Are You CCSP Material? (US)

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ARE YOU CCSP MATERIAL? Find out if you have what it takes to hold the certification that proves your cloud security expertise.

CCSPs: Are infosec pros with cloud security experience

5 IT

CCSPs have a minimum of 5 years of cumulative IT experience, including 3 years in information security and at least 1 year in cloud security.

3 Infosec 1 Cloud Security

Are involved with IT architecture web and cloud security engineering information security governance risk and compliance IT auditing

Hold a wide range of titles Hello!

Enterprise Archit




y t t i r n u a c t e l S su n o c Hello!

y t i r r u o c t e a S r t s i n i Hello! dm A

Systems Engineer


Security Arc hitect

Security Engineer



r e g a n a M y Securit

s m e SysAt rchitect

Understand the cloud and how to secure it

Know the benefits of cloud computing and the information security risks and mitigation strategies that go along with it

Have knowledge of everything related to cloud security architecture, design, operations, and service orchestration

Are responsible for procuring, securing and managing cloud environments or purchased cloud services

Are cloud security ambassadors CCSPs are counted on to: Oversee the technical and operational tasks associated with migrating legacy operations to the cloud Configure cloud infrastructure and remediate vulnerabilities Know the language of the cloud Work with IT staff to ensure organizational assets are secure and protected Liase with cloud suppliers

Walk the walk CCSPs repor t that in addition to employer confidence, they have gained respect, credibility, and trust across all levels within their organization by obtaining the cer tification.

Work for all types of organizations

Small and medium businesses

Cloud Service Providers

Fortune 1000 companies

Government agencies

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