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Script A highly interactive conversational based class. Based on a client phoning an office to request information. Learn how to display empathetic voice tones, build confidence and interact with a client in this very realistic scenario.

Audio This lesson is recorded at key points to help practice your pronunciation.

Teachers Qualified TEFL, native teachers with clear British accents from Central London.

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By Sanj Saigal








A. Hi this is the IT department, how can I help you? B.Good morning, I am calling from Next Ltd, I need to talk to someone about designing a website. A. Certainly, you can talk to me about that, may I ask you a few questions about your requirements. B. Sure, we have a website but we are currently using an old system. A. Ok may I have the address so that I can take a look at your site. B. No problem it’s A. Ok, just bear with me, ok, it’s an e-commerce site with Paypal integration. Are you thinking of building a new site or upgrading the old one?


B. We would prefer a new site because of the functionality, particularly the back end of the site which we are really concerned about. A. I can see that you have 25 pages on your site, is that sufficient or do you need more? B. To be honest, I think that it’s more than sufficient. A. Do you have a particular budget? B.Yes, we want to spend no more than 5,000 Euros. A. Ok, and do you have a deadline or a time scale that you are working towards? B. Ideally 6 months, but it would be a great bonus to us if we could have the site up and running before then. A. Are you going to be the company contact or is there someone else that we would need to contact? B. I will be the point of contact and my name is Mike Jones, I am the owner of the company. A. Ok, I will be your account manager if you decide to proceed, my name is................


B. That’s great, thank you A. Just a few more questions. B. Ok A. Would you like a dedicated server? B. Could you tell me what the difference is A. It’s a more expensive option but your site will run faster, particularly if you have a lot of images. B.Yes I think that will be the best option for us, we do have a large quantity of images and it’s taking far too long to load them on the existing system. A. Will you require a maintenance package going forward? B.Yes we will, we do have an IT department but not for something like this. A. Could I take your contact details, so that I can send you a quote along with a full list of our services. B.Yes of course, you can get hold of me on my mobile the number is; 676 843 247 or my direct line 0208 473 246 424. A.Could I have your e mail address please. B. Sure, it’s


A. Great, I think that I have enough information to get on with for now, I will put a proposal together for you and send it by email by the end of this week. In the meantime if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. B. Thank you for all your help, I hope to speak to you at the end of the week, you have been very helpful. A. Thank you and speak to you soon.



1. Who is Mike Jones? 2. Why has he phoned the IT department? 3. What type of website does Mike Jones own? 4. What is the budget for the new website? 5. When does the company need it completed by? 6. What is the advantage of a dedicated server? 7. What is Mike Jones’s email address? 8. Who will be the company contact? 9. How long will it take to send a proposal to the client? 10. Why does the client prefer a new website?


Matching Online Surfing the web

An amount of money A person who is accountable.

Account Manager

Information technology


On the internet

Point Of Contact

A person responsible for a client




Conversation 1. Do you surf the web? How often and what do you normally search for? 2. What´s the difference between a blog and a website? 3.What device do you normally use to search online? Why? 4. Do you think that all websites look the same? 5. What is the name of your favorite website? Why? 6. If you could own a business online, what type of business would it be? Why? 7. Describe the differences between how you answer the phone in English compared to your language. 8. What part of a conversation with a client do you find the hardest? Why?


Resource How to Speak to a client - Press the link....


The story continues.... It’s Friday and you call Mike with a quote for the website.


B. Good morning Next Ltd A. Good morning, I wonder if it would be possible to speak to Mike Jones B. Please hold, I will try his extension for you..... just putting you through. B. Mike Jones speaking A. Hello Mike, it’s ____ calling from the IT department at Manutech B. Hello ____, how are you? A. Fine thanks, very busy with the end of the school year. B.You have kids! me too, I have a 6 year old and a 10 year old A. Fantastic, I have an 11 year old and a 6 year old. B. Hard work this time of year for everyone! A. Too hard but on the upside it’s nearly Summer...... no more school runs! B. How did you get along with the website? A. Fine, I have the quote for you. I have sent an e mail with the breakdown of the costs for you. The quote is 4,850 euros plus tax. It’s just under budget with everything that you requested.


B. That’s great news, where do we go from here? A. Well I think that we should have a meeting, either at your office or on a conference call. B. I am tied up this week with company appraisals, would you mind if we had a conference call? A. Not at all that will be fine, it’s just so that we can discuss the spec. B. When is a good time for you?, I am free this Friday at 6pm if that’s a good time for you. A. That’s absolutely fine Mike, see you then. B. Thanks ____ bye for now


Questions 1. What ice breaker did ____ use? 2. Was the quote under or over budget? 3. What type of meeting have _____ and Mike organised. 4. Why did they organise the meeting? 5. How old are _____´s children? 6. Why is _____ so busy at work?


Did you know? Discuss the following phrases: Limited Company Sole trader Self employed Quote Finance


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Service script Lesson Plan  
Service script Lesson Plan  

A lesson plan based on the vocabulary and sentence constructions used in the service sector.