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A spiritual leader throughout the world. FAST FACTS Karol Josef Wojtyla Date of birth: May 18, 1920 Place of birth: Wadowice, Poland Date of death: April 2, 2005 Education: High school; Krakow’s Jagiellonian University; clandestine seminary of Krakow

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His Life In The Church • He studied during the World War II. • He was ordained a priest in 1946. • He was consecrated bishop and in 1968 he became archbishop of Krakow. • He was made cardinal in 1967 and was elected Pope on October 16th, 1978.

Defender of Human Freedom

Apostle of World Peace

He was a nice Pope and he travelled a lot (6 continents, more than 50 nations)

One of his main goals was • TO HAVE PEACE AND JUSTICE IN THE WORLD



He traveled to many countries to talk about peace • John Paul II has been considered one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century. He visited 129 countries during his pontificate. In addition, he spoke the following languages: Italian, French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian, the Esperanto, ancient Greek and Latin, as well as his native polish. This shows his need to communicate with people. In the image we can see, the Pope with a white dove representing the peace.

HUMAN DIGNITY HIS SECOND GOAL During all his life and in all his trips around the world, he consistently encouraged nations to construct a social order that fosters human dignity.

Among other goals: • To affirm the identity of Roman Catholicism • To improve Catholic-Jewish relations

• He published many articles and books on philosophical and theological themes.

Juan Pablo II in Argentina โ€ข On June 11, 1982 John Paul II arrived in Argentina, where he was greeted by a crowd. He was received at the Metropolitan Cathedral and presided over a Mass in the Basilica of Lujรกn before thousands of faithful believers. Apart from this, he blessed the image of Virgin Mary. On April 6, 1987 John Paul II arrives on a weeklong visit for a second time to Argentina. John Paul II presided at the World Gathering of Youth and held at the Obelisk

• He was the first Polish pope. • He survived 2 assassination attempts.

Plots to assasinate the Pope • There was a plot to assassinate the Pope during his visit to Manila in January 1995, as part of Operation Bojinka, a mass terrorist attack that was developed by Al-Qaida members Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Sheik Mohammed. A suicide bomber dressed up as a priest, and planned to use the disguise to get closer to the Pope's motorcade so that he could kill the Pope by detonating himself. Before January 15, the day on which the men were to attack the Pope during his Philippine visit, an apartment fire brought investigators led by Aida Fariscal to Yousef's laptop computer, which had terrorist plans on it, as well as clothes and items that suggested an assassination plot. Yousef was arrested in Pakistan about a month later, but Khalid Sheik Mohammed was not arrested until 2003.

Peace in the world ‌. Please!!!

John Paul II  

John Paul II - A Biography