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February 2013 FitKids Education and Training

CONTENTS 1. From the founder’s desk

2. Activity of the Month

3. Fun Corner Origin of sports terms Prinicipal’s Section

4. PE Teacher’s workshop Past Tense, Future Tense Answer key

FROM THE FOUNDER’S DESK “While sports are indisputably a positive source of strength and self-development for girls, they can accomplish this only if the environment in which female athletes throw their javelins, kick their soccer balls, and swim their fast and furious lap is an environment that respects girls and takes them seriously as athletes.” Leslie Heywood

India is currently hosting the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2013 so I thought it was a good time to discuss the changing scenario of sport for women in India. Over the years sport has globally been dominated by men but in the modern era women have created a huge impact in most competitive sports Tennis has set a great example of gender equality between men and women athletes. Grand Slam tournaments which use to pay the winning Men athletes much higher amounts of prize money as compared to their women counterparts are now paying the winning women athletes at par with the men. Women in India are still not encouraged to participate to the fullest extent in sports and the conditions for women to pursue sports are sub-par, even at an international level. But what has changed in the last decade is that we now have the resources to make successful women’s teams but these are not being optimally utilised. The recent success of stars like Sania Mirza (Tennis), Saina Nehwal (Badminton), Mary Kom (Boxing), Deepika Kumari (Archery) and the Indian cricket team amongst many others in the international arena has started an encouraging trend of increased participation of women in these sports. With improved infrastructure and the ready availability of inspiration, the only other thing required is exposure to a variety of sports and a professional training system through schools and colleges. This will ensure that we produce a larger pool of athletes at the right age. The LeapStart program believes in gender equality across sports with girls and boys playing and competing together on a level playing field thus ensuring equal opportunities to train and excel in any given sport. Dev Roy Founder


List the following balls used in various sports in the order of their weight: (Answer to the quiz will be given to the kids in the fourth page) 2






7 8



LEAPSTART FUN CORNER Sports terms and their origins: • Caddie: The term "caddie" is derived from the French word cadet, meaning a young man or student training to be in the military. • Hat Trick: "The feat of a bowler who takes three wickets by three successive balls: originally considered to entitle him to be presented by his club with a new hat or some equivalent." • Love, meaning zero (in tennis only), comes from the French word 'l'oeuf', meaning egg, and was used because of an egg's round shape, the same as zero. • Deuce: The word comes from the French phrase deux, which means "at two" (as in needing two more points to win). Also, there is a Latin prefix in it (du) which mean two; twice. • Check mate: The word checkmate in chess comes from the Persian phrase "Shah Mat" which means: 'the king is dead.' • Nelson: It is supposedly named after the British war-hero Admiral Horatio Nelson, who used strategies based on surrounding the opponent to win the Battle of the Nile and the Battle of Trafalgar. But it’s true origin remains unknown. • Silly point: Staying close to the batsman is being silly - because fielding at that close position can be whacked hard by the batsman and hence the name Silly Point. Typically fielders in that close in position wear shin guards and helmets to protect themselves.



1. RBK International 2. MSB Educational Institute

Principal’s Section: Principal of The Orchid School principal Mrs. Shilpa Solanki Favorite Sport: Table tennis (because my brother taught me the sport and we cherish a lot of memories) and throw ball. Favorite Athlete: Sachin Tendulkar (The magic he created not only for our nation but for the world and a very inspiring persona) Childhood Sport Memory: Since my brother taught me table tennis, it was a beautiful experience to watch him in the dual role as a brother and then as a coach. Playing and learning from someone whom you look up to, helped me see my brother's another beautiful side.

PE Teacher’s Workshop Bangalore

Past Tense

Future Tense

• Novak Djokovic won his 4th Australian Open title as Victoria Azarenka emerged victorious in the women’s category.

• India host Australia for a four test series in February.

• Nigeria’s young squad made Africa Cup of Nations history by besting Burkina Faso in Johannesburg to claim the nation’s third continental crown. • Ranchi Rhinos defeated Delhi Waveriders 2-1 to win the first Hockey India League at Birsa Munda AstroTurf Hockey Stadium in Ranchi. • Australia beat West Indies 5-0 in the ODI Series held in Australia.

• The Champions League round of 16 matches are going to be held in Europe

• Manchester United, Barcelona and Bayern Munich lead the points table in domestic leagues in England, Spain and Germany respectively.

Answers to the Activity of the Month 1. Table Tennis: 2.7 grams

2. Squash: 23 to 25 grams 3. Golf: 45.93 grams 4. Tennis Ball: 59.4 grams.

6. Snooker: 170 grams 7. Football: 450 grams

8. Rugby: 460 grams 9. Basketball: 650 grams

5. Baseball: 149 grams

10. Bowling: 7.25 kgs

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