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Alright it's time to live up to the Review side of my blog, I know its taken some time, but I've been entwined deeply in research and trends with web hosting companies: Even though from a professional standpoint I must keep the other companies that I reviewed confidential, I will, for the sake of purpose in finding the best one over-all, make mention of the one I chose and why. As you may see, when regarding which web hosting company to pick, you find yourself looking at many factors. As far as I can tell, the most important factors are Support, ( no one likes their website to go down and not have anyone to talk to that can fix it efficiently and for a decent price.) So Support is #1 I think and I hope you agree, but I do value feedback so please fee free to comment on any detail you find worthy :)..... Ok back to topic, the list goes like this, Support, Capability vs Affordability, then lastly reliability, the last one rests a lot on whether or not the company has a good support system, if something crashes on their end, you want to choose a company that can take care of any problem they have quickly and efficiently. Capability Vs. Affordability refers to the amount of output (capability:server space, server capacity etc.) you get for the price you pay. Why do you have to be stuck paying massive amounts for what you can get better and cheaper somewhere else? No reason really, when you think about it, the only reason why you would ever do that is when you had no knowledge that there was something better, but as I stand here, with that knowledge, about to hand it over to you, I cant see any reason why you shouldn't think about choosing Host Gator as your web hosting company. They won hands down in all the categories. update your service today and see the quality that comes with a great support team at an affordable price you can count on. If you need anything at all, you may contact me at my blog or help desk

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