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Prepositions Time/ place How do you make an appointment?

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A very interactive lesson plan which includes both video and website links. A conversation lesson plan that focuses on the students need to understand how to make appointments. This class is audio supported so that you can practice pronunciation. Designed by: Sanj Saigal


What are prepositions? Prepositions are very short words that are placed in front of nouns. The problem with this topic is that there are very few rules that govern when to apply a preposition.


Fill in the missing prepositions

1. __ the photo, I can see a woman. 2. The woman is sitting __ a sofa. 3. There is window___ the woman. 4. The woman is looking__ a magazine.


Fill in the missing prepositions...

Sam will be arriving __ the 15th __ August this year. His plane arrives __ 3pm in the afternoon, I hope that there are no delays. I haven’t seen Sam since we were __ University in 1986, I wonder what he looks like now. He used to study really hard at University, I think he was studying History, he was always__ the library. Every year we used to celebrate Christmas together and he would sit__ the table and eat with my family. __ Sunday afternoons we used to go out shopping. He loved visiting different coffee shops __ the high street. I can’t wait to see him again! 4

The following script has been created for the purposes of pronunciation, preposition form and voice tones. It will be recorded in a format that can be played on any portable device, so that you can practice. 5

Good morning, XYZ Ltd., David speaking how can I help you? Hi, Good morning, my name is Mike and I am calling from Excelsior designs, I wonder if it would be possible to speak to Mr Stevens. Just one moment, let me check if he is available..... Yes he is, let me put you through Hello, Mr Stevens speaking how can I help you? Hi, my name is Mike Jenkins, we met last week at your office and we spoke about our company designing some new flyers for you. That’s right, how are you? I’m fine thank you, I was wondering if we could arrange a meeting for next week. Ok, let me just check my schedule, What day will be good for you? I am free__ Monday the 23rd __ September if that is a good day for you? Yes, I think that will be fine but what time? We could meet __ 4pm __ your office?


Yes, we could meet __ 4pm, but we will have to meet outside because my office is being used for a conference call __ that time. No problem, where would you like to meet? We could meet __ the coffee shop opposite my office That’s fine, I will see you __ Monday the 23rd__ September __ 4pm, looking forward to seeing you then. Great see you then! bye Mr David Bye Mr Stevens


Comprehension 1. Who is Mike and what does he do for a living? 2. Why does he want to set up a meeting with Mr Stevens? 3.What is the agreed time for the meeting? 4. Why can’t the meeting take place at Mr Stevens office? 5.Where will the meeting take place?


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The lady is holding a pencil __ her right hand. She is sitting __ her desk. Her laptop is __ her desk and she is smiling __the camera. There is a bookcase ____ her desk.


Conversation 2

The following conversation is between two people at a bar. You will be expected to fill in the prepositions and then role play the scenario. This section of the lesson plan will be recorded so that you can develop your pronunciation skills and voice tone. 11

A short story about two people having a coffee at a bar. You will assume the identity of one character and I will assume the identity of the other. The two girls have met during their lunch break __ a very popular coffee shop __ the centre of town. It’s located ____ a famous shopping area which is frequented by tourists. Behind the coffee shop is a famous Statue which is placed __ the middle of the Park. So, how have you been?. Well thanks, and you?. I have been really busy __ work, we have so many projects to complete next month! What about you?. I have had really difficult sales targets __ work recently, I wish that I had a different job sometimes. Being __ sales and marketing was a great job before the Crisis!. I know exactly what you mean, my projects have such tight deadlines and I know that they will be late for one reason or another.


Are you going on holiday this year? I am thinking about going to France. I have some relatives there and the weather is not to bad in June. That sounds great! , will you be staying with them? Yes, they live __ a small town just North of France. Do they have a big house? Yes, well fairly big, it’s a 3 bedroom house. When are you thinking of going? Probably the middle of June. Ryan Air fly directly there, so it will be really easy to get to. What time do you need to be __ the Airport, if you decide to go?


The plane takes of __ 3pm __ the afternoon, so I really need to be __ the Airport __ 1pm. Why?. Well, I might be able to take you to the Airport, let me know when you book your flight ok?. Ok, that sounds great!. Oh!, look __ the time!, I need to get back to work. Let me get the bill. No!, it’s ok, I will take care of the bill, you can pay next time. Thanks!, see you soon... Take care! You too, bye!


Comprehension •

Where are the two girls? (location).

What jobs do the two girls do?.

When will one of the girls take a holiday?.

Why is it so hard for one of the girls to make her sales targets?.


True Or False •

One of the girls is taking her holiday in july.

The two girls are having coffee at a bar.

One of the girls said that the weather in France is good in August.

• •

A man paid the bill. There is a park located behind the coffee shop. 16

Vocabulary •

What have you been up to?

Green area

Sales targets



What have you been doing?


The amount of money that you have to earn to get a bonus

Busy at work

Snowed under


Vacation 17

Dates Start the following sentences using the construction; I will see you........

25.04.2013 __ 2:15 __ the afternoon.

22.01.2013 __ 5pm __ the evening.

Friday __ 2:15 pm in the afternoon __ meeting room 3.

Tuesday 21st __ 7pm __ the coffee shop __ the high street.

05.02.2013 __the restaurant __6:30pm.


Which Week? • •

See you __ Thursday

• •

see you __ the weekend

See you __ the meeting next week

see you __ Thursday next week

See you __ week on Monday


Pronunciation • • • • • • • • • • • •

Morning Afternoon Night Late Holiday Project Crisis Different Exactly Popular Statue Famous 20






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Challenge your grammar with this Lesson Plan based on Prepositions.


Challenge your grammar with this Lesson Plan based on Prepositions.