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IT Workforce Optimization Solutions Creating Alignment for Enhanced Organizational Performance

Optimizing IT Workforce Performance

Learning Tree’s IT Workforce Optimization Solutions Creating Alignment for Enhanced Organizational Performance Learning Tree’s IT Workforce Optimization Solutions will improve the adoption of skills, and accelerate the implementation of technical and business processes that are required to improve IT service delivery and consistently achieve projects in scope, on time and on budget.

With Learning Tree’s IT Workforce Optimization Solutions, you will be able to:

Workforce Optimization is largely achieved by improving the design, development and delivery of workforce professional development in accordance with organizational priorities, job roles and the required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) to perform on the job.

■ Develop and implement

performance improvements

■ Improve resource allocation and rapid deployment

■ Establish clear performance expectations

■ Provide training to accomplish shared goals

■ Raise employee satisfaction Optimizing IT Workforce Performance

What is your greatest sense of urgency in developing a high-performing IT workforce? ■ Service Delivery & Project Completion

Having the right people with the right skills to confidently manage our high-risk, high-visibility programs

■ Fight for Talent

Attracting and Maintaining the right talent – creating exciting career paths with clearly defined job roles and professional competencies

■ P rocess & Procedure

Improving our operational practices, thereby enabling a productive workforce

■ P roof of Performance Improvement

Assurance that our training investment is actually developing a capable and competent workforce

Only 21% of organizations take a strategic, long-term approach to address the gap between the supply and demand for talent and skills.

— 2014 Bersin & Associates Research Report

A Modern Methodology for Workforce Optimization Creating Alignment Between NEEDS, HUMAN CAPITAL & PERFORMANCE

A path for developing a high-performing IT workforce by establishing learning and development strategies that are highly aligned with organizational goals and objectives.

Only 14%

of companies believe they have an “excellent” understanding of the gaps between current skills and capabilities. — Global Human Capital Trends 2014: Deloitte University Press

85 Million By 2020 there will be a global shortfall of 85 million high- and middle-skilled workers

— November 2014 ATD State of Industry Report

‘War for Talent’

The pending retirement of baby boomer leaders, coupled with a shortage of high-skilled workers, has executives worried about their talent pipelines. — May 2015 Harvard Business Review


of CEOs say that they recognize the need to change their strategy for attracting and retaining talent. — 2014 PwC, 17th Annual Global CEO Survey: The talent challenge

A Large Government IT Organization is Taking a Revolutionary Approach to Their Investment in Human Capital Through the TEAM Act of 2012, the organization has replaced the traditional civil service system and is implementing a performancebased organization. Part of this transformation is the creation of the IT Academy – their IT Training Organization. The IT Academy, supported and delivered by Learning Tree, is a multi-year program providing their employees with the knowledge, skills and abilities to meet the needs of a modern IT organization.

A Large Manufacturing Firm Shifts from Outsourcing to Insourcing Information Technology Professionals When one of the world’s largest manufacturing firms decided to bring all of their information technology jobs internal, the focus on their human capital became more important than ever. To attract the best talent, Learning Tree and the manufacturer worked together to build a “roadmap to success”. The roadmap provided excellent upward mobility and opportunity for new hires, while continuously improving their skills. Specifically, Learning Tree provided: custom curriculum development based on job roles; knowledge-based skills assessments; instructor-led training delivered to multiple locations within the United States; and hands-on coaching after the training.

RESULT: This program modernized the skills of an entire workforce utilizing just 0.5% of the overall IT budget. This is addressing the challenges of attracting and retaining the highest-quality talent to support its agencies and constituents, as well as converting to the requirements of new technologies.

RESULT: In 2015, over 1,500 employees will have graduated from the new hire program. Learning Tree and the manufacturing firm actively work together on improving the optimization services, and look forward to aligning content with different formats, and devoting more instructor lead time to higher-complex items in 2016.

Learning Tree is a Proven Market Leader ... Trusted Partner for 60,000+ Organizations

600+ Expert Advisors

Demonstrated Past Performance

serving our global customer footprint and averaging 20+ years of diverse real-world experience

serving national and multinational corporations; government agencies; Education and Non-Profits

in offering end-to-end proven capabilities to provide all facets of Workforce Optimization resulting in improved organizational alignment

US1511 WOS Br

Learning Tree’s 40+ Years of Training Expertise in These IT Topics NETWORK, DATA & SECURITY




Activity-Based Intelligence Big Data Business Intelligence Cisco Cloud Computing Cyber Security Networking & Virtualization Oracle SQL Server UNIX & Linux

Microsoft Office

Agile & Scrum

Business Analysis


Apple Programming

Communication Skills

Windows Desktop

Java Programming

Windows Systems

Mobile App Development

ITIL®, COBIT ® & SFIA Certifications

.NET/Visual Studio Perl, Python & C++ Software Development

Project Management Professional Development & Leadership

Web Development

Learning Tree courses are aligned with the following Industry Frameworks: Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) • National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) ITIL is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited. COBIT   is a trademark of ISACA, registered in the U.S. and other countries. SFIA is a trademark of the SFIA Foundation. ®


Optimizing IT Workforce Performance


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IT Workforce Optimization Solutions  

Create alignment for enhanced organizational performance.