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Bud Triplett stars as Buddy the Elf in a scene from “Elf” at the Springfield LIttle Theater.

Bud Triplett was a member of the graduating class of 2019. You can see Bud Triplett at just about every event or activity the high school is involved with. He was a member of multiple clubs, student government, the music department and FFA. He used his outgoing personality and active participation attitude to excel in the FFA with his SAE- Agriculture Communications. Bud started his SAE in 7th grade when he received his first part in “Beauty and the Beast.” Since then, he has participated in several productions at Conway and ventured out to Marshfield Community Theatre and Springfield Little Theatre. These opportunities present unique challenges as he has to commute to Springfield every night for practices. A c c o rd i n g t o M r s . K e c k ,

“Bud is the type of student that brings a contagious energy to any class, organization or project he is involved in. While his SAE is not traditional, he has done a great job making it extremely successful. His passion, and general love of life, will open many doors for him. I am excited to see all that he will be able to accomplish.” Bud says, “The benefits of my SAE are that I made many friends and lifelong connections that have opened more doors, including an invitation to perform in Branson.” He credits Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Peterson and Mr. Paralles for his success and aspires to become a teacher himself after high school and eventually receive a master ’s degree in educational administration. Bud will be attending MSU in the fall. He has already taken several dual credit courses and is excited about his adventures at MSU.

Take precautions when having fun in the sun a lot of fluids. Tara Dill, a nurse at Laclede County R-1, said, “When we take in water, we help our bodies regulate our body temperature, lubricates joints, moving waste from the body, regulating blood pressure, and aiding in digestion. Also with increased spring and summer temperatures along with all the outdoor activities comes increased water loss, through sweating and evaporation, as your body works to stay cool.”    Another thing to remember when being outside and in the sun is to always protect your skin. The sun puts off two types of rays UVA rays and UVB rays. UVB are the rays that are responsible for the short term skin damage that can happen from being in the sun, this consist of sunburns. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and the damage from them is long term such as wrinkles and premature aging. “The sun can be very harmful,” said Mrs. Potteiger, one of the high school science department teachers. “It is important to protect your skin from the damage of it. You can do so by taking care of your skin and being aware of what the sun can do to you in long-term ways as well as short ones.” The best way to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun is to apply sunscreen when you will be



Warm weather is here and summer has arrived. It is time for people to start spending more time outdoors and in the sun. Being outdoors and in the sun is great, but it can lead to some complications if you do not take certain precautions. One thing to remember in the summer is to make sure you are staying hydrated. It is no secret that humans are made mostly of water; therefore, it is important to stay hydrated. It is a lot easier to get dehydrated when it is hot outside. It is important to remember that staying hydrated doesn’t mean just drinking a lot of fluids; it also means that you need to be eating proper meals to get the energy that you need. The recommended amount of water you need to drink per day in the summer is half of your body weight, but in ounces. So this means if you weigh 180 pounds, you need to drink around 90 ounces of water in a summer day. Signs of dehydration you need to look for are dry mouth, dry skin, decreased urination, headache, and dizziness. In severe cases, dehydration can lead to rapid heart rate, confusion or coma, seizures, and shock. Dehydration can be life-threatening which is why it is important to always remember to drink

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A Conway student drinks a cup of water after having some fun outside. outdoors in the sun for an extended period of time. SPF on sunscreen bottles can help you pick out what sunscreen is best for you. The higher the SPF is the stronger protection you will have

and the longer the protection will last. Remember though, it is important to reapply sunscreen when you are outside for a long period of time especially if you have been in water.


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Conway Bears show school spirit ALEXA HIGBEE


The first Wednesday of the month, Conway High School has an early out day. On this day, many teachers have a review or make-up work day due to the time length of each period. Although this is a good time for students to catch up on things they may have missed, a lot of students are up-to-date on their work. This leads to unproductivity among a vast majority of the school. A couple of seniors from the class of 2019, Bud Triplett and Claire Ronchetti, decided to make a change and increase school spirit on these early out Wednesdays. They put together a plan to have an assembly on a different topic each month. The first month they kicked it off with minute-to-win-it games. This sparked an interest in the student body and got them excited for the next one. “I thought that the assembly went really well,” sophomore Jordan Perkins continued. “We got to play in a variety of different games and cheer on our grade level. It really got the school excited and talking.” After having such great success, Claire and Bud knew this was something they needed to keep doing. They asked a suicide prevention speaker to come in and talk during an assembly for the next early out. They felt this was a topic that was very important and needed to be discussed with the high school student body. “The assembly was very informative. It taught us ways to talk to those who we think may be considering suicide. The speaker also had a very good message to tell about his own experience that was really eye opening,” sophomore Amber Mork stated. After having a more calmed down and meaningful assembly, Bud and Claire decided they should hype the students up again. They had a motivational speaker and entertainer, Robyn Slain, come in to talk to the students about drug awareness and making good choices. Slain has a hobby of learning new basketball tricks. After graduating college with a degree in communications, she couldn’t decide what to do. Eventually, Slain decided she was going to take the path of speaking to kids about drug awareness and the choices they make while also showing off her basketball mastery. “I wasn’t sure what to say at first, but I found the courage to speak about drug awareness. My father was an alcoholic, and I saw how his disease impacted our family as well as the effects it had on his body and mind. He was a big strong athletic guy… yet the only opponent he struggled with the most was a drug,” Slain said. “The hardest assembly I ever did was when he was in the audience. He was very proud of me, and he wanted me to make a difference. He lived the last 15 years of his life alcohol free and that is a testimony that there is hope and a future for everyone.” Slain gave a great and


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Motivaitonal speaker Robyn Slain shows off her basketball skills during an assembly at Conway High School. heartwarming speech that impacted the lives of the students and staff of Conway High School. After telling her story, she put on a show with her incredible basketball skills. Jake Vestal said, “Her speech was really incredible and got me thinking. The basketball tricks she

did were super impressive and inspiring.” Having Slain come in and talk to not only the high school students, but the elementary students really made a positive impact. It had the students talking and encouraging each other as well as getting active and trying to

accomplish the same tricks Slain had performed. The most recent early out Wednesday the school did something they have talked about for years. They had their music department perform their annual musical for the student body. This is something that they have talked

about for years because they want to give all students the opportunity to see the hard work the musical crew put into this production. This year ’s production was Annie, Jr. The crew took the first hour of school to put together any last minute details.

Then the students started piling in and taking a seat to enjoy the show. “It wasn’t at all what I had expected; it was even cooler than I expected!” Dominic Gainey continued. “The whole cast was super put together and professional through the entire performance.” The musical is something that the school takes overwhelming pride in. This year they definitely proved themselves worthy of praise for not only their talent, but their dedication to the program as a whole. Performing for the school is certainly a tradition in the making at Conway High. Having a vision in mind, putting it together, and making it happen is definitely a challenge, but not for Claire and Bud. The school is very grateful for all their hard work and commitment to the spirit and excitement of this school. Their passion for school spirit has proven strong and will be carried on in years to come.

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Conway Chronicles JUNE 5, 2019  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Laclede County Record.

Conway Chronicles JUNE 5, 2019  

A cooperative effort between Conway Schools and the Laclede County Record.