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SQL SERVER 2016 A New Database for The Hybrid Cloud Age SQL Server is typically used for the kind of database that hosts critical data – the kind of data that leaves administrators with chills when they think about putting that information in the cloud.

Microsoft built SQL Server 2016 with these users in mind. The database system:

• Is built so users who want an on-premise solution can still work in the cloud. • Offers an array of Azure integration tools, including:

Multiple options for backing up data.

SQL Server Integration Services that can work with Azure Data Factory.

Flexibility to stretch databases across cloud and premise-based systems.

Improving hybrid cloud functionality is only one facet of SQL Server 2016. What about that data you're probably worried about?

End-to-end encryption keeps data safe, even when moving it between on-premise and cloud systems.

Are you ready for a hybrid database?

71% of organizations are using the hybrid cloud.

Hybrid environments let database managers keep data safe while still taking advantage of the economies of scale and flexibility of the cloud. SQL Server 2016 is making it easier to keep a foot in both cloud and on-premise database worlds.


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SQL Server 2016: A New Database for the Hybrid Cloud Age