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Top 6 Tips for Cisco Certification Success 3. Visit The Cisco Learning Network


of employers use IT certifications to differentiate between qualified candidates.1 Whether you’re new to Cisco technologies or a seasoned veteran, earning a Cisco certification can be a daunting — and sometimes overwhelming — undertaking. Follow these steps and it’ll be smooth sailing to Cisco certification success!

1. Choose Your Certification Path Cisco offers over 30 certifications from entry level to expert and architect levels, and in topics from the ever-popular Routing and Switching to the cutting-edge Cybersecurity Operations. Be sure to visit the Cisco website to find the path that’s right for you.

2. Get Trained The best way to prepare for your certification exam is to take a training course with a Cisco-approved training provider. Not only will you receive a comprehensive look at the concepts covered on the exam, you’ll gain hands-on experience with an expert instructor to prepare you to ace the exam.

After your training course, visit the Cisco Learning Network to find all the resources you need to prep for the exam, including an overview of exam topics and study materials. You can even join a study group!

5. Make A Study Schedule Be sure to make time to study every day before your exam. Write down your schedule and stick to it! You should study the Cisco materials and review what you learned in your training course. Don’t forget to review the exam information on Cisco’s website so you know how long the exam will be and what type of questions to expect.

6. Breathe! You’ve trained. You’ve studied. You’re prepared. Now take a deep breath and dive into the exam!

7. Know How & When To Recertify Hooray, you’re certified! There’s no time to sit back and relax though. Make sure you’re keeping up on your skills so that you’re ready to earn the next certification in your track or recertify when it’s time.

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Interested in Cisco Certification? Learning Tree offers many Cisco training courses, including training for the popular Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification. Visit to learn more.

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Top 6 Tips for Cisco Certification Success  

Whether you're new to Cisco technologies or a seasoned veteran, earning a Cisco certification can be a daunting - and sometimes overwhelming...

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