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September 2012

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FROM THE FOUNDER’S DESK “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” - Jesse Owens The other day I read this story and thought I’d share it with you… “He didn’t have what it takes; he was never an all-star athlete, although he wanted to be. Bobby’s body was disproportionate; one leg was longer than the other, so he walked funny. And to see him run was definitely a sight for sore eyes. He always liked sports, in fact, every Friday night he would be at his high school cheering on whatever team was playing that night - basketball, football, baseball, soccer, tennis. If there was a game, he was there sporting pom-poms and a foam finger that said his team was number one. One Friday night, the football coach noticed his dedication to the team, so he asked him if he’d like to be the water boy. Bobby was amazed; he had never thought anyone ever noticed him, especially not Coach Gordon. Bobby had tried out for the football team two years earlier, and the coach had sent him packing. “You’re too… uncoordinated,” he’d said. But now he had the chance to be the team’s water boy! Bobby jumped on the opportunity and the next week, he was at practice every day, filling cups with water and making sure every player had something to drink when he needed it. Every now and then, a couple of the players would make fun of him. However, Bobby loved his position as the team’s water boy and wasn’t going to quit. His parents told him that being the water boy on a team was the lowest of the low, and that they would never stoop so low. In spite of his parents’ comments, Bobby was diligent in serving as the team’s water boy for the entire season. The next year, Bobby’s senior year, Coach Gordon appointed Bobby as his personal assistant. Coach Gordon was so pleased with Bobby’s heart, that he took him in and taught him everything he knew about football. Bobby went on to college the next year, and in addition to his studies, Coach Gordon had asked him to be the assistant coach. Bobby helped coach the team all throughout college where he graduated with a degree in Sports Management. “Bobby continued to move up the ladder and at the end of his career he had won two Super Bowls and owned his own football team.” I would have to say that success doesn't come easy. Let's face it - it is a lot of work. But if you are dedicated to your dreams, you can succeed in life. Dedication is about pushing your limits and still enjoying the process. If you can get yourself to do that, you have the dedication necessary to succeed. The athletes who often demonstrate the most dedication are those who love the sport and work to see them improve. - Dev Roy

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LEAPSTART ACTIVITY OF THE MONTH Identify the terms used in tennis out of the following words:

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Fake, Advantage, Hook, Yorker, Baseline, Popping Crease, Drop Volley, Blind Pass, Lineout, Let, Shuttle, Golden Slam, Taper, Return Ace, Bunker, Deuce, Bogey, Putt, Tee, Tie-break, Flipper, Dummy Pass, Serve & Volley, Dead Ball.


s on a e r a e y th f i nt

Co f l a Go




1. Federer is the only male tennis player in the Open Era to win 5 consecutive titles at US Open


2. Five time US open champion Jimmy Connors is the only male player to have won three titles on three separate court types (grass, clay and deco turf) 3. 14 time Grand Slam champion Pete Sampras won the U.S. Open title 5 times over the course of 13 years.



4. Chris Evert won a record number of 6 titles at the US Open. She won 31 consecutive singles matches at the U.S. Open, a feat no other women's U.S. Open tennis player has managed. 5. Steffi Grag is the only player to win the "Calendar Year Golden Slam"—four grand slam titles and an Olympic title in 1988. She is also only player to win every Grand Slam four times



Good Samritan (pic 1) SM Shetty (pic 2) MSB (Pic4) LeapStart Olympic Quiz conducted at RBK Mahua Gujarat (pic 3)

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There is a special bond between kids and bicycles that can never be broken! Bikes represent fun, freedom and fresh air. Moreover, biking is a healthy pastime that kids never outgrow. Some of the other benefits of cycling: • Developing strength, balance and overall fitness • Burning up calories • Strengthening the heart, lungs and lower-body muscles and bones • Developing and strengthening the muscles surrounding the knees without impact


LeapStart officially Launches it’s operations in Mumbai

Past Tense • Spain reached their 4th Davis Cup final in five years. • Andy Murray became the first British Player to win a grand Slam in 76 years. • South Africa became the first cricket team to top rankings in all three formats of the game. • 17 year old PV Sindhu broke into the top 20 world rankings in badminton. • Yuvraj returned to international cricket after being diagnosed for cancer.

Whats not • India lost consecutive games to New Zealand and Pakistan in T20 Cricket. • Liverpool has not been able to register a single win in the premier league season till now. • England lost their number one positionin tests.

1) Andy Murray won his first U.S. Open Men’s title and Serena won her fourth U.S. Open Women’s singles title. 2) South Africa beat England 2-0 in the test series to become the new world number one side in all three formats Tests, ODI’s and T20’s. 3) Spain beat U.S.A and Czech Republic beat Argentina in the semi-finals of the Davis Cup. 4) EPL, La Liga, German Bundesliga and Italian Seria A, the premier football leagues in Europe began their new season. Future Tense 1) The fourth edition of the T20 World Cup began on 18th of September in Sri Lanka. 2) The 39th Ryder Cup Matches will be held September 28–30, 2012 in the United States as Europe face U.S.A in the Golf Tournament. 3) The European Champions League Season as teams battle it out in the Group Stage of the competition.

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