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Transformational Leadership for Women:

A Scaled Programmatic Approach Large organizations, in both the Public and Private Sector, have approached Learning Tree with the need to target high performing women, identified as potential leaders, to develop better representation within the management corps of senior-level job classifications.


From our public course on this topic (Course 3472), Learning Tree developed a customizable program that can be scaled and tailored to an organization’s unique environments. This unique program includes a 3-day training event, supplemented with many additional professional development engagements including, networking events and mentoring and can be best described as a Transformational Leadership for Women Seminar. Key to ensuring ongoing success after this seminar, Learning Tree developed a post-event ‘Sustainability Strategy’ not only to maintain momentum but help ensure that their development goals would be supported by the other women in the program, their managers, and the broader organizational culture. The term ‘seminar’ in this case is being used to distinguish this from a workshop. The concept is based on a more self-directed, roundtable approach, where self-directed learning with the instructor serving as a ‘facilitator/coach’ along with content presentation. Focusing on issues, challenges, and opportunities that women deal with specifically, has proven invaluable on several levels.. Many of the women who go through the seminar are able to share common themes, explore creative and collaborative ways to address challenges and develop relationships that will continue long after the event.

Unique Program Features: •L  eaders will join in the event during the breaks/lunches to discuss their journey’s and allow seminar attendees to learn from their experiences and ask questions. •T  his seminar can be delivered to remote teams leveraging Learning Tree’s award-winning AnyWare® platform that allows participants to participate in the same type of collaborative discussions as if they were in a traditional classroom together. •L  earning Tree hosts an evening “networking event” with the attendees, and organizational leadership to help practice the tools/behaviors they learn in the course with facilitator support and encouragement.

Key Program Goals/Competencies: Women within this program are being prepared for even higher management and leadership roles and responsibilities.

Key Objectives of Our Transformational Leadership For Women Program: 

Displaying more confidence in addressing issues and initiating innovation and change

Working to empower mid- career employees with high potential

Demonstrating more direct communication and taking greater responsibility in leading

Being genuinely committed to developing themselves as the next generation of leaders Continued on next page



Additional Seminar Objectives: • Address and challenge barriers that you face as a woman in asserting your leadership

• Practice leadership competencies

• Honor and celebrate the unique contributions that women offer to organizations

•P  rovide and receive post-workshop support through your course cohort, manager, and others

• Gain self-knowledge regarding your leadership qualities • Develop strategies and behaviors to become an exceptional leader

• Develop a self-promoting strategy

•C  reate a structure and process to apply what you have learned back at work •E  stablish a long-term leadership career development plan

Notable Outcomes:

1,000+ women around the world have participated in a Transformational Leadership for Women Seminar, with feedback such as:

Within One Financial Services Client Since 2015

100+ Seminar Alumni Have Been Promoted

From VP To Executive Director & Tracking For Managing Director Roles*


This was one of the best seminars I’ve taken in a long time. I had a lot of ‘Aha’ moments, and I’m prepared to go back to work on Monday morning with some tools that will help me lead, motivate, and coach my team positively.”

Overall These Women Evaluate The Seminar

96.5 of 100pt

97.75 of 100 pt

Grade For The Seminar Content

Grade For The Facilitator


program has opened my eyes to find a good mentor as most of the women in high leadership positions had support, and groom them to their current positions.”

 his training gave T me a lot to think about related to how I see myself as a leader at work and what I can do to embrace leadership opportunities.” — Manager, IT Operations

— Vice President, T Service Management


— Executive Vice President, Consumer Business

VISIT: LEARNINGTREE.COM CALL: 1-800-834-8733 * https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-04-24/jpmorgan-said-to-name-record-number-of-female-managing-directors

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Transformational Leadership for Women A Scaled Programmatic Approach  

Transformational Leadership for Women A Scaled Programmatic Approach  

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