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Sally was sick and alone in her room, tucked up in bed with a frown. She wished she had someone to play with, but her friends weren’t allowed to come round.

What can I do? Sally thought to herself, my nose is now running a lot. I can’t read a book with this headache, and I can’t sit and talk to my snot.

She started to cough and to splutter a bit, then a tickle formed under her nose. It tingled on down through her body, and tickled the tips of her toes. But then it shot up to the front of her legs, ‘til it tickled the tops of her knees. It made its way up to the back of her throat, which caused our poor Sally to SNEEZE!


and out came a rainbow horse that bounded right out of her lips!

“Oh hello!” it said, with a toss of its head and made its tail crack like a whip!

Sally was stunned at the sight of the horse but she didn’t have time to reply!


once again and her new little friend was a mouse in a plane flying by.

“KA-SPLAT!” Sally went and out came a cow in colourful Christmasy lights! “A-TISH!” came a cat with a book for a back “HA-FOOF” then a bear on a bike!

“A-CHEE!” brought a fox with slinkies for arms

“A-CHAA!” was a pig spitting juice

“A-TOOSH!” came a dog doing disco dance

“A-TUSH!” made a smelly old goose!

“Get on!� said the horse, so Sally hopped up and they trotted and pranced round the room. Then Sally leapt high, grabbed the plane flying by and the mouse made the engine go


Sally dropped down on the head of the pig, whose hips made a wobble and wiggle...

They fell on the goose, who let out a


and everyone burst into giggles!

The cat took the lights that hung from the cow and swung them around for a skip.

The fox saw the fun and sprang with a jump, so Sally joined in with a flip!

The bear on the bike skiddled skillfully by and Sally leaped into the basket.

They sped round the bed ‘til their faces went red and high- f ived the dog when they passed it!

All of a sudden they heard a small noise, the bear brought a stop to the ride... It sounded like Dad on his way down the hall, Sally turned to her friends and yelled...

! E D I H

In came her dad and what did he see? Sally all tucked up in bed. “I thought I heard noises?” her dad looked confused. “It was just a big sneeze” Sally said.

Sally’s dad sighed but before he went out, he just gave the room one last look. But on closing the door, he swears that he saw a tail hanging out of a book!

This book is dedicated to imagination. Let it puff out of you like a magical sneeze.

Simon Taylor Simon is a comedian originally from Melbourne, Australia. At the age of 24 he became a writer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in Los Angeles. Since then he has written for Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell on the ABC and Magic for Humans on Netflix. His stand-up comedy special has featured on the ABC and Network 10.

Larrikin House An imprint of Learning Discovery Pty Ltd 142-144 Frankston Dandenong Rd, Dandenong South Victoria 3175 Australia First Published in Australia 2019 by Larrikin House Written by: Simon Taylor Illustrated by: A.D. Lester Cover Designed by: A.D. Lester Layout Designed by: Imagine Creative All rights reserved. Including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form unless specifically permitted under the Australian Copyright Act 1968 as amended. A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the National Library of Australia. ISBN: 978-0-9876354-0-2 (Hardback) ISBN: 978-0-9876354-4-0 (Paperback)

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Sally & the Magical Sneeze  

Sally & the Magical Sneeze