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Transportation Compliance Associates Inc.

Safeguarding the Environment with the Help of Hazmat Training! Hazardous materials, often summarized as HAZMATs, are chemicals and materials that are very harmful and deadly. There are several kinds of HAZMATs, all of which pose different dangers. They can be toxic, flammable, corrosive or worse, radioactive. The list is endless. They can cause some serious disasters if not handled properly. They can be harmful to an unmanageable extent. That is why HAZMAT classification is absolutely necessary. Why training? It is important to know about the various types of hazardous materials. Explosives, uranium, sulfuric acid, potassium cyanide, acetylene, organic peroxide are some of the agents. Workers or the people who work with hazardous materials are also sometimes responsible for the mishaps that occur. Inadvertence has actually even led to open containers of hazardous waste being transported. There are also instances of improper disposal of hazardous waste, like disposal of chemotherapy drugs, and in some cases the improper management of expired pharmaceuticals, paints and mercury – containing wastes. Many mishaps have occurred due to lack of education and proper training for employees wihtin various organizations. You can very well understand that without proper training incidents are bound to happen. Therefore, it is really significant for your company’s employees to get hazardous materials training. training. Who to train? All the employees who in any way are involved with the transportation of the hazardous materials have to be enrolled for hazardous materials training courses. The employees who fill packages, label those packages and load or unload the hazardous material packages are on the top of the list. Also, it is mandatory for the personnel who operate the vehicles used to transport the hazardous materials. The other employees may include office personnel who store the hazardous materials and the sales personnel. What to train them in? Training is given specifically to determine what knowledge is required for each person to do their respective jobs. An awareness training is given in which the right method of packaging and transportation is taught. They are taught the right way to pack the goods so that they do not leak. This way there would be no chance of the HAZMATs releasing into the environment. The depth in training depends on the job task of the personnel. Functional training such as shipping basics, placarding and marking is given to those personnel who are in charge of loading or unloading of the hazardous material packages. Adequate safety training is for all employees that are exposed to hazardous materials in any form. The training includes the procedures for avoiding accidents, or in worse cases, fatalities. The training sessions also include the measures required to protect from the dangers of the deadly materials. Prevention is better than cure! It is important that the rules and regulations are followed by all the employees and personnel. Even something as small as a lit cigarette can set a whole facility ablaze within a few seconds. That is why the compliance of proper rules is very important to ensure everyone’s safety. There are no mistakes allowed in the world of hazardous materials. Visit to know more!

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