Get more from your training budgets — with Learning Tree FlexVouchers

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Get more from your training budgets — with Learning Tree FlexVouchers Volume purchasing is straight-forward - the more you buy, the more you save – and that’s not unique. What is unique: your purchasing power is greater and more flexible than ever for more than course attendance with Learning Tree FlexVouchers. Just as learning has evolved, so has the way you can purchase workforce development services and centralize your spending to drive tangible results…with FlexVoucher.


FlexVoucher Actions



Training With An Expert –

600+ real-world instructors who practice what they teach; subject matter experts experienced in instructional design to customize programs



Private Group Events –

Customize your case study, combine content areas and multi-modal delivery – no matter where your employees are in the world – all logistics handled by us!

Project Workshops –


Coaching/ Mentoring –

What if we could help bring your e-learning library to life with a Coaching SME for additional ROI? Or consider after-training coaching to extend your team event at your site to help your team apply their new skills in their real environment.

Expand your purchasing power today! View sample budgets at:

Unique facilitation with an embedded SME and your project team to quickly isolate and address impediments or help process improvement initiatives in your real-world environment.

Volume Purchasing Power –

With a partner who can meet all of your learning needs, deliver results and maximize your training budgets for impact.