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Listening !

Interaction can be daunting sometimes, especially when your job depends on it. The ability to develop strong communication skills are critical to productivity. In our experience if you are learning English as a second language there is a large difference between listening to Podcasts and the ability to interact with a teacher whilst listening. Our audios are recorded by our teachers who over the years have put together specialised audios based on real situations that take place in a work environment.


A teacher is available to question you about what you have heard and corrects your grammar whilst you answer questions.Very often there is a higher degree of understanding and an increase in vocabulary.


Students who have benefited from this course tell us that they have learnt how to pause and digest information, reduce translation time and have a greater understanding of how the ability to speak is influenced by the way in which we understand.




We run a completely confidential service and our client’s range from students to company directors. We offer professionals the chance to improve and develop their skills in English at every level regardless of position.

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Want to stand out?

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Phone Client

Discuss Projects


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Do you have the correct level? More often than not, your clients are too embarrassed to correct you. You will never know which grammatical errors your making nor how to correct them. k

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As teachers we believe that you can only learn from the mistakes that you make. We will tell you if you make them, it’s important to us that you know why you made a mistake and how to apply the correct form.

Our reputation with our client’s is our best advert. Many of them have joined us on our social networking platforms and refer us frequently.

Our audio course will help you to learn about intonation and how it can effect the meaning of a sentence. This course consists of 7 modules and is spread over 2 classes. Each class is 55 minutes long and we use Skype which allows global access to native teachers.





We can customise audios specifically for your sector. Our best advert is you, so we take pride in ensuring that you receive the desired result.

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What did ? they say

The first audio based class is challenging but highly effective. You are expected to listen to 4 audio’s and answer questions to check understanding. Listening skills are put to the test!.

! Our audios are produced by us for you and are based on realistic scenarios that occur commonly within an office environment. The ability to record information in a second language under the supervision of a teacher is the prime objective of this lesson plan.

! A recording feature allows you to practice outside a classroom environment, allowing you to study at your own pace.

This is the second audio class in this series and in this class we take a closer look at the difference between an order and a request, something that is key to delegation. Based around the same principles, you will be challenged!.

This lesson has been selected for this course for it’s ability to demonstrate the importance of client interaction. Our students commented that at this stage they found it easier to understand the principles involved and how they apply them to increasing their level of spoken English.

Our team enjoyed piecing this lesson plan together but more importantly our students were impressed with the end result. Aimed at an intermediate level, this audio will help you to identify with new vocabulary and to build your listening skills.

One of the objectives with this series, is to assist with pronunciation. We think that this lesson plan will do just that. You will be supplied with recordings made during your class to act as a point of reference and help you to study.

Developing confidence is key to this course and by this stage you will be more familiar with our approach.

A fashionable topic that most people can relate to. Put your listening skills to the test and work towards reaching a learning goal that can be applied to a work environment.

We hope that you enjoyed this course, remember that you can find more courses on our website under the special courses section.

Audio Course  

A course designed to improve listening skills. Learn English as a second language with native teachers who are focused on achieving results.

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