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The World’s Event For Learning London, 19-21 January 2021 1,000+ Attendees 150+ Speakers 60+ Countries

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The C Word




Who Will You Meet At Learnit?

9 How Learnit Attendees Describe Learnit 2019 in One Word 10 Government & Educator Leaders Who Have Attended Learnit Include



The Hosted Meetings Programme




Demo Space


Testimonials |


It was my absolute pleasure to have met you and to have attended the first ever Learnit. I'm still sharing stories about the wonderful conference. It was the experience of a lifetime. I’m already excited for the next Learnit. Marvin Kellyman, General Manager - Primary & Preschools, Ministry of Education - Belize

Learnit was incredible. The right people, having the right conversation, and in the right atmosphere. If this is what you guys pulled off in year one I can’t wait for the second edition! You’re going to blow the doors off! Jaime B. Goldstein, Director of Strategic Projects and Innovation Grants, Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching

Learnit was awesome! New crowd, great buzz, and a powerful audience. Euan Blair, CEO, WhiteHat

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About Our mission is to catalyse change in learning at every age, globally. We believe that through revolutionising education, we can change the world. Learnit catalyses change in three key ways:


C  OMMUNITY - Uniting the entire, global, learning ecosystem For change to happen, everyone needs a seat at table. The Learnit community is inclusive, disruptive, bold and brave. It encompasses the entire learning ecosystem – from government, educator leaders, corporates and established solution providers to tech startups, investors and media. It is united by a common goal to improve education outcomes globally. In 2019, Learnit’s 1,000+ attendees came from 69 countries.


CONVERSATION - An open and honest conversation on the current state, and future of learning Learnit’s conversation is intellectually honest. It’s a conversation about how to give everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity or wealth, the opportunity to reach their greatest potential in a rapidly evolving world. It is untethered by legacy, politics or geography. Learnit’s 150+ international speakers are selected based on merit, not pay-to-play.


INTERACTIONS - Meaningful interactions Learnit is designed with meaningful interactions at its heart. Our Hosted Leaders Programme provides government, talent and educator leaders with free tickets and funding to attend Learnit, in exchange for personalised 15 minute meetings with our sponsors and partners. Learnit’s networking programmes foster productive, meaningful relationships. Over 2,000+ personalised meetings will take place at Learnit in 2021.

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The C Word Learnit is not about change for change’s sake. It’s not about chasing the newest, sparkliest idea or solution just because it’s sexy. It’s not about theories, egoes or naval gazing. Learnit is about real people, at every level of the global learning ecosystem, sharing brave new ways of enabling learners of every age to achieve their greatest potential in a rapidly changing world. Learnit catalyses change in learning globally by uniting bold and brave individuals, organisations and solutions from across the world. Learnit is led by Katy Fryatt, Founder & CEO.

Essie North, CEO of Big Change, interviews Andreas Schleicher, Director for the Directorate of Education & Skills at the OECD at Learnit 2019

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Speakers in 2019

Pia Pakarinen Deputy Mayor Education Division City Of Helsinki

Charlotte Church Campaigner, Entertainer & Founder The Awen Project


Learnit’s 150+ speakers are luminaries and visionaries spanning the entire global learning ecosystem. We do not pay speakers and they do not pay us. They are selected entirely based on merit.

Andreas Schleicher Director, Directorate For Education And Skills The Organisation For Economic Co-Operation And Development (OECD)

Professor Kylie Readman

Euan Blair

Pro Vice Chancellor (Education)

Co-founder & CEO

Dr. Mohammad Mirwais Balkhi

Jaime B. Goldstein

Brett Wigdortz

Minister for Education

Director Of Strategic Projects And Innovation Grants


Ministry of Education of Afghanistan

Harvard Initiative For Learning And Teaching

& Lifetime President

Murdoch University |

WhiteHat TeachFirst


Rebecca Winthrop

AJ Crabill

Sarah Adil Shaw

Nicolas Sadirac

Director, Center For Universal Education

Deputy Commissioner

Head of Section - Strategy Department


The Executive Office - Dubai

& Founder

The Brookings Institution

Texas Education Agency

42 Zone 01

Jenny Anderson

Arunabh Singh

Dr Mary Ashun

Simon Henderson

Senior Reporter

Director - Principal


Head Master


Nehru World School

Ghana International School

Eton College

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Who Will You Meet At Learnit? Learnit’s audience is bold, brave and reflects the entire global learning ecosystem.

1 in 4 attendees are C level

Geo Breakdown

100+ CEOs and Founders

60+ countries

Sector Breakdown

*The above statistics are based on attendance at Learnit in 2019. Sector breakdown is based on 2021 strategy.

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How Learnit Attendees Described Learnit 2019 in One Word 9 |


Government & Educator Leaders Who Have Attended Learnit Include:


Minister of Education, Ministry of Education (Afghanistan)

Teacher Trainer & Curriculum Designer, Ministry of Education (Croatia)

Director, Ministry of Education, Sport & Youth (Albania)

Head of SciTech Innovation, Aarhaus University (Denmark)

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science & Technology (Antigua)

Associate Provost for Research, Innovation & Creativity, The American University in Cairo (Egypt)

Under-Secretary of Educational Management, Ministry of Education, Science & Technology (Argentina)

Head of Quality Assurance Department, Ministry of Education (Egypt)

Secretary of Educational Planning, Ministry of Education of Santa Fe (Argentina)

Deputy Mayor - Education, City of Helsinki (Finland)

Principal, Berlin Metropolitan School (Germany)

Pro Vice-Chancellor of Education, Murdoch University (Australia)

General Manager, Government Primary & Preschools, Ministry of Education (Belize)

Secretary for Industries & Officer on Special Duty to the Chief Secretary, Government of Arunachal Pradesh (India)

President, IFMS, Ministry of Education (Brazil)

Officer on Special Duty to the Honourable Education Minister, Government of Maharashtra (India)

Superintendent of Education & Leadership Development, York Region District School Board (Canada)

Head of Development & Strategy, Maharashtra International Education Board (India)

Head of Educational Quality, Secretariat of Education of Barranquilla Municipality (Colombia)

Pedagogical Manger, Department of Science, Technology & Computing, Jerusalem Education Board (Israel) |



Middle School Principal, Al-Bayan Bilingual School (Kuwait)

Head of Committee of Education, Culture & Social Affairs, Saldus Municipality (Latvia)

Chief Specialist of Education Board, Jelgava Municipality (Latvia)

General Director, Innovation & Technological Development, Ministry of Education & Culture for the State of Sonora (Mexico)

Digital Learning Manager, DGESTE (Portugal)

Founder & Head, Sands School (UK)

Deputy Head, King’s College Wimbledon (UK)

Director of Technology Enhanced Learning & Lead STEM Fellow, Breakthrough Schools (USA)

Superintendent, Cajon Valley Union School District (USA)

Director of Curriculum, Fusion Education Group (USA)

Director of Technology, Gurnee School District 56 (USA)

Education Inspector, Department of Education Catalonia (Spain)

Director of Strategy Projects & Innovation Grants, Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (USA)

CIO, Department of Education - Free State (South Africa)

Assistant Superintendent of Leading, Learning & Technology, Lawrence Public Schools (USA)

Head of EdTech, Collège Du Leman (Switzerland)

IT Manager, UCLA (USA)

Innovation Leader, GEMS Education (UAE)

CIO, British International School (Ukraine)

Chief Operating Officer, Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School (USA)

Head Master, Eton College (UK)

Head, James Allen’s Girls’ School (UK) |


The Hosted Meetings Programme Facilitated Meetings for Lead Generation Lead generation at Learnit is achieved through our Hosted Meetings Programme. The programme matches you, with carefully selected one-to-one meetings with government, educator and talent leaders onsite at Learnit. Each meeting is 15 minutes long. You do not need to be an exhibitor or sponsor to join this programme. Educator, government and talent leaders tell us who they are looking to meet with, the types of solutions they are looking for, or (quite frequently), the issue they are trying to solve for. The Learnit team then matches your meetings. This ensures meetings are meaningful for both parties. You must purchase a minimum of 10 meetings. Since meetings are double opt-in, and depend on calendar availability, we cannot guarantee that all of the meetings you initially purchase will be schedule, but you will only pay for the meetings you have. Meetings packages start at ÂŁ4,000. Contact for more information and pricing.

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Learnit Sponsorship Levels

With an exceptionally senior and international audience, Learnit optimises both company budgets and time. Learnit’s audience of 1,000+ senior executives from across the learning ecosystem are looking for product, businesses and solutions that can improve learner outcomes.

Sponsor Learnit to: 1. Engage and meet with a senior, international and highly qualified audience

Learnit sponsors are given a sponsorship level based on their total spend at the event: £50,000+

Level 5


Level 4


Level 3


Level 2


Level 1

2. Build brand awareness and visibility 3. Launch new products and partnerships

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Demo Space Learnit attendees in 2019 told us they wanted more physical demonstrations of the latest products and businesses seeking to improve learner outcomes. For 2021 we’ll be expanding our demo area.


Demo Space

Number of Tickets to Learnit


Startup Booth



Demo Pod














£38,000 |

Sponsorship From pick and mix stands, to private dinners, flags, a boat and popcorn stands, sponsorship at Learnit knows no limits. Get in touch with us through to find out more.



â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;We are extremely proud to be associated with Learnit. As a global education company, we literally attend hundreds of events around the world. However, what Learnit offers is different. They have created a community of change agents, those who do not accept the status quo in education and are committed to true transformation. The dialogue and authenticity is on a different level; Learnit fills a critical gap in the spectrum of education events and communities.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Jeff Lowe, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, SMART Technologies

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‘Learnit presented an entirely new and compelling way to engage global education leaders, one that was long overdue. Not only was the tone and format different from the start, the collection of speakers, delegates, and corporate partners was among the best I’ve seen. We found the event to be a lively, thought-provoking affair that has created a new community of peers working together to improve education. Even knowing it was the event’s inaugural year, I am hard-pressed to think of a better run organisation and look forward to staying connected with the Learnit team for a long time.’ Jim McVety, former Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, ClassLink, Inc. USA

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‘Learnit was much more than I ever could have expected. Listening to people from all over the world talking about the current state and future of learning was inspiring. I’m sure that thanks to you many people will be actioning change in education. The atmosphere, the facilities, the international audience, the all made the conference incredibly special. This ”child” of yours is a great creation.’ Michal Ophir, EdTech UX Expert, Carmel6000

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‘Learnit had such an impressive line-up of speakers - from Andreas Schleicher and Eton's headmaster to some of the fastest growing startups but also real personality. It was great to find a fresh new event with such character and energy at a time when some of the longer-standing events could do with a shake-up.’ Bertie Hubbard, CEO & Founder, MyTutor


‘Learnit year one was great. Congrats on pulling together such an impressive network and brand in such a short amount of time. Genuinely excited about what's to come and proud that there is finally a European EdTech conference that I believe in.’ Jan Lynn-Matern, Founder & CEO, Emerge Education |


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