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Today we are going to talk about what it means to include value in your products. There are several aspects to consider when you are thinking about this subject but we are going to try to cover them in a manner that saves us the “long-winded” nature we find all to often in other articles. I could honestly say that in order to make the whole process easier on yourself you have to focus on the very beginning of the process. If you can develop good skills when it comes to organizing your ideas you will be home free. There is a software out there called X-mind. If you don't know about it you can get it from You can get a free version which works great for basic idea mapping. There is also a pro version that is great too, but for all intents and purposes you can do everything you need with the free version. I think we can all agree that the prevailing aspect when considering value would be the over-all quality of the product. You want to ask yourself questions like “just how informative is this product?”, or “if someone reads this article or watches this video how much will they learn or benefit from it?”. When you start to ask yourself those questions before you decide to finish a product, and the answer is just enough to make them want to buy it, well I'm here to tell you that you will not get a single repeat buyer doing it like that. In order to make people trust you and return to you for their educational needs when it comes to anything, you have to satisfy their curiosity to an extent that will allow them to employ the knowledge they learned from you. What this means is giving them the full run down of the subject matter to the point where you have covered everything necessary to make it useful, plus at least a few of the finer points of the subject. I would say you could call this being thorough. Some would call it being overly thorough, but let me ask you one thing. What is the point of selling half truths to people when any customers worth keeping are not going to return after the first buy? So when you could have spent twenty or thirty more minutes on your product to make it worth while and worth buying, which would make the customer return to you for everything they need, you cut corners and shot yourself in the foot, just to make a quick sale. Nothing good will ever come from doing this and you will not be in business for long.

So, having said that, be thorough, keep it together, map out your project before you even start building your product, and you will be amazed at the results you get. When you make quality products you also add to your profit. In a situation where you might have sold one or two copies of a half done up product for 5 bucks, you can get it together, make a great product that people can use and sell many more copies for double the price. On top of that you gain the most important thing, not money, you gain trust. You gain a great reputation. I'll tell you straight up, it wouldn't matter if you had the greatest product in the whole world, if you have a bad reputation no one will buy it from you. If you sold them something before that was just a little better than a scam, they will never trust you again. There are lots of ways to make sure that you are including value in your products. When you are sitting down to think of what you want to include in the product, put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Pretend that you are them, because at that point, you open yourself up to a whole new idea. It is that one single idea that will be your saving grace when creating products. From that standpoint you will be able to see all of the things that your customer would want from a product. Ultimately the customer wants something that is everything they need in relation to whatever they shelled out the money for in the first place. If you can create a product that gives the customer something that they would normally have to buy five or six things to get, they will always come to you first. If it is a situation where you are doing tutorial video's or tutorial articles, make a package of five, even ten if you have to, but make it complete. Don't leave anything that is necessary out. As I said earlier, go the extra mile, cover some of the finer points as well, but make it all information that they can use. Don't waste your time adding information that they can not use because you can trust me when I say that your customer can see straight through things like that. If they do not see straight through it from the very start they will be able to after they have learned a little more. When they do you are inevitably left standing in the rain, cold and alone, without so much as an umbrella.

Well, that's a wrap, adding value in a product is not a complex idea so there isn't a whole lot to write about it, but so many people out there are putting out crap and I just cant understand how they don't see that yes, even though they are making a quick easy buck, they are destroying their credibility and that is the number one thing in business. Would you go looking for a car that works great at a junkyard? Neither would I. Go check out my blog at leave me a comment if you liked this article, and even if you didnt like it, feedback is feedback, its what I live for so give it, for any of you who are wanting to learn how to start your own blog and don't know how, I bought the public label rights to a package of 25 videos that will tell you how to get it all up and running from start to finish, the entire package is absolutely free so go on over to and grab a copy. Best wishes in your journey for success in life or in any endeavor you seek. We could all use more hope in this wild world. Done Vida, Live, And Live Well Joshua Sky

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