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“How to� lesson plan Instructions various scenarios have been presented to you, what would you do?......... 1. Your colleagues names are Marco, David and Antonio. Invent their positions and level of responsibility and introduce them to a client at a meeting.

A lesson plan based on business tasks. An ideal conversation lesson plan for those students who have a high level of client interaction. A highly interactive class which is audio supported.

2. Your client wants your team to provide them with a freebee, how would you tell them that you cannot provide that service for free. 3. The cost of a project is 8,000 Euros plus relevant taxes. How would you present the price to a client. 4. You are going on holiday next week, how would you tell your client that someone else will be responsible for the department whilst you are away. 5. Your department has encountered some problems with a clients project, how would you explain it to a client using empathetic voice tones in your

sentence constructions. 6. There are 3 options for a clients project. Each option has a different value from lowest to highest. Demonstrate how you would convince the client to take the more expensive option. You must state advantages and disadvantages, features and benefits of each option, improvise with your answers. 7. Your client wants their money refunded to them because of delays that were out of your control. Demonstrate how you could introduce a loss leader or a monetary incentive to save the deal from collapsing. 8. Your colleague is away from his desk but his client phones and wants to speak to him. Demonstrate how you would effectively and professionally take a message or provide assistance to the client. 9. You have an appraisal at work with your boss. How would you effectively define your successes and failures over the course of the year. How would you defend your value as an employee.

Questions.... client interaction.

What would you do? 13. You are having connection problems with your VOIP meeting, how would you reschedule your meeting.

Various scenarios have been presented to you, all of which are based on client interaction in the context of a conference call.

7. I wonder if I could have your ........... on point 4 of the agenda.

Finish the sentences;

9. Are you available to ......... or would you like me ...... phone you back?

14.How would you demonstrate your ability to sell add ons to a service, maintenance package, insurance or up sell a more expensive service.

10.Hi, sorry to disturb you but I need something ...... with the project.

15.How do you overcome a client objection to reducing time scales for a project.

11.Thank you for your time today and I am looking forward to our meeting .... week.

16.Name 4 topics that could be used as small talk with a client to break the ice before a meeting.

1. Good morning John how have you ........... 2. What’s the weather ........? 3. How....... your week? 4. Did you go out ......... the weekend? 5. Did you get a ......... to read through the details ........ I sent you? 6. Are you......... away on holiday in August?

“Listening is 50% of the communication skill required”.

8. Would you like to ....... a meeting to discuss this issue.

12. Take down the clients contact details and repeat them back to the client. This will be recorded and information will be provided to you.

17.How would you handover a project to a colleague in a meeting scenario.

Problem 1 Phone a client and leave a message with the receptionist. Leave your details and request a call back.Your company details are: ITECH solutions/Phone number: 0044 937 431 788 Your position: Sales Manager Purpose: You want to set up a meeting for the 5th of August at 6pm. Client name: Joe Harper

Problem 2 You are brainstorming with your team. You need to create sentenses from the following words: 1. Time frame 2. Options 3. Break even point 4. Point of contact 5. Questions 6. Structure

Problem 3

1.Introduction to the presentation

“indicate the structure of a presentation�. A list has been provided, arrange the sequence in the correct order.

3. Providing Examples using graphs

7.take questions

2. Making points

4. Use of transitions like next or now 5. Summarise 6. Conclude

Take a look at the next page and place the structure in the correct order.

Presentation Take a look at the following structure of a presentation and try to change the structure to provide the best format. 1.Greeting (Good Morning/Good Afternoon) and thank you for coming in today. 2.And so, in conclusion........ 3.To summarise........ 4.I’d be happy to take your questions now. 5.Next, I’d like to look at...... 6.I will also be looking at.......

• Introducing the presentation • Making points • Giving examples • Finishing the presentation

Problem 5 Provide a presentation on your town. Indicate where to go, what you can see if you visit. Use transitions at each stage such as, First, next, turning then/ to. At the end of the presentation you can take questions from the audience.

7.Today I am going to talk to you about....... 8.We can illustrate this with....... 9.First I would like to look at....... 10.For example......

“ Presentations are all about the provision of information in a set format, to help the audience relate to the information provided”

11.If you look at the graph you can see that...

Problem 4 Look at the following list and from the previous exercise provide the correct expressions. •


• In your opinion are presentations useful? why?

• Is there a coversational tool that you can use to relate to an audience?

• Have you ever had to give a presentation?

• How do presentations in your country differ to a presentation in English?

• Have you ever had to listen to a presentation?

• If you have given or listened to a presentation at work, what have you identified with that you would do differently? Why?

• Do you think that you will be involved in giving presentations at some time in your career? Why?

• Whats the ideal time in your opinion for a presentation. Why?

• What’s the difference between brainstorming, meetings and presentations? • In your opinion, do you think that being able to present is a skill? why?

Vocabulary building 19. Brand loyalty 1. Formal setting

20. Briefing

2. Big business 3. Core objective 4. Gatekeeper

The “ How To Lesson Plan�

5. Grow 6. Marketplace 7. niche market 8. Acquisition 9. Across the board

Discuss the following words and phrases try and relate them to your own language.

10. Action plan



This highly interactive, role play based lesson plan really challenges the students ability to think in a second language. The student is presented with business problems and has to find solutions in English. Features Brainstorming, client interaction and service questions.

To develop speaking skills, develop confidence and vocabulary development.

Audio Specific parts of this class are recorded on a format that can be used on smart phones.

11. Addendum


12. Break even point

One to one or group classes. Unique materials, 1 hour classes, Native speaking qualified TEFL teachers.

13. Working hours


14. Business quarter

An online academy that focuses on student needs. Support notes/ links provided.

15. RRP 16. ASP 17. Banner ad 18. Bottleneck

By Sanj Saigal

Phone a client

Problem You are to phone a client and select one of the following dates and times for a meeting:

expecting your call and wants to work with your company.

23.07.2013 at 3pm

When you have agreed on a time you must select a venue (a place to have the meeting).

14.08.2013 at 5pm

Things to remember:

21.08.2013 at 4pm

Make sure that your voice tone is upbeat and displays empathetic value. Confirm the arrangements and follow it with an e mail.

The clients name is Richard Smith and he owns a company called ISIS PLC. You work for Manutech, an IT company. Phone the client ask the receptionist to put you through.

Ensure that you pick good topics to break the ice (small talk)

When you speak to Richard, engage in small talk and break the ice, you have already had a meeting with him 2 weeks a go and he is

Tips It’s always difficult to do business in another language. Concentrate on set formats and use them as guidelines. Remember that practice makes perfect. Listen to the audio recordings and identify with your sound.

Write an e mail to confirm the arrangements, your teacher will help you with the format.

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“ We hope that you enjoyed this lesson plan, we are working hard to ensure that you have original materials that add value to our classes�.

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How to lesson plan  

Lesson Plan based on "how to" scenarios

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