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DOGSILA • One day a dog called Dogsila went to the vet because he was ill.The vet made a mistake, he didn’t give Dogsila the right medicine. Instead, he gave him reptile ADN.

• At night he became a monster. Dogsila’s owner realised the monster in his house was his own pet. The problem was that the house was half destroyed • He called the police. The police and soldiers arrive at the house and Tom told them what was happening. They made the medicine for Dogsila. Tom hanks said: - “I have the cure, send me with him”. He went on a helicopter to the place where Dogsila was.

Tom Hanks said “I put the medicine well.” But the medicine wasn’t very well because Tom Hanks didn’t put all the medicine. So, it didn’t have the correct effect.And Dogsila could escape.

• And he destroyed half the city. He could destroy all the country if he continued. • Tom Hanks said he had an idea to cure Dogsila. So, the doctors followed him to Oklahoma.

• “We can do it,” said Tom and he landed. He went near Dogsila and gave him the cure again. This time the medicine cured the dog. Tom Hanks and Dogsila lived happy forever.

Story Contest 1 - Dogsila  

Story contest group 1

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