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Let Us Be Human Project open-source documentary about improving your life, your home and your planet




• Two-months intensive education program at the Earthship Biotecture Academy in Taos, New Mexico, starting this September, 2012. • We will be filming, photographing, interviewing and blogging about our family’s learning experiences and adventures as we travel from Berlin to Taos and other eco-communities in the US and Europe . • With professional support we will produce a film documentary of our collective journey to sustainability.

Sydney 25, Actress, Model, Dreamer & Doer, Writer, Communicator & Mother.



24, Traveler, Photographer, 26, Imagineer, DesignAdventurer & Aspiring Thinker, Explorer & Anthropologist. Father.

Lola 2,5, Our amazing daughter, teacher & inspiration for this project.

•learning to provide our basic human needs for shelter, food, and a community •After this learning journey we will be sharing our experiences in D.I.Y. workshops and we will be able to support relief missions and building projects world-wide. •To inform people of the possibilities around them and how they can personally incorporate new methods into their lives.

Let Us Be Human Project open-source documentary about improving your life, your home and your planet Our needs: Working gear & outdoor Equipment

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What is an EARTHSHIP? An Earthship is a radically sustainable house built with up-cycled materials. In other words, out of our GARBAGE. They are built following a method developed over the course of 30 years of architectural experimentation by Mike Reynolds in New Mexico and what is now called Earthship Biotecture. Since the walls are built with used tires which are packed with earth, the buildings are designed to withstand just about anything while providing for the people living inside them. Living in a house made from garbage may sound strange, but when you think about it, our trash is accessible and in constantly growing abundance all over our planet. This building method is extremely practical all over the world, especially in terms of response to relief. Earthship Biotecture has taught entire communities in Haiti, and in many other places in desperate need of sustainable solutions, how to build shelter for themselves from the ground up. Rain water is caught, filtered and used throughout the house and sewage treatment is contained. Tire walls insulate the house keeping it cool or warm without use of air conditioning or heating.

Sustainable indoor gardening is made possible by the indoor greenhouses, a living, food providing aspect of each building.

Solar and wind energy are harvested and used directly.

Earthships are made of upcycled materials.

Let Us Be Human Project  
Let Us Be Human Project  

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