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March 19th — 30th, 2012

Important Notices  Thank you to Mrs. Kristen Graff and Mr. Sri Iyer for assisting us in the assembly presentations on the topic of 'Health'.  School will start on Monday, April 9th.  Thank you for the CCA sign-ups. Sign-up for Soccer is closed. There are still vacancies for pottery, taekwondo and speech and drama. Please check with Ms. Lesley if interested.  All CCAs will start from Monday, April 9th. Taekwondo students please bring your gear on the first day of school.  We bid farewell to our Year 1 student Guy Hussain as he will be moving to Australia in April. Training the Brain! A collaboration between neuroscientists from 25 distinguished universities around the world has led to a new online program called Lumosity ( Lumosity exercises are designed for all ages and allows you to customize your training. You can choose to develop your memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem-solving or all of them at once. According to the website, Lumosity exercises improve core cognitive functions and researchers have measured significant improvements in working memory and attention after Lumosity training. It was once thought by scientists that after a certain age in childhood we could no longer create new brain cells. This turns out to be incorrect. In fact, it seems that a human brain has an infinite amount of neuroplasticity. This is good news for all types of learners, young and old! After signing up for a trial and trying the exercises for myself, I can say that the exercises are enjoyable and, at times, a little addicting! As you progress, the exercises become more difficult and demand more attention. Your scores are available instantly and you are able to compare your previous scores as well as where you rank for your age. Fee information is available online. 10 Winstedt Road, Block C #01-16, S ingapore 227977 Tel: +65 6836 1128 Fax: +65 6235 6797 .sg

“ Scientists have discovered that the brain can reorganize itself when confronted with new challenges, even through adulthood. Based on this research, Lumosity's exercises are engineered to train a range of cognitive functions, from working memory to fluid intelligence.”

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Our inquisitive Year One students have been busy researching about the brain for the past few weeks. From their Internet and book research, they learned that there are three major parts of the brain - the brain stem, cerebrum and cerebellum. We also found out that there are millions of neurons inside our brain and that if you put your neurons together, from end to end, it would reach the moon! That’s pretty interesting! And, we also learned that the many different parts of the brain work together as a team to control our memory, senses, emotions, movement, speech... basically EVERYTHING that you do! Our brain is simply amazing! We are now learning more about our skeletal system and we are in the midst of completing our skeleton model. We will be ‘digging’

for more information about bones over the next few weeks.

In Literacy, our students have been working hard on answering comprehension worksheets independently. They have been answering open-ended questions diligently. Aside from reading comprehension, the students have also been editing their creative stories. They polished their stories by

RECEPTION TWO, We visited the Tropical Aeroponics Farm situated in Sungei Buloh this week and saw interesting facts about aeroponics. We saw different stages of the vegetables and fruits being grown. We saw baby corn, tomatoes, dragon fruits, sugar canes, chillis, ginger, bananas and even turtles in a pond. We also had a tasting session of some of the vegetables that were grown at the farm including an aloe vera honey drink. We bought our choice of vegetables in the market and paid the

re-writing them using neat penmanship, adding more detail, and using the correct punctuation marks and capital letters. The students have been racking their brains in answering the Maths word and pictorial representation problems. The Maths lessons are getting more challenging but with careful assistance & continuous practise, the students are able to successfully solve the problems.

We had tons of fun when we went on a field trip to the Tropical Aeroponics Farm. We had a great time exploring the farm, looking & feeling the different kinds of vegetables, learning about the science behind the aeroponics way of growing vegetables, and of course, eating the fresh lettuce & drinking the refreshing aloe vera that they produced in the farm. Special thanks to Mr. Sri Iyer for visiting us and sharing his experiences on staying fit & healthy. We wish you all the best on your Mt. Kinabalu climb! Hurrah for a wonderful third term! Ms. Bridge & I are proud of all the students’ work and efforts. Great job, Year One students! We’ll see you all back in school on the 9th of April. Have a great holiday!


cashier money.

We have now finished the topic of TIME! We have been practicing the hour hand and the minutes hand and we challenged ourselves by doing a Time Test. In Literacy, we learned the sounds ‘ire’ and ‘ear’. We were able to

sound out and make sentences. For the IPC, we are learning about the importance of water. We have learnt that many poor communities around the world have no water source close by and the health effects of this problem.

People in those communities have to walk quite a distance to get clean water for their family. We watched videos of children who have to pump water if they are thirsty at school. There’s lots more to explore in the upcoming weeks!

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RECEPTION TWO, In Literacy it’s all about movement as we are learning about Verbs. The children did some jumping, hopping and walking fast and slow to show action outdoors. We are also learning when to use the word ‘is’ ‘are’ and ‘am’ in a sentence. It was nice to see the children creating sentences after a few examples were given to them.

In Maths, we are still continuing our knowledge on time, but we moved on to ‘quarter past’ and ‘quarter to’ hands of the clock. The children are trying to read the clock without the teacher’s help. Good job class! In IPC, we explored the garden at the Tropical Aeroponics Farm and discovered that plants can grow really well with the help of just water. We had the chance to see different types of fruits and vegetables, and to touch and feel the different texture of leaves. We even had the chance to examine fruit that had fallen to the ground and

RECEPTION ONE, After two long weeks we come to the end of Term 3. We went on a field trip to the Tropical Aeroponics Farm, where we learned about organically grown fruits and vegetables. We also learned about our senses and which body parts we use for those senses, especially when we eat. We spoke about all the foods we need to feed our bodies to stay healthy and also the foods we need to limit or try to avoid. In Literacy, the younger

MS. KARINA’S CLASS show it to the rest of our friends. Back in the classroom, we learned to read food labels which listed ingredients and gave other nutritional information about vitamins and minerals.

organs such as our brain and liver and their roles in our body. We are quite impressed with what the children already know about their own bodies. Have a wonderful We also explored our break and see you back bodies and did more re- on April 9th! search on our internal


group is done with their set 2 letter sounds (i,n,p,g,o) and c-v-c words, while the older group is done with their consonant blends gr-, dr-, sl-, and sk-.

In Maths, we have been talking about how to tell time in hours and halfhours. We also made our own paper plate clocks with our own designs. You can see them on display outside our classroom.

Ending the term was so fun because we decorat ted Easter eggs, had our faces painted and pretended to be Easter bunnies. Have a wonderful break everyone!

Every child deserves the right to be taught in the way he or she learns best!

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March 19-30th, 2012

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