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Managed Learning Services

Maximising the Benefits of Your Managed Service Relationship There are significant benefits to be achieved by engaging with a managed learning service provider, including increased control of training deployment, cost efficiencies and access to expert advisors. To maximise these benefits throughout your organisation and drive ever more value from your ongoing managed service partnership there are a number of steps you should take.

Increased Control Of Training Deployment One of the key benefits of any managed learning service is an increased level of control of how training is managed throughout your organisation, enabling you to achieve consistent quality, enhanced visibility and accurate reporting. Maximise this benefit by taking the following steps: •C  ommunicate throughout your business the benefits of using the managed learning service – the benefits to the organisation as a whole and the benefits to the individual learners. •C  hannel as much as you can through your managed learning service. This will give you greater line of sight to what is happening within your organisation and accurately track spend and performance. •U  se management information to inform strategic decisions, raising the profile of the L&D function from tactical to strategic. •U  tilise your MLS provider’s best practices, systems and processes to create a consistent practice throughout your organisation.

Driving Cost Efficiencies Significant costs savings can be achieved through a managed learning service by rationalising multiple suppliers, leveraging volume discounts and consolidating training requirements to achieve economies of scale. There are a number of ways to drive these efficiencies throughout the relationship:


• Continually streamline procurement and administrative processes as the learning and development function evolves to become more strategically aligned to the business. • Rationalise external training providers, benefit from preferential rates, and ensure your MLS provider conducts regular supplier audits. • Maintain communication with your managed service provider to ensure they have sight of all requirements across the business. This means they will consolidate training requirements across multiple departments or locations so you benefit from economies of scale. • Maintain visibility and communication with your employees and department heads so they are fully aware how to access training, to keep all training requirements centralised.

•B  uild relationship maps creating clear lines of communication, defined roles and responsibilities aligned to your goals.

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Managed Learning Services

Getting Advice From Industry Experts Working with a high quality managed learning provider means you have access to industry experts who can provide support and guidance throughout your business to maximise value and productivity: •U  se your MLS provider to negotiate training supplier agreements and preferential pricing to ensure you get best value.

• Work with learning experts to accelerate the adoption of skills, and the implementation of technical and business processes.

•U  tilise your provider’s subject matter experts to improve the design, development and delivery of training in accordance with your organisational priorities.

• Work with your provider to establish learning and development strategies that are highly aligned to your organisational goals and objectives.

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Maximising the Benefits of Your Managed Service Relationship UK Edition  

There are significant benefits to be achieved by engaging with a managed learning service provider, including increased control of training...