building has been raised through private donations and grants. The Ag department is still currently taking donations for the building. If you or someone you know may want to donate, they can do so by contacting Joseph Stratton at 417-533-2044.

New Addition to Add to the Traditions By Jessica Rizor


As most people know, here at Conway, FFA (Future Farmers of America) is the biggest organization that the Laclede County R-1 School District has. The community is also very familiar with the events that the FFA has, because the vast majority of them are annual events that you can expect to see every year. This year the sponsors of FFA, Mrs. Keck and Mr. Stratton, decided that they should have a more low-key event for the members and their families. Thus creating the ice cream social event that was held on August, 25th at the Conway City Park. All current and past FFA members were encouraged to come along with their families. Mrs. Keck said, “At so many of our events I feel like I am always busy behind the scenes trying to make sure the activity is a successful as possible. The Ice Cream Social is a laid back activity that allows for Mr. Stratton and I to visit with parents and members of

FFA more freely.” The Midwest Dairy Association donated the ice cream that was used during the event. In addition to ice cream, the FFA officers brought in desserts and toppings for the guests to eat. There were also games to play during the event such as a washer game and a rope balancing game that was set up by the FFA team. Mrs. Keck said, “We had a great turn-out! I am always encouraged to see the level of participation our members have in all of our activities- it shows me how committed they are to our program! Count on this event to become an annual event.” Some more upcoming event that the FFA will have or be a part of are: Area 10 Truck and Tractor Pulls at Lucas Oil on September 15, MSU Ag Safety College on September 29, Fruit Sales September 7-18, Conway Community Days September 8-9, Ozarks Farm Fest October 6, and Special Olympics Field Day October 6.

Tragedy has struck greatly in Texas as Hurricane Harvey has demolished and taken over the land. This hurricane has caused over one million people to evacuate their homes, and it has caused immense destruction which will make it one of the costliest storms in U.S. history. Rainfall has topped over fifty inches in some areas and even though the wind and rain have moved on, the region is still suffering. A chemical plant experienced a disastrous explosion and many are worried that there still may be other hazards beneath the floodwaters. Potential harm is a serious concern in Texas and surrounding areas. Many efforts have been made to help the people involved in the storm to rebuild their lives and renew their hope. Many have lost their homes, their belongings, and, in some cases, even their loved ones. Hurricane Harvey has been estimated to be the costliest storm in U.S history, as said before. Before Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Katrina was the costliest natural disaster, costing about 120 billion in repairs and aid for the ones involved. Hurricane Harvey has the potential of 190 billion in repair and relief costs. Even though the hurricane has caused so much damage and destruction, many people still maintain the feeling of hope. The recovery may not be quick, but the emergency relief has been tremendous. In this world, even though we are so diverse and different, we are more than willing to help one another in a time of need. People from near and far have gathered supplies and produced support to strangers involved in the tragedy. Two groups right here in Conway, Missouri have even began an effort to support victims of Hurricane Harvey. One effort has been created by Tashina Bagley. She and the others involved in the effort are accepting things such as diapers (all sizes), wipes, bottles, pacifiers, clothing (all sizes), pack n’ plays, cribs, crib and toddler mattresses, blankets, nonperishable food items, and water. They are accepting donations from anyone willing to help until September 14, 2017. Individuals who are seeking to help in the effort can drop off supplies at locations such as 629 West Elm Street in Lebanon, Missouri and 152 York Drive in Marshfield, Missouri. The selfless acts of Tashina and the others involved are very inspiring and will leave an impact for many people to come. Another organization helping with supplies for Hurricane Harvey is right here at Conway High School. Peerleaders have banded together with the school district and community to collect school supplies for a school in Dickinson, Texas. They are collecting the supplies to help with the effort to support the people involved in the hurricane throughout the entire month of September. School supplies can be dropped off at the Conway High School, Ezard Elementary, or other various drop off locations in the Conway area. For more information contact Rebekah Spradling, Janet Miller or any Conway High School Peerleader.This clubs is setting a very good example for other students and individuals to follow. “I think it is very important for us to do what we can to show our support to the people suffering loss in the Hurricane Harvey disaster. This is one way we, as a school and community, can help another town pick up the pieces and work toward normalcy. I think this school supply drive is something everyone in our school and community can participate in. School supplies are fairly inexpensive, and any amount of donation will be greatly appreciated. If anyone is interested in donating supplies they can drop them off at either school in our district or get in touch with myself, Mrs. Miller, or a Peerleader,” said Rebekah Spradling, Peerleader sponsor. The effort that these individuals display shows tremendous compassion on their part. It shows a lot about their character, their willingness to sacrifice, and their morals. It even inspires others to help or do constructive things to support others who may need assistance. The emergency relief has been tremendous and many are more than willing to continue to help with the effort to repair Texas and surrounding areas.

From a New Point of View

By Jessica Rizor


This year the history department at Conway High School is welcoming a new member, Mrs. Christen Wilson. Mrs. Wilson is familiar with the school, because she attended Conway High School herself, but now she gets to view the school from a new perspective. Mrs. Wilson said, “I wanted

to become a teacher because I always loved history and working with students. There is no better feeling than working hard to teach a concept and see a student suddenly understand and be motivated to learn more.” After Mrs. Wilson graduated from high, she went on to further her education. She attended Missouri State University (MSU) and re-

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ceived a bachelor's of science in Education in H i s t o r y. T h i s will be Mrs. Wilson’s 11th year in education. Prior to coming to Conway she taught in Stoutland, Republic, and Springfield school districts. Mrs. Wilson’s husband, Chris, is a campus missionary at Missouri State for the Baptist Student Union; he also preaches at the Phillipsburg Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Together they have two children, Ree who is 5 and Isaiah who is 2. Mrs. Wilson’s parents and grandpa still live in the Phillipsburg

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Mrs. Wilson community. “My family loves to spend time together on the farm when it is possible. My favorite thing to do to pass time is spend it with my family. I also enjoy reading and running,”

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Conway Chronicles 09-12-17  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Lebanon Daily Record.

Conway Chronicles 09-12-17  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Lebanon Daily Record.