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Resource Pack for Networkers

Model network evaluation instruments 1. To share or not to share Divide the actors in the network into groups of four. Discuss and try to visualise what you professionally share and don’t share (vision, approach, methods …), using the diagram on the right (enlarged on A3 pages) On the diagram indicate who shares what with whom, using the circles and overlaps. All groups should report back in a plenary session. The aim is to have an overview of the scope of approaches, visions etc., to find out what binds the group, what is shared, what is common, what is unique and not common… The added value is not to find out what is in the middle, but to find out what is on the periphery and worth being brought into the middle.

2. Sharing and exchange

Resource Pack for Networkers

3. Clarity of role

4. How good is your local network Write names next to each circle. Try to get an overview of your personal contacts and relationships in relation to certain network tasks or aims. Find out where the blanks are.

R_8.5.1_Model network evaluation instruments