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D2 Furniture | Newsletter ( July 2012 )

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Dear Friends,  We're excited to announce the opening of our "Showroom." Location: 150 East 39th Street (between Lexington & Third Ave). Store hours: 9 AM - 5:30 PM | Monday - Friday. We are also available other days and time by appointment. We welcome both the public and the trades. 

Please join us in welcoming the newest member of our Team Gerijo Matyka, VP of Sales & Marketing for D2. She comes from a tremendously diversified background to find out more about her continue to page 6, or check our website.  We look forward to assisting you on all your current and future office furniture + design needs. The D2 Team

Sincerely, | “Your office furniture + design experts”


Specialized services. D2 offers a wide range of specialized creative services that can help realize your specific design needs, resulting in stylish and cost-effective solutions that maximize space efficiency. From feasibility studies, space selection and total interior architectural design to multiple workstation or a single-office installation, we are experts in creating functional, flexible and practical workspaces for businesses, schools and colleges, places of worship, not-for-profit institutions as well as other organizations and individuals.

Expertise from Experience.

Commitment to excellence.

D2 is a leader in designing and furnishing stylish and functional workplace environments, from the most modern and contemporary office to traditional and classic spaces.

D2 is committed to excellence and dedicated to achieving exceptional results.

We are experts in the office furniture industry, providing complete space planning and design services that help companies and institutions of all sizes effectively address their needs, priorities and vision.

Every day.

Our team of accomplished and experienced professionals brings the highest level of personal service, creativity and accountability to each and every project.

At the end of the day, we take great pride in our product and stand by everything that we do.

Clients come to us-and stay with us-because we are reliable, dependable and trustworthy, and because we deliver outstanding products that have style and value.

For every job and for every client.



on your Next Purchase

Please print and present this email upon your next visit to our showroom to receive your special savings. Coupon limited one per person and is not transferable. Coupon is good toward the purchase of any floor stock items. Pass along the savings to friends and family by  forwarding this email and registering by just clicking.

D2 FUrniture

Office Furniture & Design

Showroom: 150 East 39th Street New York, NY 10009 Phone:  WWW.D2NYC.COM



Co-founder Creative Director



Chief $74 525 PDF Operating price pages pages Officer

Howard Selsky

Senior Account Executive

Specializes in creating, developing and building spaces where people live and work.

• Manages the daily business and administrative operations of the firm.

• A longtime veteran of the office furnishing industry.

He plans and directs all of the company’s design projects, bringing his considerable

• Directly responsible for all financial record-keeping & accounting

• For more than 30 years, Howard has worked with thousands of clients,

knowledge and expertise of interior architecture to D2’s corporate, institutional and

from small and medium-sized firms to multinational companies and

individual clientele.

• plays a key role in establishing and managing all vendor relations.

In addition, Neil plays a key role in the firm’s overall strategic planning efforts and is

• Hugh coordinates the purchasing for the company.

directly responsible for numerous client relationships.

• Hugh is on the front line for all customer service interaction.

invaluable resource for D2’s clients, who turn to Howard for guidance

Neil’s ability to help customers develop original concepts for an office or living

• His high regard and respect for our client’s needs is an essential

in selecting the most appropriate office furniture and essential

space and effectively implement it from start to finish is a critical component of D2’s

component of D2’s commitment to the highest level of customer

and its clients’ success.


He is a master at taking customers’ ideas to a higher level, as well as efficiently managing the build-out process with contractors, suppliers and vendors.


• Hugh is in constant communication with D2’s worldwide furniture suppliers and manufacturers.

international organizations. • His comprehensive knowledge of the furniture market makes him an

furnishings. • Howard worked with the D2’s co-founders, Neil and Marc Schwartzberg, at Dallek for over two decades and managed Westchester County’s largest office furniture showroom serving the tri state area.

• In addition, Hugh oversees D2’s state-of-the-art website, analyzing

• He has been instrumental in maintaining D2’s reputation for delivering

as a partner with his brother Marc at Dallek, their family’s office furniture business,

customer traffic and updating and maintaining content on a regular

the highest level of client service and providing outstanding, stylish

and attending the prestigious Pratt Institute.


Neil’s interior architecture design career spans more than 45 years, including serving

Among Neil’s many skills are designing high-end residential architecture as well as stylish and functional chairs, desks, cabinetry, innovative lighting schemes and other furniture accessories. He is also a licensed pilot and an accomplished equestrian.

• Hugh is a dedicated boatsman and loves spending time with his two Dachshunds, Pinot and Gunther.

products to its customers. • Howard, a proud member of the Westchester County Association, lives in Rockland County with his wife and four children.


Say Hello to


Gerijo Matyka

Sales & Marketing VP at D2 With a highly diversified career background that ranges from couture fashion, interior design, to real estate and management consulting, Gerijo has always been a practical innovator, the “ go to� person who can analyze a situation, develop a strategy, paint the picture and then implement it successfully. With a degree in both business and interior design, Gerijo combines her creative and operational skills to transform vision into reality, goals into action, and philosophy into practice.



History of the chair

the right chair Page 7

Lessit la velibus. Perumet, et abor ma ad quis et accuptatur? Itate landit enimus estinciae. Nem qui dessi dis et autem quo vererum fuga. It enecess uscius modis volorem volorror reped molori venditatus. Luptas et lam quibus conemqu ibearch icatur, quam quae ium facea cuptatur?

Featured Articles

page 8-9 Lessit la velibus. Perumet, et abor ma ad quis et accuptatur? Itate landit enimus estinciae. Nem qui dessi dis et autem quo vererum fuga. It enecess uscius modis volorem volorror reped molori venditatus. Luptas et lam quibus conemqu ibearch icatur, quam quae ium facea cuptatur?


Thechair History & Choice



History of the Chair

Choose Now!

Few objects tell the history of modern design as eloquently as the chair. Aesthetics trends, the emergence of new technologies, ergonomics, social and cultural developments are all reflected in the evolution of chair design. In the beginning, most chairs were made of wood. The nature of wood and wood-working techniques dictated the basic shape of chairs. Over centuries, some chairs and seats evolved which were elegant, practical, and extremely well suited to the human body.



The purpose of furniture has not changed significantly since the first man quit his animal posture and pulled up a rock to sit upon. And ownership of furniture still implies certain cultural values, as it did to the Egyptians 5,000 years ago. But people continually seek more advanced technologies, and designers will always look for ways to apply discoveries in the creation of new furniture forms. In this century, furniture design has changed more radically than at any other time in history. New materials and manufacturing technologies have allowed designers to develop shapes that are better adapted to the body. And humans are learning to better understand how important it is to adapt to the right chairs.

Which Chair fits




Over time our lifestyles have changed and many of us now spend large amounts of our lives sitting down. This unnatural lifestyle has lead to deterioration in posture and physical strength and many people now habitually slump. All the more reason to take your time in finding a chair that supports you properly.

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Understanding pricing along with the many available features can be quite daunting when searching for a quality ergonomic chair design that suites your needs, the time you spend in your chair is worth the investment to speak to the professionals. Comfort, stability and support that a customized chair provides will last a very long time so it’s worth spending time to find the right one that suits you.

Selection matters

When focusing on finding lowest price available, people often mistakenly purchase any old chair chair at their local office store with limited resources. Unfortunately they get exactly what they paid for, a poorly designed chair that lacks proper support, falls apart and will most likely need to be replaced very often.  It’s important for those who sit for long periods of time at a desk to understand the importance of a quality ergonomic chair, a chair designed and customized to their body specifications. (See Next Page for Tips).

Patience is a virtue

Take Your


Experts agree that you have to try a chair for more than a few minutes in the store. To know if the chair you’re considering is right for you, have it delivered to your office and work in it for several days. If it turns out that you’re not comfortable in it, don’t be afraid to contact your salesperson to inquire about the return policy. When equipping an entire company with chairs, it’s impractical to custom-fit each employee. Rather, you’ll want a chair that’s sufficiently adjustable to fit most of your workers offering the most support.

Fe u at d

& Function



How do you use your desk?


Carpet or Hard?

Roll On Carpet or Hard Floor?

The casters may not roll as smoothly on one type of surface as on another so make sure you specify what surface the chair will be used on. Also, the overall seat height with casters should ensure that your feet are always flat on the floor.

Do you lean forward a lot, working on paperwork or a computer? If so, you need what’s referred to today as a task chair.

Cloth, leather or vinyl? Vinyl and leather clean easily, but they can trap heat because they don’t breathe well. Cloth is usually more comfortable, but if you eat at your desk a lot, spills will eventually show. With newer “mesh models” this won’t be a factor.

Workers who lean back a lot, while talking on the phone, for example, will benefit from a different kind of chair. However, some newer task chairs, are built to provide comfort in a range of sitting postures.

Physical Health

ALlow for Proper Blood Circulation.

Look for a seat with a rounded front edge, which helps blood circulation in the legs. Look for a good proportion -- your feet should be firmly planted on the floor. An improperly proportioned chair will stop just behind the knees and cut off circulation. Make sure there’s at least one extra inch of chair extending beyond your hips for comfort and thigh support.









D2 Furniture Newsletter  

D2 Newsletter July 2012

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