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Creating an optimal experience for your learning community can be difficult.

In addition to a positive individual learning experience, organizations need strong reporting and administrative functionality to oversee a robust learning program. Many large organizations have already invested in a Learning Management System or Learning Experience Platform. Making sure your LMS or LXP works well with a vendor learning ecosystem of content can be challenging. Other organizations don’t have a platform for their learning journey and need a platform to begin this journey.


REALITY: Building a modern workforce requires a systematic approach that truly can scale and track your progress at both the individual level, and as a lifecycle view of your program.

Learning Ecosystem

Powered by Learning Tree’s Learning Management Platform


Our Learning Management Platform (LMP) is engineered for enterprise growth. It takes the best collaborative functionality we’ve developed to date with clients for over 40+ years and delivers a customized solution that is scalable, able to be integrated into your learning environment, and proven with real-world clients.

Integration with Client’s Existing Content Technology (LMS, CMS) — If you want to utilize your own LMS or HR system, our LMP will adopt LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) standards for any learning application and we will work with your technical team accordingly to ensure a secure integration with your systems.

Reporting & Analytics — Quantify results and be

able to attract and retain quality talent because you have a lifecycle learning program that demonstrates ROI.

Adaptive Multimodal Approach — Meeting all



moments of learning needs and customized to your organization’s strategy and objectives.

LEARNING Individual Learning Paths (more than just a learner history, a guided path forward) — While our LMP has the

expected content consumption and aggregation features, the key success factor we believe matters most is customized learning paths – either established by your organization already, following industry certifications or a tailored solution factoring in measurements such as assessments to determine skill gaps, individual development plans, and opportunities for coaching/ mentoring to attract and develop your talent continually.

Assessments (Before/After to measure impact) — Get access

to a library of over 15,000 IT and Management assessment questions spanning hundred of topics. This assessment tool can be customized for your organization as needed and provides a range of reports to meet your management decisionmaking and employment requirements, including actionable skill gap analysis.


THE SOLUTION (Continued)

Learning Ecosystem

Powered by Learning Tree’s Learning Management Platform

STANDARD FEATURES & FUNCTIONALITY (Included with your Enterprise Learning Program) Customizable and Branded Platform


•S tandard or Customized Catalog •A ttendee Enrollment & Multimodal Delivery with Single Sign-On* •O pen-Enroll on Private Team/Group Events •O ne-Level Approval Process* •E xtensive Reporting (All Levels)

Actual Client LMP Example

• Security Protocols

Manager or Administrator

•P urchasing & Invoicing Options •P rogram Support (private webinars, case studies for internal PR, and more) & Complimentary Learning Resources

Stand-Alone or Integrated – Degreed Integration Available

Actual Client LMP Example

IN THE WORKS (Enhancing One-Stop-Shop & Results Measurements) •P rescribed Learning Paths Integration (currently available on public website) •M ultimodal Learning Content Continued Integration of partner content •P re- and Post-Training Skills Assessments Integration (currently available on public website)

•L earning Innovation with Adaptive Learning (smarter eLearning) and Virtual Academies (subscription for extended learning community on rapidly changing trends, such as Data Science) • Complex Multi-Level Approval Processes •E nhanced Reporting and Tools, such as Action Planning

* Customization on any of our standard features and functionality (such as complex data sharing for multi-level approvals and sign-on) may involve additional development/outside SOW scope as appropriate to meet your unique needs. Our SLA will be determined once we have an agreed contract.