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LC CONWAY CHRONICLES Angel trees help students in need SHEA WALKER

CONWAY CHRONICLES Ezard Elementary and Conway High schools have both put up an angel tree for this holiday season. An angel tree is a Christmas tree filled with ornaments shaped as angels. Each angel is an anonymous student. The students who get an angel are those who may not be able to get as many, or any at all, presents on Christmas. The tree is operated by donations given by the community who come in and grab an angel to shop for. The kids could receive up to two outfits, a coat, a pair of shoes, a book, and two want items such as toys and games. “This tree is an amazing way to help the community. It also is a great opportunity for our clubs to get involved and help their classmates and peers,” said Janet Miller, Conway High School Counselor. For 4 years now, the elementary has been setting up an angel tree. The special education classes are in charge of it. “We designed this program so our students could enhance their budgeting skills, while also learning how to help and think of others who may not be as fortunate,” said Christi William. The high school has about 75 angels and the elementary has 61 angels. With the leftover angels on the high school tree, the Peerleaders will go out and buy the extra students their gifts. The angels that remain on the elementary tree are also covered through the

elementary program. “The elementary has done this in previous years and had much success. Seeing the impact it has brought, made us want to enlarge it. I am very glad and excited to see what having a tree in both the elementary and high school can do,” added Miller. Conway’s Peerleaders are in charge of the tree being held in the high school. This is the first year the high school has set up an angel tree, but the school is blessed to say their students are just as involved as the teachers. “It’s important to me as a student because it gives me a chance to help out my fellow peers. It gives the students a chance to give back to those they spend time with at school. I love to know that students will not be left with nothing on the Christmas holiday. I encourage everyone to partake in this project,” said Claire Ronchetti, a Peerleader. Alondra Sanchez, another Peerleader, added, “It is nice to know that the high school is involved with this now too. More kids should participate in it. It is always nice to spread a little bit of Christmas joy.” The trees are placed in the lobby of both schools. The elementary is asking for the gift and angel to be returned on December 5, and the high school deadline is December 12. “Anyone is able to come in get an angel. We encourage everyone to get involved,” said Miller.

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Alondra Sanchez and Claire Ronchetti place angels on the Conway High School angel tree.

LC R-1 SCHOOL BOARD MINUTES Laclede County R-1 Board of Education Nov. 19, 2018 – 7 p.m. High School Library Call to Order/Roll Call: Board President Kevin Dampier called the meeting to order with six members present. Members are Travis Doing, Norman Webster, Andy Triplett, Grant Brawley and Lug Massey. Sally Triplett arrived at 7:02 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance: All present united in repeating the Pledge of Allegiance. Consent Agenda: Lug Massey made a motion to approve the consent agenda; the motion re-

ceived a second. Motion carried 6-0. Items approved were the authorization of payment of the bills, the minutes of the October 2018 Board meeting and the October 2018 Special Board meeting, the hiring of Jeff Bryant (HS business) for the remainder of the 2018-2019 school year, and the 20182019 Professional Development Manual. Public Comment: There were no comments to the Board at the meeting. Student Staff Recognition: Hector Hammon and Liam Lee (Kindergarten), Grace Strubbe and Adalynn Davis (1st grade), Jenna Wilson and

Eli Eacret (2nd grade), and Josie Stratton (3rd grade) presented information regarding the “7 Habits” from the Leader in Me. Anna Sheets (junior high), and foreign exchange students, Sadman Rahman, Ishrah Hafiz, Mariam Simonyan, and Swietenia Purhadi (high school) were recognized as being the junior high/ high school students of the month. Rachel Sheets, 3rd grade teacher, was recognized by Mrs. Snell for being a great teacher and co-worker. Instructional Effectiveness: A. Building Climate Report: Superintendent Mark Hedger went over

the results of the Building Climate Survey, which was completed by the staff, as part of the Continuous School Improvement Plan. Administrative Reports: Building Principals Melissa Snell, Tyler Vestal, and Jaymes Wapp, along with Superintendent Mark Hedger, updated the Board of points of interest throughout the current month. Old Business: A. Superintendent Mark Hedger updated the Board on details surrounding the Vo-Ag building project. B. MSBA 2018 C Policy Update-Second Reading: The second reading was

held on the MSBA 2018 C policy update New Business: A. 2017-2018 Audit: Grant Brawley made a motion to approve the 2017-2018 audit, as presented by KPM, CPA firm. The motion received a second. A roll call vote followed with the motion carrying 7-0. B. Transportation Update: Superintendent Mark Hedger updated the Board on issues pertaining to district transportation services. C. MOU Central Ozarks Medical Center Behavioral Health: Sally Triplett made a motion to approve the MOU with Central Ozarks Medical Center Behavioral

Health, allowing the coordination of providing primary and preventative healthcare services to students by establishing health care services and education activities for the students and their families. The motion received a second. A roll call vote followed with the motion carrying 7-0. Adjournment: With no further business before the Board, Lug Massey made a motion to adjourn to the monthly meeting. The motion received a second; a roll call vote followed. The motion carried 7-0. The time of adjournment was 7:44 p.m Kim Shelton- Board Secretary

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Conway Chronicles December 05, 2018  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Laclede County Record.

Conway Chronicles December 05, 2018  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Laclede County Record.