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The Art of Leadership

The Art of Leadership a 9 day modular programme that develops, trains and nurtures those who really want to have a positive influence on themselves and others in their organisation. It provides managers with a broad range of skills that they can take away and apply immediately within their own organisation!

This is enlightened leadership for the business that means business.

Who is it for ? To survive and succeed companies need to create strong Leadership skills at all levels... Organisations need leaders to develop the kind of thinking and action that builds outstanding relationships. They need senior, middle and junior managers who inspire commitment, encourage creativity and peak performance, and take the initiative for communicating across, down and up! Developing managers into leaders is also an important part of succession planning, this development programme will equip managers for a wide range of diverse leadership roles.

Content of the Programme The Art of Leadership is about how ordinary people get extraordinary things done in organisations. Leadership is not about the job title, position or status – it’s about behaviour, about observable skills and abilities. This 9-day programme will inspire and enable you to act, behave and lead positively. Delivered (one day a month for 9 months) the course aims to develop: •A greater understanding of what leadership is •An insight into the effects of your own behaviour - on yourself and others •A range of practical tools and techniques to support you in your leadership role

This booklet outlines the content of each of the nine days separately – however some of the core competencies you will cover are: •Self awareness •Leadership •Personal effectiveness •Presenting yourself with impact •Developing & motivating effective teams •Outstanding Communication •Performance management

•Assertiveness •Managing challenging situations •Negotiation and influencing skills •Championing change •Continuous improvement •Creativity & innovation •Coaching & mentoring

The Essential 5 a day! The programme provides a minimum of 5 tools per day that participants can take away and apply immediately that’s a total of 45 Leadership tools over the duration of the programme!

How is it Structured? The programme is delivered one day a month over approximately nine months. Participants can register for all 9 days, or can choose to undertake the programme as one or more of these three separate stand alone 3 day modules :

The Effective Leader ( days 1 to 3 ) covering leadership, self awareness, understanding behaviours, personal effectiveness, outcome thinking, mental resilience, presenting yourself and time management.

The Art of Leading Teams (days 4 to 6) Team roles & stages, Thinking styles, Outstanding Communication, Conflict resolution, Assertiveness, Negotiation skills , The art of influence ,Delegation, & Managing challenging situations

The Art of Leading Change (days 7 to 9) covering the effects of change on yourself, your team and the whole organisation, problem solving, thinking out of the box, coaching for change, the coaching cycle, listening and questioning techniques, continuous improvement, creativity & innovation

Essential Leadership & Self Awareness The Scope of the Day Develop a greater understanding of the core behaviours of a Leader........ Knowing how to lead starts with knowing more about yourself - This day will give you a good grounding in what leadership is all about, helping you to identify your strengths and areas for development...... AND of course you will also get a variety of leadership tools that you can take back to the workplace and start using straight away!

What will you get out of it? •A greater awareness that leadership is a set of behaviours and values - and that leadership can be learned by anyone! •An understanding of the 5 core behaviours of effective leaders •A self-assessment of where you are now as a leader and where you want to be – and an action plan to get you there. •An internal compass that will give you enhanced clarity about your personal values - what you stand for as a manager and leader •Skills to develop a vision for yourself and your teams – and an understanding of how this is critical to successful leadership.

Wanting to lead & believing that you can lead are the departure points on the path to leadership. Leadership is an art – a performing art – & the instrument is the self. Kouzes Posner

Take away 5 Essential Leadership tools A Model for Leadership – A five step model for Leadership, you will be able to recognise core leadership behaviours and identify areas for own development. Maps of the World -Understand how people develop their own unique ‘map of the world’ and its impact on actions and behaviours Core Values -How to determine what is important to yourself and others, and develop appropriate and empowering incentives by the identification of ‘core values’ Beliefs – The impact of negative belief’s on your own and others performance how to spot them - and how to ‘bust’ them Human Needs – Their impact on behaviour and how to make sure people are motivated in their roles

Personal Effectiveness The Scope of the Day In order to be personally effective you must develop the ability to ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’ in order to become ‘response – able’. This is the root to greater control and requires you to accept the notion that, while you have little or no influence over the weather, you have total control over your attitude about the things in your life. This module will explore how to manage and focus your emotional state, get clear on your roles and goals and explore how you can practically manage your time more effectively. Personal Effectiveness increases people's range of choices -it can involve breaking away from the familiar, stereotypical patterns of behaviours and looking for alternative more effective ways of communicating. This course will invite you to discover a strategy that works for you.

What will you get out of it ?

•The application of a practical model that will enable you to change how you and your team prioritise tasks and actions forever ! • An understanding of how to develop clear and well-formed outcomes for yourself and your team. • The ability to take charge of your day and respond effectively to changing priorities • Further consideration of the ‘art of delegation’ - and why we often don’t do it!! .

The bad news is time flies........ ........the good news is your the Pilot.

5 core tools for Personal Effectiveness

Time Matrix - How to analyse and prioritise your current use of time & resources. Roles and Goals – A tool to ensure you achieve your current goals and aspirations in relation to the workplace. Well Formed Outcomes – What makes a task or objective achievable ? Discover how to ensure you have clear, and defined outcomes in place for yourself and your team. Managing your ‘State’ - How to be resourceful, learn how to manage yourself to become proactive rather than reactive – the key to personal effectiveness. Anchors - increase your choices and learn how to develop new psychological patterns to make you much more effective.

Presenting with Confidence The Scope of the Day How do you present yourself as a leader or manager ? This day is all about how you come across to others....when we communicate in a one to one meeting, or to a large audience we are presenting ‘our-self’. Even if this attention is not wanted, you can guarantee it will be happening. Every day with every action, everything we say, do and even through the things we own, we are presenting ourselves. The act of presenting our-self allows others to see, hear and connect with us (whether we want this or not). Every time we interact in the world, we are potentially inviting others to look, listen and connect with ‘know us’. Even the most capable of people can be ineffective in front of an audience, whether a conference of a thousand or a team meeting of a few. The scope of this day is to equip people with some of the physiological and psychological gems that will assist in raising confidence in all interactions including presentations, training, meeting customers or team meetings.

What will you get out of it ? •A greater appreciation of how you come across to others •A whole heap of tools and techniques that will assist you to communicate your message effectively to one or a thousand ! •How to develop a presence that has ‘impact and influence’ •An understanding of the term ‘we cannot not communicate’ •Greater confidence in your ability to ‘present’ to others

Every individual has his own style, his own way of presenting himself on and off the field. Sachin Tendulkar

5 tools to help you present yourself with Impact and Influence

Satir’s body language - Five varieties of non verbal communication you can use to enhance your message. Verbal Communication - Ways to have greater influence over situations and the people around you 4 MAT - A model and format to successfully structure information that you want to communicate including the contents of a presentation Circle of Excellence - How to ‘let go’ of the fear of presenting yourself in a range of situations Framing, Stories & Metaphor – setting the frame for your presentation and the power of metaphor to communicate your message.

Developing Effective Teams The Scope of the Day A team that works well is an exciting and creative place to be! This day will enable you to identify the important ingredients for a successful team, and reflect upon your own team management responsibilities. The day will also look at different team-working styles and consider how people who may drive us to distraction could provide the necessary balance within a team ! The course rigorously investigates “collaboration” and “trust” the two key components for achieving and sustaining high performance in teams, and it is for all those managers and leaders who wish to understand ‘HOW’ to create a climate where employees are self motivated about the work they do.

What will you get out of it? •Explore the stages of team development – and identify where your team are currently •A good grasp of the key ingredients in a high performing team •How to delegate and get the right person doing the right things ! •Confidence to motivate and inspire your team towards organisational goals

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. Henry Ford

5 tools delegates will learn for developing and motivating effective teams

Inspiring a Shared Vision - How to identify the team’s vision and values (common purpose and approach) and how to inspire it…Daily! Team Rules - How to develop collaboration and trust by sharing power and accountability. Self Directed Teams - How teams are formed and the stages of team development. Learning Styles - How to identify the roles within a team and give the right tasks to the right person Team Roles - How to delegate critical tasks effectively.

Outstanding Communication The Scope of the Day Effective communication skills are key in our personal and working lives; and vital to achieving individual and work goals. As leaders we often have to deal with a whole range of people, and learning how to work well and communicate effectively with everyone can sometimes be a challenge. Without even being aware of it, we are influencing people in the way we act, behave and the decisions we make on a daily basis. Understand why the meaning of your communication is the response you get, which may be different to the one you intended ! Focusing on cutting edge skills of ‘people management', this workshop is the obvious next step for all those who require excellence in understanding, interacting and communicating with people in the workplace.

What will you get out of it?

The quality of your life…

•The workshop will help you to a much greater understanding & mastery of key issues such as: is the quality of your communication. Tony Robbins. oRelationship management oInfluencing others oCommunication Skills oUnderstanding Behaviours • Understand peoples communication style - discover your own and learn how to identify other people preference’s •Learn how to communicate with impact and influence

5 tools delegates will learn for Outstanding Communication Four core pillars of communication - discover the ingredients of outstanding communication Thinking styles – Understand why communicating with one person can be very different from another! Meta programmes - discover how to literally ‘speak someone else’s language’ Perceptual positions - take a different perspective and understand how and where communication fails and what to do about it. Cats & Dogs – Managing challenging situations using the secrets of non-verbal communication

Managing Challenging Situations The Scope of the Day This day looks at the range of challenging situations that managers and leaders face and provides some models and tools to shed understanding - offering choices in behaviour and response. We look to increase the choice of response available when under pressure and thus enable people to make the small changes which matter.....and how to develop a culture that minimises conflict in teams. Managing conflict, acting assertively and delegation are all areas that will benefit from the tools this day offers ;

What will you get out of it?

Your beliefs determine everything you do.

•A toolkit of methods to cope in difficult situations •How to change what you do to get a different outcome •Understanding of the roles people play in conflict •The respect of your colleagues as you start saying what you really mean, even in difficult situations •Ability to find the solution not the problem •A renewed sense of confidence to support you as a manager of leader

Choose them Wisely. John Seymour.

5 tools delegates will deal with Challenging Situations

Win/ Win – a winning formula for achieving resolution Values & beliefs around challenge & conflict – understand how conflicts affect you and others around you, and develop new ways to respond. Four Step Plan - Choices of responses to enable you to act more assertively in all situations How not to get shot - A five step process for delivering news that is less than positive without getting ‘shot’ ! Negotiation (Chunking) - How to effectively negotiate to get to the heart of where real conflict lies

Championing Change The Scope of the Day This day has a focused mission … it is about giving all those involved in change the tools, techniques and confidence to handle it. If managed effectively change programs can result in increased morale and productivity once people have had chance to settle. Managed ineffectively then the fall out can be disastrous ! This day will explore how to successfully lead through change by understanding the psychological process people go through during periods of change.

What will you get out of it?

•An understanding of the key stages of change • An insight into the way people and organisations react to change; • Identify how our beliefs about change affects our behaviour and personal performance • Discover how & why change threatens our values and sense of identity • Know why communication can send the right and wrong messages • The role & importance of personal leadership

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way

you think about it. Mary Engelbreit

5 tools delegates will learn for Managing through Change Stages of Transition – Stages of change The Change Curve – Recognize how change affects people and respond effectively Reframing Change – What can change give you? Change Champions – The roles people play during times of change Leading through Change – A Leadership model for times of change

Coaching for Change The Scope of the Day Management as a discipline is changing dramatically; organisational structures are flattening out and more and more employees are taking on greater responsibility. This requires a more inclusive, participative and collaborative management style. That is why we believe coaching is the future of management. It ensures real employee motivation and morale, fosters genuine teamwork, interdepartmental communication and leadership. It helps develop change initiatives and corporate visions. This day will offer managers best practice in Coaching, and develop their skills in a range of coaching techniques to support personal change and promote improved performance.

What will you get out of it? •An understanding of the formal and informal client / coach relationship! (The rules!) •The skills, knowledge and mindset required to use coaching as a management style. •A real understanding of the words people use to explain their experience, and how to use that information to ask outstanding questions. •Content free coaching techniques. Incisive questions increase the •Solutions focused questioning techniques. functional intelligence of human beings. •How to challenge your ‘client’. •When to use silence!

5 tools delegates will learn for Coaching The Coaching Environment – Discover the mindset of outstanding coaches and the things that need to be in place for you to get amazing results Listening and Responding – Improve your ability to listen, and increase your range of responses Circle of life – A powerful tool to get clear on, and measure, areas for improvement GROW – A model for coaching Outcome Questions – enable people to think and come up with new ideas and solutions by your use of questions that focus on results not problems.

Creativity & Innovation The Scope of the Day Creativity and innovation are the life blood of any business or organisation, the unique and creative ideas of all your people are potentially your biggest and most exciting resource! This day is all about unleashing your creative brain – it’s designed to harness a variety of creative thinking tools in order to generate new ideas. The content will encourage leaders to develop more creativity and innovation within their work place by bringing more innovation and new thinking to their current role, team or across the whole organisation. The day is designed to give you and your people the courage and confidence to go the extra creative mile that will lead to the imaginative solutions your organisations is looking for.

What will you get out of it? •How to introduce creativity in all aspects of your work. • How to put continuous improvement at the top of the agenda • Strategies for thinking out of the box – releasing you from preconceived restrictions and patterns •Idea generation techniques - to help flex and build that creative muscle •How to tackle the boundary conditions of your own thinking!

You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.

Jack London

5 tools delegates will learn for Innovation & Creativity Conscious incompetence – How we become conditioned by past learning Human Filter’s – How we filter information and how that filtering can limit or expand our experience Associative Thinking – A model for generating innovative ideas Disney Strategy – learn the secret strategy of the master of creativity – and apply the 3 stage model in your own organisation Six Hats – A 6 stage tool for identifying problems or solutions during group or individual thinking

Options for Attending The Art of Leadership

FULL NINE DAY Programme - You can attend the full 9 day programme as detailed in this brochure:

£1710 - per delegate per 9 days

just £513 per delegate per 9 days

Just £855 per delegate per 9 days

THREE DAY MODULE’s -The programme is further split into three -3 day modules which also form stand alone separate courses ; The Effective Leader ( days 1 to 3) The Art of Leading Teams ( days 4 to 6 ) The Art of Leading Change ( days 7 to 9)

£570 per delegate per 3 day module

just £171 per delegate per 3 day module

just £285 per delegate per 3 day module

ONE DAY COURSES If you would like to attend just one day of the programme then please contact us, and if we have availability you are welcome to attend just the one of the day of the programme that is specific to your needs:

£190 per delegate per day

just £57 per delegate per day

just £90 per delegate per day

Where is it delivered? Open courses The Art of Leadership is delivered across all regions of Wales as an open programme ; please check the course dates section of our website :

In – House Courses Any part of this programme ( from one day through to all 9 day’s ) is available for delivery in – house if you have more that 8 people who would benefit from the programme please contact us to discuss the delivery of this course, or a programme tailored to meet your specific needs. Funding is also available for delivery of in – house programmes at the rates outlined above !

How it will be delivered Our approach Our approach is underpinned by our belief that for learning to be effective, it needs to be transformational, enabling people to act, behave and think differently as a result… Our training programmes appeal to the entire person, not just the intellect, making learning enjoyable and easy. We enable individuals to take what they’ve learnt back to their work and lives by developing their capacity to learn - this means that changes can continue long after the programme ends. No matter which of our programmes you attend there will be a consistent approach. You will benefit from a learning experience that blends the very best of accelerated learning, neuro-linguistics, emotional intelligence and 'flow.'

You can expect us to: Challenge conventional beliefs about learning and development. You will not find us using PowerPoint! Create a rich learning environment that is stimulating and great fun. Invite our learners to get passionate, curious and excited about their learning. You will not be passively hosed with information. Enable the creation of well-formed outcomes – you will be invited to think about what is important to you and what it is you REALLY want and need to learn. Design learning that is transformational and enables learners to act, think and behave differently as a result! – Your current patterns of thinking will be challenged & inspired.

How much is it?

The Art of Leadership – all 9 days Full cost is £1710 However, if you work for a private or third sector organisation in Wales we will only need to charge you: Less than 250 employees the cost is just £513 More than 250 employees the cost is just £855

The Effective Leader - 3 day The Art of Leading Teams – 3 day The Art of Leading Change – 3 day The full cost of each 3 day programme is £570 However, if you work for a private or third sector organisation in Wales we will only need to charge you : Less than 250 employees the cost is just £171 More than 250 employees the cost is just £285

Funding This funding is available to our customers in Wales as Learning to Inspire is a preferred training provider of the Welsh Assembly Government’s ELMS Leadership and Management Development Programme. In undertaking course’s at the subsidised rates detailed above you are undertaking learning that is part financed by the European Social Development Fund through the Welsh Assembly Government through the ELMS Leadership Development Programme. The programme provides subsidised courses for businesses and organisations across Wales- Up to 70% funding is also available for courses to be tailored to your specific need and delivered in-house This funding is available IN ADDITION to any funding you are currently receiving through the Workforce Development Programme - Call us on 0845 050 7676 to find out how you can access the funding you are entitled to for learning & development to grow your business !

What we offer

A bit more about us....

Open Courses From one-day courses to in-depth Leadership or NLP programmes. The current course dates are available to view on our website:



Choose any of the open courses and have them delivered in-house for a group of ten or more.

Many of our programmes are approved through a number of Awarding and Accrediting organisations, this means that they externally validate the standard to which we deliver and enable us to award Internationally recognised qualifications. These can be accessed through our open courses or tailored as a bespoke programme to meet the needs of your organisation. By participating in an accredited programme learners will undertake a range of assessment activities and receive ongoing feedback/coaching which reinforces learning and encourages application in the workplace. Our accreditation partnerships include :

Bespoke Courses Designed specifically to meet your needs and delivered in-house. We will work with you to develop a tailor-made Leadership and Management programme that supports the achievement of your business objectives.

Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) University of Chester Association of NLP (ANLP) For more information on the various qualifications and accreditation routes available to you and your people please visit our website

What we deliver • Assertiveness • Championing Change • Coaching Mentoring & Instructing • Developing Effective Teams • Essential Leadership • Introduction to NLP • Managing Conflict •Outstanding Customer Service •Presentation skills •Selling Naturally

•Time Management & Prioritisation •Personal Effectiveness •Developing the Company Vision •Train the Trainer •The Art of Leading Teams(3 day) •The Effective leader ( 3 day) •The Art of Leading Change (3 day) •The Art of Leadership (10 day) •NLP Practitioner (18 day) •Foundation Degree in NLP

for more information and a discussion with a member of our team about the courses available, please contact us! Learning to Inspire The Shippon Church Road Dodleston Chester CH4 9NG

0845 050 7676


The Art of Leadership  

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