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Save Money On Credit Card Processing

Your credit card processing company is about to raise your rates. Leap Payments is not. On the following pages we’ll

detail why the other processing companies are hiking up their prices and what you can do about it.

How Do Credit Card Processing Companies Charge for their Services? There are 2 primary ways that processing companies charge for accepting Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards:

Tiered Rates

Interchange Plus

Rates charged are solely at

The actual costs that the

the discretion of the

processing company is

processor. Rates are

charged by Visa/MasterCard/

“qualified� based on factors

Discover are passed directly

that are a complete mystery

through to the business

to the business owner.

owner, plus a small markup.

How Do Credit Card Processing Companies Make Money?

Tiered rate clients pay mysterious inflated “qualified� rates. The processor wants all cards to fall in the highest qualification categories, and they have 100% control over where each transaction falls. Whenever the cost charged exceeds their costs, they make a profit. Interchange Plus plans are usually reserved for very large businesses as the processor has no control over the costs for each

transaction and they can’t arbitrarily inflate their profit.

The Leap Payments Philosophy Leap Payments only has one way of charging every one of their clients: interchange plus. No matter how big or small your company is, Leap Payments believes you deserve to know

exactly how much you are paying for your credit card processing. It is the only open, honest and truly transparent way to manage your account.

Do Your Rates Change?

Visa, MasterCard and Discover usually

update their cost schedules every April and October. Which typically means that they charge the processing companies more.

In turn, the processing companies charge you, the client, more to compensate – usually

padding the raise to make even more money for their company.

Have Interchange Costs Increased Recently?

In October 2012, the Federal government set limits to how much a debit card could be charged by card associations to 0.05% and $0.22 per item for the big banks. Since this monumental change, card companies have avoided making any major rate changes, in fear that the government might take a closer look at credit card rates as well.

Which means the card processing companies have also not been able to add increases for themselves like they normally do.

Since the processing companies haven’t been able to blame cost increases on card associations and pad their own rates increases, their revenues have remained flat. This April, many credit card processing companies have blatantly increased their rates to please their stockholders and pad their wallets without any associated cost increases. Here are just a few who’ve done exactly this: First American, North American Bankcard, Sage Payment Solutions, and Total Merchant Solutions.

Why Are The Other Processing Companies Raising Rates?

Leap Payments is not raising their rates. To be more specific, Leap Payments is never going to surprise our clients with rate increases – our clients can enjoy the promise of a Lifetime Rate Lock.

Our business continues to grow by adding clients, not by charging our current clients more each month. What a novel idea!

The Leap Payments Difference

Contact Us 800-993-6300 Leap Payments is an affordable and dependable credit card processing merchant service.

They offer traditional, wireless credit card machines, point of sale systems and excellent customer service, with the

lowest rates possible.

Save Money On Credit Card Processing | We detail why other credit card processing companies are hiking up their prices while Leap Payments holds tru...