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March 25, 2013

Successf ul blogging provides a better opportunity for you to connect with your audience, prospects and potential clients. And you want more prospects and profits right? Here are three typical blogging mistakes to avoid and what to do instead.

Mistake #1: Keyword Stuffing Successf ul blogging st art s with a specific topic which requires good keywords. However, too many bloggers and marketers will find amazing keywords they know their audience will be attracted to and in their excitement or lack of good marketing knowledge overuse and abuse adding keywords. When you ‘over stuff’ your blogging content with a keyword inside every sentence, not only will the search engines give you lower ranking or no ranking at all, but your reader will not find your information to be credible.

Do this instead: Once you have complet ed your blog post or article, tally up the number of words in the post. Take 1% to 2% of that number which should be the total number of keywords to include within your content. No more and no less! For example, if your post is 500 words you will only want to sprinkle your keyword 5 or 10 times throughout the content. Making sure that your keyword is at least at the beginning of your post and at the end.

Mistake #2: Car Salesman Mentality Blogging is a way t o represent yourself to the reader, potential prospect or client. Coming across too strong where every statement is practically a sales pitch, is a real turn off and could not only keep readers away or returning, but also it does nothing for building credibility and getting your audience to know, like and trust you.

Do this instead: If you are looking for successful blogging consider welcoming your audience with a free gift, especially if they will optin to your email list. Let them know you are sharing quality in formation for their benefit, but writing good blog posts that provides solutions to their problems, entertains them or gives them resources they can use to improve their lives.

Mistake #3: Not Asking For Action This is probably one of t he biggest mistakes that interfere with successful blogging. In most cases, and because I am an online marketer, I have noticed how many blog posts do not offer any direction or call to action for their reader. Instead they leave the reader hanging or wondering what to do next. And in most cases, that just means they probably will never return and the reader especially will not look or read any farther inside your blog. People want to be directed, guided and shown what to do next. Never assume they will know what to do.

Do this instead:

Invit e your reader t o learn more, obtain additional information, watch a video or suggest a product that could help them solve an issue, problem or something that will make their life easier. Use clever links, buttons, images and be creative in asking your audience to take the next steps that you want them to.

Bot t om Line? Once you recognize these blogging mistakes, you can take action to overcome them to achieve blogging success for your business.

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About The Author: Lynn Brown It isn’t about IF you will succeed, it’s about WHEN you will take action. Success is one step away once you move forward. I help small online business, network marketers, entrepreneurs realize the potential for online success. My area of expertise is in social media, blogging, network and online marketing. You will find me online helping and supporting others. Isn’t that what ‘social media’ is for?! I enjoy living in beautiful Paso Robles, CA with my husband and our little dog Molli. Our son is off to college blazing his trail for the future. When I’m not online, I enjoy traveling, golfing, photography and watching our son play baseball.

Successful Blogging – How To Avoid 3 Typical Blogging Mistakes To Increase Your Success  

Successful blogging starts with avoiding these typical mistakes that many marketers make. Once you recognize these mistakes, you can achieve...