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Learning and Teaching Strategy





The University is committed to providing an outstanding learning experience for every student.

• The University is a learning organisation that promotes a sense of mutuality and values the participation of staff, students and the wider community as active members of the learning community • Technological developments are driving levels of change in twenty first century society that are unprecedented • The learning landscape is both a physical and virtual space that needs to be designed to widen participation and increase accessibility • Our students are increasingly diverse, hence opportunities to engage with the learning process will need to be designed to enable individual

The Learning and Teaching strategy will ensure that graduates from this University will be:

• Confident in their understanding of their discipline • Equipped to respond to a rapidly changing global environment • Highly employable • Socially and environmentally aware

differentiation • The majority of students will be in some form of employment • Efficiency, quality and affordability must be demonstrated in all aspects of the strategy

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Objective 1:

An Outstanding Experience for Every Student • • • • •

Provide a rich and stimulating journey that encompasses diversity and wider life experience Create a respectful dialogue between learners and teachers, recognising the reciprocal nature of both roles and their shared responsibilities Recognise students’ and employers’ expertise in contributing to continued improvement in the quality of learning Seek the active, critical engagement of students Provide a holistic approach to the development of employable and socially and environmentally aware graduates

Objective 2:

Excellence in Learning and Teaching • •

• •

Teaching informed by research and the systematic application of the fundamental principles of pedagogy, supported by cross University pedagogic research projects Staff developed to be innovative facilitators of learning. On-going staff development will support the continual development of pedagogic practice. This will enable opportunities provided by emerging technologies to be fully utilised to enhance the student experience and increase accessibility Assessment and a rich feedback dialogue are central to the learning experience A whole institution commitment to enhancement. This will ensure continued improvement, utilising data from external and internal quality audit processes, feedback from the National Student Survey, internal surveys and programme evaluations. There will be a systematic approach to the dissemination of good practice, internally and externally

Objective 3:

Developing the Learning Environment Virtually: •

Establish an effective VLE (Moodle) to support the pedagogic objectives and promote access to learning. This will provide a platform to support podcasting and the use of mobile devices. The VLE will be used to increase efficiency, improve organisation and promote dialogue with and between students

Provide WiFi everywhere on both campuses

Physically: •

Integrate accessible learning resources, combining student support, access to books, journals and virtual resources. Create flexible learning and teaching spaces fully equipped to meet the needs of all courses, with sufficient access to computers and provision for students’ laptops Provide social study and quiet zones

Ensure access to audio visual fixed and mobile equipment, which is able to record easily

In the community: •

Recognise the importance of the wider environment in the provision of work-based and service learning opportunities

Actively engage with employers to enhance the skills of the workforce

Internationally: • • •

Recognise the value of transnational education and the rich contribution of international staff and students Support and involve international staff and students throughout the University Internationalise the curriculum for all students

Learning and Teaching Strategy 2010-2013  

Learning and Teaching Strategy 2010-2013