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My Top Tips For Learning to Play the Guitar - Learning To Play Guitar _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Davis - If you are going to learn anything whether it is brain surgery or a new language there is a lot of effort involved. Now I am not saying that it is brain surgery but learning to play the guitar certainly takes a lot of time and effort and many of us will fall by the wayside in the process. But it does not have to be like that. If done properly learning the guitar can be a fun and rewarding experience. So here are my top tips, taken from my own bitter experiences, on learning to play the guitar. To Learn More About Learning To Play Guitar

I know that this might be a bit of an odd one to start with. However, if there is any advice that I would give to someone who was wanting to learn to play the guitar it would be this. Make sure you choose your first guitar wisely. I remember the first guitar that I bought with absolutely no fondness whatsoever. It was a cheap acoustic guitar and it nearly ended my association with the instrument. To be blunt it was the biggest pile of... ... Well you know what I mean. It would never stay in tune, the action was so high that I would have required the finger strength of Arnold Schwarzenegger to hold the strings down and when I did manage to play a note the tone was so bad it was unbearable. I really could not stand the thing and

would have given up on playing the guitar if it hadn't been for a friend giving me a loan of one of his. The difference between the two guitars was like night and day and made me realise what a blunder I had made in not buying a decent guitar to start with. So make sure you buy yourself a good guitar. Do your research, try out a few guitars before you buy but certainly don't rush in and buy the first guitar that you see.

When learning to play the guitar there is only so far that you can get on your own. Well in my honest opinion I think that statement is true. What many people find when they start learning to play the guitar is that they pick up a book or two, learn a few chords and perhaps a few scales, don't really know how to put these together to form a tune and so don't progress. I should know I was one of those people. I learnt to play the pentatonic scale and that was all I could play for years. I didn't even know how to put chords around the pentatonic scale so that I could play a tune. I just kept using the same old blues licks and it got rather boring and repetitive. Now this is an excellent recipe for dissatisfaction and ultimately to you giving up on playing the guitar. For me the best solution was to get a teacher. It doesn't have to be an actual guitar teacher, although they are very good. I found that I preferred the on-line approach as you can take it at your own pace and it works out a lot cheaper. There are some great options such as Jam Play and Guitar Tricks which are very comprehensive and I found that they helped me to expand both my guitar technique and understanding of music theory very quickly.

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