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Have you ever shopped online?

Amazon Itunes Ebay Zara


Have your shopping habits changed in the last 5 years? Why?

Are your shopping habits influenced by others?


• Is there more choice online?

• Is there too much choice online?

• Do you prefer

shopping for clothing in a physical store? Why?


In your opinion what do you think about shipping costs and delivery times?

Do you feel that the costs are fair or too expensive? Why?


Article link Press


Do you shop internationally or just within your own country? Why?


Are there better deals online?

In your opinion do you think that online shopping will be the only way we shop in the future? 8

What can’t you buy on the internet?


In your opinion how has online shopping effected the music industry?

1. How did you used to buy music? 2. How do you buy music now? 3. Is it the same shopping experience? 4. Which method do you prefer? Why? 5. Do you think that music is expensive? 6. Do you feel that you get more choice online? 7. Do you miss having a physical form of music like a CD?


Is it harder or easier to pay for goods online?

Is the checkout process too complicated? 11

How do you watch movies? PRESS

1. Why have you chosen this method? 2. Which country is most famous for abusing copyright laws? 3. Why do you think this is the case? 4. Do you think that it’s fair? Why? 5. Is the experience the same?


Are shops like IKEA and PRIMARK fighting back?

Do you think that this trend will change in time? Why?


Top 50 online shops


What are the most popular online stores in your country? 14

Is it difficult to find the right size online?


Second life

Has virtual shopping changed forever? PRESS


Virtual shopping


Would you use this technology? 17

Script A conversation at a clothing store between a customer and a sales representative. * Excuse me? - Yes, how can I help you? * I am looking for a shirt, it´s for work. - No problem, you need the men´s formal wear department. Please follow me. * Thanks - OK, what type of shirt are you looking for? * It´s for an informal meeting, so I don´t need to wear a tie. - Do you have a preference on colour? * Not really, I´m going to wear black trousers, so it should match any colour. - This is from the new spring collection, it´s a very nice shade of blue. * OK, it looks nice. Does it come in my size? - Let me just check, you look like a 16.5inch neck size so this one should be fine. * Can I try it on, just to be sure. - Yes, there is a changing room just behind the trouser section. * Thanks, Oh before I forget, I am also looking for a pair of shoes. - Is it for the same occasion, do they need to match the trousers. * Yes, the trousers that I have are not very formal like a suit, but they are smart casual. - OK, please follow me. * Thank you. - These are also new, they are casual but I think that they will be fine with what you will be wearing.



• • • • • • • •

Why does the customer need to buy a shirt? What was the customer´s neck size? Where was the changing room located? What colour was the shirt that the customer liked? Did the customer have to buy a tie? What else did the customer want to buy? Why was the colour of the shirt not important? Were the shoes for the same occasion?


True or False? • • • •

The customer bought a suit

• • • • •

The shirt was black

He was shopping because he was going on holiday The changing rooms was at the front of the shop The customer ended up buying a shirt and a pair of shoes

The shoes were formal He had a blue pair of trousers He was shopping in the formal department The sales assistant was rude




This story takes place ____ a shop, a customer wanted __ buy some clothing items ___ a meeting. The customer chose a blue shirt and wanted ___ try the item of clothing on. The changing room was _____ the trouser section. The customer also wanted ___ buy some shoes and asked the sales assistant to help him __ looking for a pair of informal shoes.


Matching • • • • • •

Formal / Smart / Casual Customer High Street Meeting Shop Till

• • • • • •

Main Shopping Area Genres of Clothing styles Client Conference Checkout Client


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Fashion lesson plan  

Conversational lesson plan based on shopping habits.

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