Issuu on Google+ Are you upset with low profit in your business of leather products? Don’t you think you should change the industrial machines of your manufacturing unit? Give it a second thought as you might be using some of the older versions of the heavy-duty leather sewing machines for years. This is the right time when you can get the appropriate machine for the desired production of the various leather products at the best price. Leather Machine Co. Inc. is among the pioneers of sewing machine manufacturers. The company has come up with some of the magnificent, powerful and technically advanced creations. These machines make the work of leather sewing quite simple and less time consuming as well. It has never been as easy as it is today with the usage of these highly advanced sewing machines. The company offers a wide range of revolutionary leather sewing machines. Apart from this, COBRA lines of machines are the best creations of the above cited company. To name a few are:       

King cobra class 4-25 with electronic positioning system, Cobra class 4-p premium package, Cobra class 14 leather splitter (head only), Cobra class 14 leather splitter (complete unit), Cobra AK 20 leather strap cutting machine, Cobra 5550 BB single needle boot top machine, Cobra NP 10 heavy duty skiving machine and much more.

Other than manufacturing the trade machines, Leather Machine Co. Inc. also offers its patrons with the wide range of motors, reducers, accessories, lighting, and different types of needles as well. Being one of the top-notch manufacturers’ of the sewing machines, the company also welcomes inquiries from all the lands of the leather trade. If you are in a constant gazing of new and technically advanced industrial leather sewing machines, join social media pages of the company in order to get the recent updates. You can even contact them via email or the telephone number provided on the web page.

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