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Conversation Course

A collection of conversation based lesson plans. Inspired by our students, they are designed to get you to talk.

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Who are you?

We are a team of specialised English teachers. Embracing technology and creating dynamic lesson plans that help students to relate to the speaking element of the English language.

without the need for books and paper.

“If you have found us, you are a student who is searching for something different, unconventional and effective�

We value traditional educational formats but have responded to a growing number of students who want to learn about grammatical structures, intonation and build on their communication skills

vertised and have developed our system purely on referrals, all learning systems must be measurable and as an organisation we believe that our best advertisement is you.

We have never ad-

We only teach via the i n t e r n e t , e x p e r ienced in a virtual class room scenario.

Just as every student is different, so are our teachers, each one originates from a different educational background which complements our team.

As an Academy we believe that we should work as hard as you do so our materials are bespoke, carefully assembled and well thought out giving you a very unique learning experience. We are very proud to be different and hope that you enjoy our portfolio of conversation lesson plans.

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The beginning


Every student starts this way, a 15 minute free class gives us the opportunity to access your level and for you to access whether our team can help you to reach your learning objectives.

Time Zones Sometimes we can really benefit from being in a scenario where it’s easier to communicate because the topic is in context, but what happens if the chosen topic is out of context? Our classes are designed to get you to think and talk about topics and subjects that are in both these genres. Helping you to begin to think in English and reduce translation time. We are a global company so you can select your individual time zone when you book a class. We are very flexible teachers so we are sure that you will find a time slot that suits your lifestyle.


There is a real benefit from having male and female voice tones, so you can choose to mix your course between teachers, we are all trained on the same materials and teaching format but bring a unique individual stamp to our classes.

Learning how to talk about topics that you would normally identify with in a mother tongue is a great starting point these would include the weather, news or general knowledge.

based on a simple model of a tennis match.

We serve a ball with a question, you return the serve with an answer in this sce“Learning is a step by nario your objecstep process so you tive is to keep the ball in play as long must apply patience”. as you can.

We believe that removing these stabilizers very often forces a student to think rather than just apply sentences that they have learnt with a lexical approach. Certain exam formats keep to set topics and this will probably never change as these tests are designed to measure general ability. Conversation building is based on the ability to select strands of information and divide each strand into a topic. This is easier said than done and requires considerable practice but we like to think of conversation

Just like Tennis, you get your turn to serve the ball (ask questions) without this interaction or contribution the ball will not remain in play and the duration of the match will be shortened. Interaction within a conversation can only function taking these two factors into consideration. It’s easy to forget how you maintained a conversation so we provide a recording focussing on key areas of a class, this way you have something tangible to refer to as we do not believe in books and paper.

Focus ! Throughout the process your learning needs come first. Confidence is generated from achievement.


•Flexible approach •Bespoke Materials •Audio recording feature •Male and female voice tones •TEFL qualified teachers Native Teachers from Lon•don •Clear accents •Online learning solution •Experienced


Feedback is very important to us, so we can be found on most social networking platforms to include: Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


“We are only as good as the last class we have taught!”


“Your learning needs come first”.

A lesson plan designed to get you to think in a second language. A range of topics where a student must demonstrate their ability to to provide instructions to the teacher. An effective class that has a focus on grammar and vocabulary building.

The Opinions series of lesson plans are a popular choice for those students who have a need to learn how to express a thought or opinion.


Exploring comparative and superlative tenses you are asked to comment on a variety of topics.


A course of classes that have a real focus on voice tones, grammar and vocabulary building.

There is a dierence between business English and social English, there is no perfect balance but we help you to put them into perspective.


Where possible we help you to identify with dierent structures.

A highly eective lesson plan that has a focus on a students ability to order food at a restaurant. A fun and interactive class that adds a sense of reality with various role play tasks.


An ideal class for students who have a need to apply in both business and social context.

A class that has a good balance between conversation and listening. You will be expected to listen to various audios and demonstrate your ability to understand. Conversation is based on your ability to express an opinion.

Exploring the unexplained this popular class is based on conspiracy theories that people talk about in every language. A humorous lesson plan that really tests a students ability to talk about subjects which are out of context.

Famed for our role play based classes that add a sense of realism to a lesson. This lesson plan certainly lives up to it’s expectation, focussing on intonation and voice control it demonstrates how relevant voice tones are in the English language. !

Defending an opinion or thought is the main focus of this lesson plan. Extremely useful for students who need English in a working environment it has a focus on voice control and grammar.

Inspired by our students, this lesson plan is based on a series of role play tasks. Designed to reduce translation time, pronunciation and vocabulary building it is ideal for those students who are travelling or immigrating.

A class that helps to understand the process of appointment setting and diary management in English as a second language.

Increase your vocabulary and put your grammar to the test with this highly eective lesson plan that is based on role play tasks Realistic and challenging this class is popular with our students who need Business English.

If you are embarrassed about translating keyboard symbols and want to learn more about the pronunciation for symbols used in email addresses this is the class for you. An effective and very popular class for students who need Business English

An essential class for those who are immigrating or traveling. A highly informative yet interactive lesson plan that helps identify with key vocabulary and phrases used to provide directions. A highly recommended lesson plan that is popular with our students.

Cousins, nephews, aunts and uncles, this lesson plan will explain everything and relate it to your own family drawing out conversation in a fun and interactive class. An unforgettable class that really challenges your grammar skills.

Our teachers all have varied backgrounds just like our students. One of our teachers comes from the recruitment sector. Having worked as a Head hunter and recruitment consultant for over 5 years in London, he now runs a department of our Academy which only focusses on interview preparation in English.!


Fusing his skills as a TEFL English teacher, he offers a very unique perspective on the process and targets specific vocabulary, voice tones and grammar unique to this process.!

Kid’s are great, they learn like sponges!. One of our teachers has vast experience with teaching children. Our classes are fun and designed to challenge.


Using a mix between lexical words and phrases our classes hold their attention spans and produce eective results.


One of our teachers specialises in exam preparation and immigration. Famed for her unique style of vocabulary building and ability to get the most introvert of people to talk, she currently holds a 92% exam pass rate.

Our most recognised lesson plan yet, now available on iTunes.

Students can get embarrassed about the pronunciation of numbers and the ability to understand the relevance of commas and decimal points. This is a very useful and informative lesson plan to include plenty of opportunity to talk. An adults perspective on a sensitive subject that effects us all.

Develop your listening skills with our audio lesson plan series. Focused on comprehension and the reduction of translation time this series is both challenging and effective.

We hope that you found this guide helpful and informative


The one2one team

“Proud to be different!”

Conversation course portfolio  
Conversation course portfolio  

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