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Small Talk Business English


To identify with the skill used to generate conversation in an office environment .

Conversations used in the workplace are not necessarily confined to work. Non-work related conversations used at work are regarded as small talk. Here are some occasions where small talk could be applied within an office environment: please see next page.....

A YouTube link......

Small talk requires the learner to engage in polite conversation with someone, often with no prior warning. Let´s look at some examples of where this is applied:

Relationship building

Filling time

Small Talk From one business topic to another

Easing tension

Filling a silence

https:// soundcloud. com/ learnenglish online001/ small-talkrole-play-1

Press the links to get different role play scenarios

While waiting at a photocopy machine

Just before a meeting

Socialising with a client

At the beginning or end of a working day

During a break at a meeting

Have you ever been in a situation where there has been nothing to say in a conversation?

What conversational subjects do you talk about at work?

Lets Talk...........

What subjects are not good to talk about?

Do you think that small talk is an effective conversational tool?

Talk about the weather

Some key words: Degrees The weekend Going Out

Talk about food

Some key words: Taste Hot Expensive Good Value

Talk about technology

I phone 5 New Samsung Galaxy New E Reader Latest Smart TV

Talk about music

Artist Concert Interview Gossip

Talk about technology

Video link watch?v=jYeX5oEw0h8

Video link watch?v=OcMOkMHhoZI

Video links YouTube

Additional Notes: Small talk is a skill which requires confidence and as such has to be practiced. Please take a look at the following topics which may help you; 1. The view out of the window 2. The layout of the room 3. The food in the company canteen 4. Recent news 5. A film that you have seen recently 6. The coffee you are drinking 7. A recent business trip Small talk can be applied to telephone conversations however this depends on the level of formality. If mastered as a skill, you will be able to apply to increasing sales, productivity and opportunity.

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Small talk lesson plan  

Designed for employees who have a significant amount of interaction with clients.

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