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July 11, 2017

Ice Cream Let the Summer Social Begin

The Sacred Heart Church

Celebrates 101 Years!

By Theresa Peirano

By Bud Triplett




hat speaks more of summer than spending time with family and catching up with old friends under the sun? In the peak temperatures of summer, however, those plans can sometimes be brought to an abrupt halt. Regularly applied sunscreen, plenty of water, and a shade tree can sometimes be not enough to fight off the heat of the warm Missouri days. Don’t despair; your summer doesn’t have to be spent watching others try to beat the heat from the comfort of air conditioning. For 101 years the annual Ice Cream Social has been successfully bringing friends together unexpectedly as well as staying cool with family friendly games. The Sacred Heart Church offers hamburgers, hotdogs, cake, and homemade ice cream. Games for the young and young at heart, bingo, a silent auction for baked goods, and a raffle are popular attractions. Games including the duck pond, bean bag toss, dart throw, football toss, lollipop patch, water balloon toss, “Plinko,” and the ring toss are available for anyone to play, no matter how many years young they may be. If you care to take your chances with the raffle, tickets will be sold $1.00 for each or $6.00 for 5. First prize is a Gas Bar-B-Que Grill, donated by Brooks Gas, with an overall value of $500. The second and third ticket to be drawn will receive his or her choice of handmade quilts by Ruth Williams and Debbie Phelen. Third place will be given a $100 Lowe’s gift card, donated by Jefferies Abstract. All of these will be drawn at the end of the night. If you care to beat the heat on Saturday, July 15th, and if you like ice cream and spending time with friends and family, where else would you go? So, stop by Sacred Heart Church in Conway between 5:30-9:00 pm. Not only will you be creating quality memories, you will be starting a new summer tradition. Who knows, you might even win something.

This year summer school was a little different than normal. The elementary and high school classes were all held in the high school giving the elementary students a change in scenery. During this semester, each of the elementary classes got to learn about very different and exciting things and the high school got to enroll in some traditional courses like P.E., A+, Oral Communications, and Personal Finance. The fun part about summer school is that every Friday, the elementary students get to go on some really fun field trips. To conclude this year's summer school the first through third grade got to go to the Tiger Typhoon Water Park in St. Robert’s, Mo and the fourth through the sixth grade got to go to the Fritz in Branson, Mo. Second Grader, Elijah Legan had a blast this year at school. He liked to be at the high school because he enjoyed getting to see some cool classrooms at the high school. “My favorite part about summer school was going on all the field trips and getting to play at recess with my friends,” said Elijah. With this year’s summer school concluded the students can only look forward to next year. The elementary students had a blast getting to be in a new setting and the high school students had a good time getting credits for some fun classes. Summer school was extremely fun this year, and we can only hope next year is just as great.


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Having Fun in the Summer Sun! By Brooke Dill CONWAY CHRONICLES

May 12th marked the first day of summer break for the Laclede County R1 students. This means no more early mornings, homework, or stressful studying for the next couple of months. Yep, it’s that time to just kick back and relax for the students. For those of you needing ideas to stay busy in the summertime, there are many fun and exciting ways to celebrate the end of a successful year and a wonderful summer. Students just spent many months indoors because of the weather and being in the classroom, so why continue to do this during the time off. This year instead of staying inside all summer, get outside and enjoy the amazing weather and outdoors. Swimming, hiking, and riding bikes are all enjoyable family oriented activities. Getting out of the house and partaking in simple activities like these can help your mind relax and help you

truly enjoy your summer. Another thing to do during the summer is going camping or taking road trips with your family. Conway high school biology teacher, Mrs. Potteiger says, “During the spring my family loves to fish, hike, and ride four wheelers. In the summer we do more water activities that can keep you cooler in the summer heat such as kayaking, tubing, and caving. My family also enjoys camping and being out in nature.” Travelling is another way to pass the time, and you get to see wonderful sights, meet new faces, and even enjoy wonderful foods of a different region, but that can cost a bit of money. If you don’t have the resources or the opportunity to do these things, you can just grab a comfortable folding chair and sit under the shade of a tree in the light breeze and watch the clouds go by.

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If you want to add to this laziness, you can even travel to far-off places, see incredible sights, experience the unbelievable by reading a good book and letting your mind wander. You can do many things over the summer, and the most important thing you can do is have fun, be safe, and get plenty of rest so you are fully ready for the upcoming school year.

Summertime Nuisance By Lacey Lee


With summer here we all want to be outside having fun in the sun. However, many of the things we enjoy most such as camping, hiking, or even just sitting out in our yard enjoying a nice evening can lead to being covered in ticks. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, there are three types of ticks commonly encountered here in Missouri. The Lone star tick, the American dog tick, and the deer tick. While the thought of ticks cause most people to shudder, they're most generally not something to be too concerned about. However, some ticks do carry diseases such as Lyme disease and others. According to the Missouri Conservation Department, symptoms can include flu-like symptoms, a rash that looks like a bull’s eye around the infected bite, fever, headache, backache, etc. Nurse Practitioner Mitzi Gerretsen of the Conway Family Clinic says, “Seek

health care provider with these symptoms.” It is also important to remove the tick properly. If not properly removed, you can squeeze the body fluids of the tick inside yourself. Mitzi Gerretsen says, “It is important to remove the entire tick by using tweezers and getting as close to the skin as you can.” Naturalsociety. com gives some tips for keeping ticks off of you such as using repellents and wearing long pants tucked into your socks. Some more ways are to wear light colored clothing to make them easier to spot, avoid tall grass, and of course you need to check yourself for ticks often.

Ticks are quite annoying, but they're something we all have to deal with. Take the steps to protect yourself, and enjoy those summer days.

Conway Chronicles 7-11-17  

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