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The Learning Express Story Celebrating 30 Years Thirty years ago, mom-of-two, Sharon DiMinico, saw that her daughter’s nursery school was struggling financially. An entrepreneur at heart, she presented her business plan to open an educational toy store to the board of directors so they could raise funds for the school. That’s how the first Learning Express was born, in Acton, Massachusetts in 1987. Today, Learning Express Toys has grown into a family of 120 locally-owned franchised stores all across the country. We have been there as fads come and go – Beanie Babies, Webkinz, Rainbow Loom and the current fidget craze – but our core specialty product mix of toys that “inspire growth through play” is what makes us most proud.

Sharon 1987

Learning Express Toys has entered the next generation. Our first customers are now visiting us with their own children. Sharon’s daughter, Lauren, is learning the business from the ground up and runs her own store in Bedford, Massachusetts. Yet our mission remains the same: Providing quality toys, expert staff, exceptional customer experiences, and community support through fundraising—the keystones of the Learning Express brand. Lauren 2017



NEW! Crazy Aaron’s Halloween Thinking Putty* Ages 3+ $14.99 each COMING SOON!

NEW! Halloween

Ages 3+


Starting at $3.99 each

Countdown to Christmas

with a

Advent Calendar!

NEW! Advent Calendars*

Build a LEGO holiday story as you count down to December 24. Available in Friends, City and Star Wars editions. Ages 5+





Stack and sort and watch them spin, then lift the corkscrew, let the disks spin off, and start over! Ages 12 months+



Watch them spin!


beep! beep!

Fun Time Tractor Gather all of your animals in the back of the farm tractor! Includes five animals that make sounds. Tractor moves on its own, plays a melody and makes engine and horn sounds. Ages 12 months+

Regular Price $39.99 Special Price $29.99**

Playfoam GO! Build and play on the go with the squishy, sensory substance that never dries out. Includes eight colors of Playfoam and four built-in shape molds. Ages 3+


Splash Art


Just fill the pen with water, and a rainbow of colors appears as you draw! The double-sided surface magically erases as it dries. Great for travel! Ages 12 months+ $19.99

Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Fully assembled and ready to play. Includes ten furniture pieces and one critter. Ages 3+

Regular Price $34.99 Special Price $24.99**

We are your Headquarters!

Do-A-Dot Mini Dots & Doodles The original sponge-tip dot markers in a smaller dot size for more intricate projects. Ages 3+ $16.99 each set of six

NEW! Do-A-Dot Juicy Fruit Scented vibrant, mess-free dot markers in six yummy scents. Ages 3+ $16.99 each set of six

NEW! Dream Tents* Enter a fun, magical world at bedtime! These themed tents pop open and fasten to any twin bed in seconds. Includes reading light. Ages 3+ $19.99 each


Aquabeads Beginners Studio Create fun bead art using templates or your imagination. Beads stick together when sprayed with water! Ages 4+

Regular Price $19.99 Special Price $14.99**

NEW! 3D PlushCraft Kits* Pop fabric pieces into the 3D mold with a stylus to create the furry texture. Ages 5+ $12.99 each

NEW! Fashion Press Fashion Plates meet paper dolls! Create your own fashion designs on paper, roll it through the press, then punch out the shapes to dress your model. Ages 6+


NEW! Latch Kits*


Create a fuzzy mini-rug with this retro latch hook craft kit! Loop, hook and pull the pre-cut yarn to make an easy-to-follow design. Ages 6+

$19.99 each

Logo Loops Headbands* Ages 4+ Regular Price $14.99 each Special Price $9.99 each**

Creativity for ALL!

Lip Balm Boutique

Learn about chemistry while creating your own all-natural lip balm and lotion bars! Includes 6 lip balm containers, 1 lotion bar mold with 4 shapes, 1 gift bag sticker sheet, 6 lotion bar gift bags, and beeswax. Ages 8+ $19.99

Make Your Own Mini Erasers Sculpt your own erasers from eraser clay, then bake to get unique erasers that really work! Choose from 35 designs or create your own. Includes 8 colors of clay, technique book and shaping tool. Ages 6+ $21.99

NEW! Aromatherapy Putty*

Energize, relax and refresh as you knead the scented putty to match your mood. Improve concentration with this soothing fidget item! Ages 6+ $4.99 each



Emoji Phone Chargers*

Personalization varies by store. Ages 4+

Power up your phone on the go with these portable chargers! Ages 9+

$19.99 each

Express Yourself !

Name & Initial Jewelry* Express yourself with this trendy personalized jewelry. Ages 4+

Popsockets* Personalize your smartphone with these cool, colorful and multifunctional handles! Get a better grip for selfies or wrap your headphones around them. They also work as kickstands, and are perfect for watching or taking videos. Ages 8+

$9.99 each

*iPhone not included.


NEW! Starry Sky LED Room Light Transform your bedroom into a dreamy galaxy of 10,000 soft, glowing stars! Set the LEDs to multi-colored or white. Ages 10+ $9.99

BUY 2 get 1 FREE!

ALEX Spa Kits* Transform your face, hair and nails and create glittery tattoos with these beauty kits! Ages 6+

$8.99 each

2 Pictures in each journal!

NEW! Mermaid Lap Desk

NEW! Color-Changing Sequin Journals*

*iPad not included.

Read or do homework in style on this trendy lap desk with bead-filled cushion. Includes a handy tablet pocket. Ages 6+ $24.99

Record all your daily thoughts in these colorful journals. The whimsical sequin covers transform with a swipe of your hand. Ages 6+

$12.99 each COMING SOON!

Scented Yummy Gummy Accessories* Gummy scented wristlets, scented backpacks with a bonus charm, rainbow volumizing brushes with mirror and funky pom-pom bracelets. Styles and colors vary by store. Ages 6+ Starting at $3.99 each


Passback Football* This football training tool bounces against a wall and back to the thrower. Perfect for practicing throwing, catching and improving reaction time. Available in youth and official sizes; selection will vary by store. Starting at ages 9+ Starting at $29.99

“Official Size”

“Junior Size”




Ultraglow Air Power Soccer Disk

Spin-balls LED Poi

This disk hovers on air, and doesn’t damage the walls or floor! Ages 6+ $19.99

Paint the air with light and color! Master the skill of poi by spinning the glowing LED balls attached to adjustable leashes. Ages 6+ $24.99

Slimeball Dodgetag Aim the soft, squishy balls at your opponent’s vest! Balls stick to target, but won’t stick to anything else. Includes two adjustable vests and four slimeballs. Ages 6+ $24.99

Slimeball Battle Pack


Includes six no-mess slimeballs. Ages 6+ $14.99


NightZone Capture The Flag Set Race to capture the other team’s flag - but don’t get caught! Includes two light-up flags and two matching light-up bases. Ages 6+ $29.99

NEW! Lightening Flip This bottle lights up whenever it hits the ground for ultimate bottle-flipping action! Stick better landings with the wide, flat cap. Ages 5+

$9.99 each

NEW! Trick Board* Practice freestyle tricks indoors or outdoors with this high-bounce board! Holds up to 160 pounds. Colors vary by store. Ages 6+ $29.99 each


NEW! Elasti Plasti* This ooey-gooey slime expands in your hands! Blow bubbles, stretch it and more! Colors vary by store. Ages 3+

$14.99 each

Build Bonanza Building Block Tape*

Turn walls, counters, your TV or anything you can imagine into a base for popular building blocks! Includes 12 feet of flexible building tape, which can be cut to size and repositioned again and again. Colors vary by store. Ages 4+ $12.99

Backyard Safari Walkie Talkies

Get up to a two-mile range with these ruggedlydesigned walkie talkies! Includes two per package. Ages 6+

Regular Price $49.99 Special Price $29.99**

Crazy Aaron’s Cosmic Thinking Putty*

Knead and squish away your stress with glowing, shimmery Northern Lights or Milky Way putty! Ages 3+ $14.99 each

NEW! Magformers Neon Set

Build bright structures with 26 magnetic pieces that always connect, never reject! Includes bonus light to illuminate your creations. Ages 3+


Regular Price $59.99 Special Price $39.99**

Let’s get twisted!

Twangled Game Twist and tangle yourself around a set of colorful elastic bands in this team-building game! 4-8 players. Ages 6+


How fast can YOU solve it?

Rubik’s Race Game

Rubik’s Cube A puzzle phenomenon since 1980! Ages 8+ $12.99

Best-selling 2-player game based on the classic brain teaser! Race your opponent to be the first to complete the challenge. Ages 7+ $19.99

Fidgitz This twisty brainteaser is both a puzzle and a fidget toy! Rotate the pieces until each side is a single color. Ages 8+ $9.99

NEW VERSION! möbi Junior Numerical Tile Game Race your friends to create a maze of simple mathematical equations for younger children. Ages 4+ $16.99 Original version also available Ages 6+ $19.99


Emoji Bracelets Kit Make and wear these trendy bracelets! Match your outfit to your mood. Includes gel cord and 70 beads to make five bracelets. Ages 6+ $9.99

The Amazing Emoji Puzzle Book Go puzzle crazy with over 80 fun brainteasers. Use emoji stickers to solve the problems! Ages 7+ $8.99

Trendy, fresh and hot!

NEW! Emoji Nightlights*

Battery-powered glow lights. Ages 4+ $9.99 each

Battery Operated!

*iPad not included.

NEW! Emoji Lap Desk Read or do homework in style on this trendy lap desk with bead-filled cushion. Includes a handy tablet pocket. Only available at Learning Express Toys! Ages 6+ $24.99

2 Faces in 1 Pillow!

Emoji Sequin Pillows*


Rub the sequins in one direction to see an emoji, then run your hand the other way to change its expression! Style selection and color vary by store. Ages 7+ $24.99 each


your room!

NEW! Fidget Counter Fidget away by pressing the button on this pocket-sized fidget counter, and it counts your total! Ages 6+

$5.99 each

Compete with friends to fidget the fastest!

Soft N’ Slo Squishies*

Squeeze and squish these mouthwatering baked goods, then watch them slowly return to their original shape. Available in three sizes! Ages 3+

Starting at $7.99

Snap Handle Storage* Ages 3+

Rainbow Loom

The best-selling, award-winning craft kit is back in style! Use mini rubber bands to make and trade bracelets, charms, figurines, backpack zipper pulls and much more. Build pattern recognition skills, fine motor skills and confidence. Looming is also a great social activity! Ages 8+

AWARD WINNER! Organizer* Ages 3+


While supplies last. Prices valid in-store through October 2017, except as noted. *Selection may vary by store. **Cannot be combined with coupon.

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Learning Express Toys September/October 2017 Catalog  
Learning Express Toys September/October 2017 Catalog